Can stacy accept

  • My friend Stacy (skinny size 4,6, 😎 buys beautiful blouses, blazers, sweaters at the 99 cent store. But the other kinds of clothes such as coats, pants, shoes at regular department stores.

    Today she was at the 99 cent store looking at the blouses and had three in her hand. An older lady had a blue blouse in her hand that Stacy wanted. The lady started to put it back but saw Stacy wanted it so she gave it to Stacy. Stacy was happy.

    Then there was a lady who had a beautiful white blouse in her hand who handed it to Stacy. The blouse is a size 12 but looked tiny. Keep in mind at the 99 cent stores the sizes are so off. Stacy has brought 12’s, 14’s and 16’s and she is a size 4,6,8. Also keep in mind the size 12 was so buried under the label that all you see was the name of the designer. Stacy only saw the size 12 when she looked under the designer label.

    Lady who had the White blouse: “Here do you want this”

    (Stacy took the blouse and liked it)

    Stacy: “You don’t want the blouse”

    Lady who had the White blouse: “No”

    Stacy: “How come”

    Lady who had the White blouse: “I look for you. I am looking for my mom and she is big and the blouse is small”

    My question: Would you think the woman looked at the size 12 and thought Stacy was a size 12 or just saw the blouse is tiny”

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