Please help - astraangel

  • hi astraangel

    i am back again . frustration has brought me back here honestly . i have been sick of waiting and trying. could you please pull some cards and see if there is any likelihood of me getting employed any sooner? i want to see my situation changed honey and i feel stagnant . i just want to know what is in store for me for coming months ?

    thank you so much for your kindness ahead of time .

  • Hey hiighpriestess

    You know I drew some good card on this, Knight of Swords, then an Ace Cups and Ace Pentacles. I don;t think you will have to wait long.

    Also, I was wondering whether you might be interested in a little sideline work while waiting? I have some ideas related to my art efforts that could turn into some immediate cash flow for you as long as it fit your lifestyle. I drew some cards on all that and they all looked very good financially. Anyway a thought to consider...

    Blessings! Hang in there. You'll get back on track soon financially...

  • god am so happy to have received this reading. brings me much hope and courage to keep going ahead. i have been waiting for so long that sometimes i feel like quitting and running away from all this . but i know i cannot afford to do so. thank you so much for this reading my friend . i truly appreciate it . blessings and love .

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