• Pre-Record Discussion of An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael

    Archangel Michael is my guest today on An Hour with an Angel. Rather than having two posts up on the subject, let me recount from the pre-record what we discussed with him today.

    The Divine Mother spoke at the beginning of the program and asked us not to be distracted by events that are designed to disturb us and to focus in on Ascension. She asked us not to turn away for any reason.

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    I asked Archangel Michael first if our attention was being brought to focus on Ascension and he confirmed that it was. He confirmed that several thousands of lightworkers would ascend or have ascended early, some having done so on 10/10, others to do so on 11/11 and 12/12. But every day thousands of people are going through the portal.

    He discussed their work as gatekeepers and pillars. The gatekeepers will be beacons of light, wayshowers, and disseminators of information. They straddle the interdimensional reality until all who are choosing to go through the portals have done so.

    He said later in the program that the ticket to Ascension is love.

    He said this reflects the lack of interest in participating in the chaos and disinformation of the Third Dimensionality. We are becoming more attuned to simply being on the path of Ascension and the rest becomes incidental.

    He confirmed that the views of I Know My Galactic Family is Here. Do You? have passed one million on Inlight Radio’s Youtube site and two million when other sites who are featuring it are counted in. In contrast to that count, YouTube shows 172, 466. So you can see how YouTube is trying to play down the announcement.

    I asked Archangel Michael was his view of the Sedona Conference was and have published his answer separately. (1)

    He said that the rumors of a 3.9 magnitude earthquake having hit Japan and endangering the world from a plutonium leak are a false-flag attempt to put fear into the world. “There has been a minor event,” he said, “but it has not done any further damage than was already occurring and had occurred over a year ago.”

    He said that it was “our” plan that the election be in Barack Obama’s favor but he will play a major role in events whether he is elected or not. He said the opinion polls are being manipulated.

    I reported to him that my local bank had only two tellers and a manager on shift the other day and said the rest of the work force had been laid off. But he said that people are being trained for NESARA. He called NESARA “Restoration” and said the mechanics of it are already in place and asked us to burn away any doubts with AAM’s blue flame or St. Germain’s violet flame. “We’re almost there,” he said.

    I asked him if NESARA figures in President Obama’s election campaign and he answered, “Yes and that is all we can say on that.” He said that both NESARA and Disclosure are very close. He explained that the temporary governments really means that many existing government employees and politicians will leave and many more open and qualified people will volunteer to take their place and refashion the face of government.

    He used the case of Myanmar to describe containment in further detail. He said that Prime Minister David Cameron was in light containment and that containment was a factor in the release of Gary Mackinnon from the threat of extradition. He said that all the members of the Bilderberger, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission were in containment.,

    He repeated that there are no clones on the planet (beings who serve the light like Ellie Miser being the exception). He said that George Bush had a walk-in to allow him to last through the end times. Hillary Clinton is not a clone as had been earlier suggested.

    I asked him to comment on the work ahead for people who hate and offered the example of what we call “racists” and “fundamentalists.” He said that these people are going to have a very hard time if they choose to resist and fight. And he asked us to not become involved in the morass of chaos that they are creating and will create. He asked us to leave the matter to the Company of Heaven.

    Finally I asked him how we were to interpret remarks that some of us were already in 5D and he responded by saying we are not yet using our creative powers and other gifts of 5D in the way we will but we are in 5D and interdimensional already. He asked us to dream bigger and we will see the results.

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