GaiaPortal: Tipping Point Has Been Surpassed; Golden Light Sparks Have Commenced

  • GaiaPortal: Tipping Point Has Been Surpassed; Golden Light Sparks Have Commenced

    Tipping Point Has Been Surpassed

    By ÉirePort – October 21, 2012

    Energetic-telepathic communications jumps from one grid point to others throughout Gaia occur with ease and velocity.

    Such terms mean little in Higher D but 3-4D means that no resistance is encountered.

    Barriers are impossible to construct. Old barriers dissolve.

    Refreshing waters of Gaia Nueva bathe each and all of Hue-manity.

    “Finally”, some will say. Yet this was envisioned millennia ago.

    Gaia’s Portals are “super-charged”, some would say.

    Releasing all old-paradigm concepts is the only path of the residents of Gaia Nueva.

    Tipping Point has been surpassed.

    Golden Light Sparks Have Commenced

    By ÉirePort – October 22, 2012

    Grid points upon the Earth planet have begun a process of “sparking”. Ignition of Higher Light fires within each Hue-man proceeds. This applies equally to groups within various consciousness levels, and includes cultural, social, political, technical entities. No one will be spared from these sparks, nor from the resultant Higher Light fires.

    These fires are supporting the burning of all old 3D-4D Earth paradigms and will continue throughout the 12-21-12 gateway. 11-11 portal is a key to new beginnings, and all higher priority items will be cleared prior to that date.

    Those guided by Gaia will undertake holding of Higher Light and Higher Vision for the New Earth, Gaia Nueva. Any and all may assist. Tthose called by Gaia are urged to heed Her messages, and follow them precisely, moment to moment.

    Sparks lead to Fire. Fire leads to Purification. Purification leads to Planetary En-Lightenment.

  • Baptisim by fire popped in my head this morning.

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