Fired and do not know why

  • Hi i had always had work was recently fired never been fired lost poor maybe a sign to do something different just moved to new area 8months ago maybe poor decision

  • Hi.

    Sorry you lost your job. Sucks I know, however hearing you took a chance elsewhere says alot of your strenght as a human. Those that fired you can have many reasons. Its a loss to you and you need to mourn. Now this is hard to say think and implement in your "new" life, BUT it works. It is their loss they fired you. You now have the opportunity to do tings you always wanted to do for yourself. as time goes by am i certain you will refind yourself and grow from this. I am also positive you will find a new better job soon. Until you do, look into options you may have discarded long ago, but which may now become an opportunity for you.

    Best wished for you and your future self.


  • thank so much for the encouragement . I can not get centered I know there is something that I am suppose to do have not figured out what . You know how you just know you are steps away from something big but just can not get to the finish line? anyway thanks B

  • Yes I know that feeling. As hard as it may seem one need to try at least tp be patient. I as pisces am by nature not patient. LOL

    you´re welcome!

  • Hi there Bente. Saw your thread and had to reply. Firstly, I'll recount briefly my own experience - hope it don't bore you - as a way of relating it to yours. I worked in office/administration for YEARS. About twenty-odd. In my last job, I ran a word-processing/desk top publishing service at a local stationery shop for about six years. In the last year I got very bored indeed; I'd run out of work (people had their own computers), tried to get work to do from home which came in dribs and drabs, then decided it was time to change my job stream. I've never been overly ambitious to have any sort of major career, so went into home based care work which I did for a couple of years. I had injury problems there, and floated around doing private agency work for the last year before my family up and moved to the country. Since being here, I've tried my hand at all sorts of stuff: cleaned houses, conducted bus tours with my mother in law for our herd of alpacas, did alpaca care and husbandry, worked for a very short time in our local newsagency and also designed menu's for one of our local cafe's. I also do some volunteer stuff at our local antique shop - mainly shifting furniture and/or keeping the owner company (nice way of saying, there's nuttin else ta do).

    Now I'm sitting wondering what the hell is going on with my life. We're selling out of the alpacas as the bottom has fallen out of the market and we never got on very well (me, hubby, mother in law and her partner) as a group working together anyway, and can't seem to find my feet in any way at all with work or financial independence. I at present am a "kept woman" in my view - no income and relying on hubby for any and all financial support. I totally hate it, but there are no jobs going in this town I'm suited for. I tried to get a psychic development group off the ground, but that died in the dust. I've tried to help another lady get poetry revived here and that is a slow process, though seems to be getting somewhere but more for her than me (my muse has disappeared of late). My life is in its own turmoil, but it's more internal than external, if you know what I mean. I'm not all that happy in my persona life either.

    So, what happened to you, although taken out of your hands (being fired), is a period of limbo which is where I'm also at. So, how ya doin, compadre?? It is the most frustrating damned thing and like you, I'm wondering if I should've put my foot down more heavily and refused to come here really. Although we could never afford to buy a house in the city, let alone land with some acreage like we've got here.

    Still, plodding along is a frustrating and lonely phase of life, but NECESSARY for one's inner development. Think about this: what makes you truly happy? Could you make money by doing it? Are there openings or opportunities for you to do this where you live at the moment?

    If you can't raise a "yes" to any of these questions, my suggestion to you is: try and adopt a zen-like attitude to this limbo stage (easier said than done I know) and accept that you are becoming a vacuum for something new to simply fill up. This sort of thing is happening to so many of us at the moment, and I do believe it's to do with this rather strong, topsy-turvy astrological period about to come up in late August that I've been reading about. There are those of us who may be the lucky "chosen" ones who need to be doing very little to nothing in order to be able to do what we're MEANT to do once this period takes a proper hold. The world is undergoing a very big shift in consciousness from that of materialism to a more spiritual approach which is a good thing. For those who are being affected by being in this limbo state, I'm sure we'll all see the reason for this quite soon,and be glad we were in the position we've been in to take full advantage of it. Sound a bit pie-in-the-sky-wishful-thinking does it? Well, nothing great ever happened from logic alone, now did it? Dreams are what makes things great. Dreams, imagination and a desire to achieve a goal makes things truly great.

    So, let's swap blessings and wishes to each other - and all the others suffering similar - and wait it out. My message to you is: DON'T GIVE UP - HANG IN THERE. I've been told this by a psychic friend of mine, and even though things are seemingly more hopeless than ever at the moment, I'm still hanging on while feeling like I'm losing it. Still, a bit of craziness is the basis of all creative masterpieces, is it not?

    GOOD LUCK my friend. We're all in this together - you ain't floatin in that boat alone, trust me! Just keep on hangin on and the answer will come to you. A line I took notice of in NCIS the other night: "stop forcing things and they will come to you". So true. About time that truth sunk in, for me at least - how 'bout you?

    Anyhoo, keep yer chin up and think about what makes you happy for a change and I am going to be very happy for you, in anticipation of the great things coming your way 🙂

  • Cris1962:

    Well many of us has bagage no doubt. I agree on keep the faith n chin up. find what makes u happy n not what anyone else wants u to do.

    Best wishes all

  • Your job is not who you are. You are perfect just the way you are, and if you were fired it only means that it was the wrong job for you. Please don't make it mean anything else. It is hard not to be depressed and have low self esteem at this time. When one door closes, there is always another window or door that opens. Search your soul for what makes you happy, and look in that area. I am facing some closed doors in my career now. I am trying to decide in which direction I want to go. My children are all graduated and I can go anywhere in this country now. I am reading The Secret, which I highly recommend, it has already given me energy and ways to not only cope but look forward to the changes, and I am repeating the Go Gratitude series on the internet. Just search for Go Gratitude, you will find it. Keep a positive attitude, and don't settle for the first offer you get, if its not right for you. God Bless you and good luck with your search. Get some sunshine and some exercise, eat healthy and sleep. Pray instead of worrying.

  • Sagefemme u hit the nail on its head. its a common thing to sel blame when u get fired, when u cant find a job and when many admonishes u for not finding anything to do.

    im in this right now. slowly clawing my way back up. im grateful for my friends n new friends.

    Not to mention the guys that loves me LOL

  • It's hard getting over a shock like that. I hope that they were not hateful with you. I suggest that you pray daily for your situation and I will join. If you know that you did your best then wouldn't worry--you have a true heart.

  • I hate to sound one-sided, but I think the reason we lose our jobs is because they just don't fit our lives anymore, or the life of the person we are evolving into. We are seasonal beings, meaning that it just might be time to move on to something else. It could feel liberating, as you start realizing that secretly, you wanted more. So this kind of thing is the Universe's way of giving you what you want, to give you a chance to reflect on whether or not you have been fulfilling your goals and aspirations. It can be scary, as we don't know where the resources will be coming from, but the unknown can help us be more open to other opportunites. I feel you will find yours, too.

  • I just want to rock and roll all night and party every day. Don't take everything seriously. Always have plan B.

  • I lost my job, I have been having a very difficult time staying employed. I am wanting to start a new business and I need to know if this is something I should venture to do. I won't be able to be fired! I am scared, but I feel I need some feedback and maybe a "psychic" reflection on this decision....please help if you can. Apparently I am new to all of this, so I hope I am doing this correctly...

  • needdirection, I am not a "psychic" but please allow me to share some wisdom that I have learned along life's journey. How great is your passion for career independence and owning your own business?? The measure and depths of your own passion, faith, and determination will determine your success. And, if you are going to own your own business, make sure it is something you enjoy doing that makes your heart sing, otherwise it will eventually become "just another job" in the long-term. In other words, so often times "owning a business" also means "the business owns you."

    Back in 1983, I was working at a dead-end job making $600.00 month and a single parent of four children to support, house, and feed. When the opportunity to become a small business entrepreneur surfaced, I jumped in head first - and I literally mean head first. I had never worked in that type of business, had no education whatsoever in that field, and did not know anything about running a business. Six months later, the oilfield crashed. I am not going to say that it was easy...for there were days when I did not know where the next loaf of bread was going to come from or how I was going to pay the bills. But, faith in God, determination, passion, and strength carried me through - I stayed in business for 18 YEARS and raised, fed, clothed, and housed my four children depending on me - and for that I am eternally grateful for...I learned so much through the experiences about what is really important in life. After the children were older, and that season of my life was nearing completion, I sold the business and pursued my life-long dream of going back to school...staying in college, working part-time, and sleeping with text-books for the next 5 years with a goal of earning a Bachelor's Degree and 2 Associates Degrees before I reached my 50th birthday. I graduated 3 1/2 years ago. Many along the way told me that I would never succeed as a business owner, and then again, many told me that I would never graduate from college.

    needdirection, do what makes your heart sing and never lose your sense of purpose, determination, and passion for living life to its fullest!! Success is only failure turned inside out - and if you never try, then you are sure to fail. There is always a higher plan and purpose and a season for everything that happens in our is not on the mountaintops of life where you will learn your greatest wisdom life has to is down in the valleys where real character and perseverence is built. God Bless You and may he direct you to finding your talents that make your heart sing that he gave you at birth in order to have a happy, successful life!!

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