Can somebody help with job I applied for

  • I was wondering if anybody can tell me what they see about this job.

    I applied for a job with a private investigator company here in Irvine

    Ca. The name of the company is "International Counter Intelligence Service"

    the owner is Michael Rabern and I was wondering if they will call me for at

    least one of the positions I applied for.

    Thanks Illona

  • I am getting a No. There was something missing from your resume or past history/experience that they wanted. Try calling and asking about it.

  • Hello captain

    They have like a internship positions that I applied for too. I put in their that I have

    never worked for any kind of law enforcement or private investigator before this

    would be my first time. Because their is a position for beginners so that is why

    I applied with them. But I will give Michael Rabern a call because I have his

    cell phone number.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • Yes I felt that they wanted someone with more experience or understanding of the job.

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