Any Positive Cancer Man Stories out there?

  • OK People...

    i'm a grown Cancer Man... attracted to men! Been in a few great long-term relationships, but all I am hearing is sad stories about cancer men. Somewhere out there there has to be someone who has found the key to a lasting, love filled relationship with a Cancer, man or woman. Where are you? Need to hear from you!

    I walk around all the time and see so much unhappiness on the faces of people... there must be some happy people out there... Talk to me...

  • J4thBaby,

    I feel ya... some reason, whenev I try 2get back (and STAY) on the right foot, ya know try 2 do something good & mAKe something of myself... something from way back NTthe past comes from out the water blue, crimson, creme, orange, wood works, .. and takes a king kong size babseball bat and SWING str8 4 the JUGLrs. Now, dont get me wrong, I aint been No Saints so IDK how life can be everlasting when daREAL CHEAP photo SHOTs come at ya.. Whats a bro 2 do?

    IDK about a key. IDK if there are any PURRFECT relationship w/ a "Cancer" or any other SIGNS... But I think the real reASON folks arent happy is b/c the get Kaught up in wrong things & LOUsy misery luvs Kompany. Quite possbily, the info u Seek On Some of these Sad, Sarcastic, Sadistic, SelfRighteous, Stories Started at the Source. (WOW,, that was a flash back.. my bad) But, COME ON DOG, u Know the chant:.. blame the white man, blame the chick, blame her daddy, blame it on the biotch... Or: dont playa h8, specul8, beat that chick then escal8, but never, ever communik8...til its too L8... or on of my top 5 fav DONT H8 THE PLAYA....

    Like my uptown girl told me.. next time when yr in the PriVacy of your HOUSe, looKng NThe mirror, with the elctricity charged radio blasting REAL MAN In the Mirror..STOP.. tAKe A look around... does everythin appear NORMAL 2 U..& sniff..sniff. whats that smell?.. Naw, cuz MINE DONT STANK.

    Lifes Good.

    Oh, btw..this e-group of mine is meeting to play A Kool gAme this wknd. We ALL have been GAMERS 4 awile; but it seems like OVRnight a few good soliders took one 4 the team. RIP brothern & purple hearts 2 ya! So, if NE-1 Knows how 2throw a few Boulders w/out breaking anything around em, give the president, the founder or even the madonna a drive by.

  • And so how is that positive? I guess what you're trying to say is BE POSITIVE.. and damn the rest... HUH?

    'Cause haters will always hate.. . ...crabs in a barrel and such....

    LOL.. I got it now!

  • LOL, I love this topic. What a good idea, haha. Seeing as I only have a stressful story about a Cancer, I can't help. But I eagerly await someone who can. Though I have heard some very sweet success stories from people who managed to hang in there positively and had great outcomes. I guess you just have to be patient?

  • I dated a cancer man. He was nicer to me than any other boyfriends I've had since...and I just let him go, and didn't know enough to appreciate him or his lovliness because I'm a stupid dense aires

  • How did you get him? 😄

  • I tried not to be too opinionated or talk to much, l just relaxed and kept it real: in the moment, I never talked about my feelings or came on too strong. I just genueinly wanted to hang out. Iguess I was just really nice, and present, doting a bit...emotionally at the time, I was under developed and after a few years it came off as uncaring. Also, don't be to quick to judge and put a foot in your Aries mouth. Cancers take the littlest stupid things you say as a red dagger to the heart...and will resent you for it later, and judge you as mean and silly as that sounds. Saying less is better. ; )

  • LOL so essentially, you didn't act like an Aries at all. I've already realized that they are super sensitive. Was he weird about hanging out with you at first? How did you even get him to do that?

  • Dear July4thBaby,

    I am rarely on these forums, but I feel compelled to reply to your post. I am a Gemini (so this WILL be long haha) who's been married to a Cancer man for 8 1/2 yrs, together for 9 1/2, and in so many ways mine is a happy story. Which doesn't mean it's an EASY one, but for me personally the best relationships are not necessarily the easy ones, but the ones that, after everything has been said and done, are worth the effort. (I have Moon conjunct Pluto in my chart and thrive not on "happy-go-lucky-Toyota-commercial-we're-all frolicking-around-to-the-sound-of- Broadway-tunes" type of connections, but rather seek depth and substance, whichever shape that may come in. By the way, I often see people put too much emphasis on someone's birth sign when dealing with shortcomings in a particular person or relationship. As a certified astrologer I believe that we can only generalize up to a point; each of us is a distinct and unique individual and, though most of us WILL display some basic traits associated with our signs, every chart tells a complex and unforgettable story like none other! Also, even if there were two people with identical charts (e.g. twin births), what those two people will ultimately do - or not - with the potential they were born with is up to them and will be colored by their background, circumstances, spiritual perspective and by what I like to call their soul quality. Some of us, when dealt lemons, will make lemonade and others will chuck them at people and have fun with it 😉 If all our interaction depended solely on our stars, life would be a very dull and limited experience indeed. And, as an example, one wouldn't know what to do with a Gemini like myself - super sensitive, ALWAYS consulting her heart first, gut second and brain last, always in search of emotional intensity even if it hurts, because it's the one thing that makes me feel alive. Now, I'm not saying that's the right way to live for all others out there, just that it is your first duty to yourself to be true to who you are, no matter what. And realize that others have that same right. Contrary to what astrology cook-books say, my natural mates and people with whom I've had the most meaningful and incredible connections to have been Scorpios, Cancers and Tauruses. Although as a Gemini I like communicating, exchanging ideas and all that (I read once that we Gems sometimes tend to love words more than they deserve - how true!), if those words don't come from the heart - they mean nothing.

    But I digress, so back to my POSITIVE Cancer experience. My husband is what you may call a typical Crab - sensitive, touchy, moody, broody (flies off the handle because it's too hot, too cold, they delivered spaghetti in red clam sauce instead of white that he ordered! lol), holds onto bad memories for dear life, generally has difficulty letting go, prefers SHOWING to telling (not bad in itself), is at times way too giving towards all the wrong people and then gets very angry and resentful as a result. Now, all this I'm saying not with judgement, but in the most loving way. I myself am a major work in progress and with my off-the-wall-ideas and extreme moods hitting both ends of the emotional spectrum - just never the space in between LOL - I am well aware of the fact that it takes A LOT of love and mental resilience to be with me as well. On the other hand, my Crab is THE most loving, nurturing, kind hearted, loyal, romantic, sensual, generous lover and giving man you can imagine. He supports my passions, makes me feel safe and loved and has miraculously managed to heal some of my greatest fears and childhood issues. He also has a great, goofy sense of humor and, when in a good mood, could beat any standup comic out there. And last, but not least, the way he massages my feet and knows how/where to touch me - well, let's just say that my Mars in Taurus appreciates that very, very much 😉 Currently we are at a crossroads in our marriage and it's anyone's guess as to where this challenge will lead us, but even if I realize that at some point I need to let go of him in order for him to be happy and fullfill his destiny (he's 10 years younger and there are things he wants and might find indispensable that I can't give him), whatever happens - he will always be a part of me and I will always consider him a miracle in my life.

    Bottom line, Cancers are wonderful, confusing, difficult people and so are Geminis, Scorpios, Sags and all the rest of us. We're all human, we all need help, appreciation, acceptance and we're all a lot of work (well, some a little less than others), regardless of our signs. Life is tough, relationships are hard and nothing can break our hearts AND fly us to the Moon and make us grow like love can. That's what we're here for. So, when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place in a relationship, instead of giving too much importance to stars, take a good, long look at yourself and the person before you with honesty and compassion, and ask yourself: what is it that I can and cannot live with/ without? Should I stay? Should I give it another shot? Should I let go? Remember, there are no right or wrong answers - sometimes the wrong thing is the only right thing to do and some of us need another helping of the cough syrup before we get well. And then another... Things will happen when each of us is good and ready and not a second sooner.

    We all know that THIS down here is not Home, but we are nonetheless tied to our little "meat suits" and miss them as soon as we're out of them and want to go back. With all its tragedies and contradictions, life is still beautiful. Live it to the fullest.

    Hugs and gratitude to all you Crabs out there and everyone else that took the time to read 🙂

    Sorry for being so long winded ( I either don't talk or I taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk!)

    Live, love, be, believe

  • That was lovely Scars and Stars...well put. I agree, starsigns only give part of the answer. I'm a 45 yo Sag who was married to a Cancer when I was 21.. he seemed to 'get me'; but sadly I was not ready for marriage - his pursuit and friendship were attractive at the time but we only lasted a year (very bad breakup though... he secretly left with no warning 😞 but i've healed and we spoke years later.I'm not one to hold onto a grudge.

    Anyway, moving right along here I am some 20 years later and have had some wonderful 'life' exeriences (use your imagination/ plus sag personality prevailed...) and now that I've become more holistic and forgiving of all things,I find I have soooo much more patience. And what happens? I have met a Cancer (a few actually, I've known for a few years) and I felt the chemistry immediately! He is 14 years younger and I am intrigued by him; we get along really well but now it's been a year and it's hotting up - but Isaw a psychic who stated that he's getting over someone. I feel this, because he disappears for a month at a time then calls for a chat and we have recently been getting a little passionate; then he backs away.

    Anyway, my sense is that as I'm no longer immature (it pays to be open to one's own shadow side) and quite secure, i know that he has feelings for me but needs to let go of some old stuff. I'm v patient and can let this happen and if it doesn't then it wasn't meant to be and we've had a wonderful liaison. I also believe that the age difference (I've read on these forums that the trend is usually a cancer man is at least 10 years younger ) is because Cancer is so cautious, sensivite (an old soul?) and ready to settle into a home scenario at any time. This also suits as I've got nothing but time to love and nuture now...

    Bottom line? IN relation to previous comments, I believe it's about being independently self assured and content in one's own life so that a Cancer can feel safe. I'm extremely emotional and struggling with the year as I had only moved here when we met a year ago, so he also relates to my need to talk and trust someone with my feelings/fears. He likes to take care of me, and always senses my vulnerability without judgement. It's a balance;

    .He has shown some 'I hate ...' signs when we chat about some people... I'm quiet and listen but don't have any toxic stuff in my own life; this is his stuff to work through but I won't make comment unless asked or in conversation. He usually says "and I don't want to talk about it" I grab a lighter topic and we usually have a chuckle. He is trusting me more these days...

    There are no victims in life, just situations and how we choose to move gracefully through them... the rest is fate and trust. And Cancer people? I've loved many in my lifetime, and have been surrounded by women (grandma, aunties, cousins + pisces mum/sister) so the watery aspect has finally soothed me; and I'm an open minded learner... Cancers NEED NEED NEED to feel safe, and NOT BE QUESTIONED. Wait. Love what IS about a Cancer and don't ask unless it's a safe bet he has already established a lasting friendship 🙂

    Does this put it into perspective for others?

  • P.S.and yes they are so worth it!

    Cancerian men are so sensual and funny, always caring and more understanding than any other men I've known!!! I need that in a man....

  • It's been interesting reading all of the stuff about cancerians on here over the past few weeks, as I am a pisces who walkde away from a 9 year marriage to a cancerian at the start of last year, only to meet the wonderful man who I am with now, also a cancerian, and I can safely say that he is the love of my life. Not to say that it's been easy - he was trying to crawl out of an emotional hole which started four years before I met him at the break up of his last serious relationship (which coincided with his business going tits up). It's been intense from the start but we both found it a bit scary and to say we got off to a rocky beginning would be understating it - at one point I walked away as neither of us could handle it. The best advice I would give anyone is to live one day at a time, and 'softly softly catchee monkey'. True love is unconditional and I think that my guy has learned a lot about not having to hide himself from me as he knows that showing himself truly isn't going to result in any big disaster (he is very good at wearing the mask of the entertainer with all of our friends and keeps everyone else at a bit of a distance, I think letting me in was the hardest thing for him), and I have come to really understand what unconditional love is.

    As human beings we all have baggage from previous relationships and so on but the trick is to learn to carry it lightly rather than letting it break your back. I don't think the holding of baggage is an exclusively cancerian trait - more a human one!!

  • OMG... that was Soooo what I needed to hear... THANK YOU Stars... you're right... all this star stuff is just a rationalization, we are all human beings (well, most of us) and we all hurt, and need. Yours was the most rewarding post I've EVER read on here... truthfullness goes a long, long way. To onesself and others... Right now, I'm speechless... again... thanks...

  • My father and grandfather are cancer men. They were/are wonderful in very different ways. Very dependable, almost maternal. My mom, a cappy, had trouble, she didn't much enjoy momhood, so at least my dad took over when I got sick. One thing tho, dad comes at me very sideways;) when communication is involved. Thank goodness I grew up w him or I wouldn't understand much he says. I notice he says things that have "double meanings" and the way for me to decode is just go w the more negative message of the 2. That's my only real complaint w him. But as they say, a crab walks sideways!

    Cancer men can be very loyal and willing to do anything to support their loved ones. My dad would take 2,3,4 jobs at a time before he finally got a great job w the military. Tho he loves the fact that he can have facial hair and non- reg hair cuts unlike the GI's he works w. Kinda like "in your face buddy". All I know is that I wish my aries husband would take a page out of my dads book sometimes. Cancer men have a way of making you feel safe. If they like you, you aren't too clingy, just the tiniest bit of aloofness coupled w respect and love seems to work. I hate to advocate headgames, but I've seen it in action. My parents married 40 yrs, and it's still a love affair, my dad being the pursuer. Sorry so long. You've got good taste.

  • Thanks for that positive cancerman tale... Bless Him.. it's good to hear that there are some good people out there.. I have hope that I will meet some of them sooner or later....

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