Heaven #4351 Making the Right Choice

  • a message from God channeled by Gloria Wendroff

    What if you really are a Holy Being? I know so. What I know, you can know. What percentage is there in your deviating from the High Road? I place the High Road before you.

    If you think you must settle in life, what are you settling for? What carrot before you is worth its cost? What perceived gain is worth what you pay for it? You make a poor trade when you give gold for shiny aluminum foil. Do not give away your inheritance for a pittance. You may be like the little child who thinks a nickel is worth more than a dime. Because something looks bigger doesn’t make it worth more. What you can be, be it. Free yourself from amassing. Free yourself for giving.

    Be My right arm. All service is to Me. Nowhere does it say that you are to serve other Gods before Me. The God of Mammon is no god at all. Because you may worship him doesn’t make him a god.

    It is said that love makes the world go round, yet the world has spun the roulette wheel and bet on money and let money make the world go round. Money has been necessary in the world, yet money by itself is only money. Love is to be spent with money. Love is to take the ascendant. Love first. Love is worth gold. Money is not.

    Money in the world seems to be the basis, yet money is a demonstration. Money by itself is not wealth.

    Look not for glamour. Look not for gain. Climb the ladder of love. You may have made a million excuses why not to love. You may have made a million dollars. What do you do with money, and what do you do with love? Love is true. Anything less than love is untrue. You are love, and love is true. Be true to love, and then you are true to yourself.

    Wealth is not the issue. Love is.

    Choose the love of God. Choose to be love. Choose to live love. Love first. With love, economy doesn’t enter.

    Do not think that I dishonor wealth. Do not think that you are to abstain from wealth. Gain it, circulate it and give it. Give it for the betterment of others, for all, for the world. All the money in the world is not worth an ounce of love. Be a rich man who gives to all as he gives to himself. A rich man gives of himself.

    In honor of those who attain wealth, wealth, like love, is to be given. That is how dross is turned into gold. The gold is love. Transmute money into love, and you are a rich man. All wealth comes from Me. It is a gift to you. However wealth reaches you, it comes from Me. Spend it well. Let love be your guide. There is no economizing when it comes to love.

    In the spiritual vein, seek not for powers. Seeking powers is a diversion. What have you got when you’ve got powers? Seek the Tree of Love, for the Tree of Love bears fruit. Seek higher. Beloveds, seek the Highest. Seek for greater than for yourself.

    If a man invents a cure, the cure has to be for more than himself. A cure that leaves out others leaves out love. What is the worth of anything without love? In fact, love is the cure. Selfishness is not. Love is a vibration, and it vibrates high. Nothing equals love. You pull out love from your heart and money from your pocket.

    Wealth is to be shared. Wealth for yourself alone is not wealth. You are wealthy when you share. You are not a child who has to be told to share. All that you give, give in My Name. It is good business to give, beloveds. Give.

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