When will my time come?

  • I don't know.

    Recently, I've started on a new path, planning to be more open and optimistic, trying to see the brighter side of things. It's actually been working which is amazing.

    For the past couple of days, I've felt down in the dumps. I felt so bad and felt like I needed a savior. And this is the first time I've actually been able to pinpoint what makes me feel this way.

    1. It seems like everyone is getting everything I want but me.

    2. Nothing extremely good nor extremely bad. It's like living in limbo.

    3. I daydream so much that reality because unappealing.

    So I ask, when will my time come? When will something shift and change for the better, for me?

  • As long as you do nothing but daydream, nothing will shift for you. And would you really prefer it if extremely bad things were happening to you just to stop being bored? What you need to do (it is an integral part of the Law of Attraction) is to learn to appreciate and be grateful for what you already have, instead of always wishing for more or other. When you can look at the gifts you have been given with fresh eyes, you will see how to improve on them.

  • Thank you for replying.

    Well, I don't day dream all the time. Usually when I'm alone or in situations that are boring.

    I wouldn't want bad things to happen. But I feel bad because although nothing bad is happening (which is great), nothing good is happening and I feel like I'm waiting.

    My dad, who I don't live with, preaches the law of attraction to me all the time. 🙂

    I don't wish for material things. I wish for things like happiness, more friendships, love (not going to leave that out because it's true), a new start, and spiritual relief (a religion that is right for me).

    I think of solutions for me to obtain what I want but I'm not able to perform them.

  • I myself think that religion and spirituality are personal things - just between you and whoever and whatever you consider to be in charge of running the Universe. God and I talk all the time - we don't need anyone to intervene for us or pass on messages. We don't need to be organized or have other people around us or rituals to perform. We just silently get each other.

    And it's not really a solution to a problem if you can't perform it. Think of ways you can do things to relieve your boredom. There's a saying that a bored person is a boring person. Get out and be active about exciting your life up. Make good things happen - don't just wait for them to happen to you at random. Create the life you want to live. Otherwise you'll just be an eternal bellyacher.

  • RR, if it can be of any consolation to you, most people feel that others get what they don't at some point of their lives. Also, in a way "no news is a good news" phrase makes sense, meaning that after troublesome times, one starts appreciating simple pleasures of life and just being in a present, relatively stress free moment, full of potencial. Here's an example of religion, that might feel right for you : the one in which you accept the fact that maybe we are not supposed to know every single detail about the divine ways, but trust that there is a higher spiritual force , which somehow makes sense of the existence. It is everywhere - in us, in nature .... In other words, not an organized religion, but an intuitive feeling.

  • Captain,

    I try to keep the mentality that "I believe in God and all he wants me to be is a moral and just person." But I feel like that I need more to that. Like there IS more to that.

    To be honest, to create the life I want to live, I need money, which we don't have a lot of. Many social events cost a lot. I want to go to a private school (MONEY). I want to move (MONEY). I want to go to this event (MONEY). Money is the one thing preventing me from doing everything.


    I agree that "No news is good news." It makes sense. But I don't like feeling like a sitting duck, waiting for something to happen.

    I detest it when people get what I want yet I think I deserve it/need it more. But I guess that's just me being selfish.

  • No, you are the one preventing you from doing things by believing that money is the answer to all your problems. Try to find creative ways around it.

  • No need to be a sitting duck, RR. As Captain suggested - creative ways is the way to go. Often obstacles develop character, intuition and resourcefulness in general. Good luck to you !

  • I don't understand how to find creative ways around certain things esp. being a creative person myself. I don't think money is the answer to all my problems but I do believe that it does relieve some stress. I miss out on opportunities because of not having money.

    I do admit that most to all of my angst is created inside of me by myself.

    To be honest, I just wish I could do more things which my mom is actually trying to make possible.

    I don't know.

    I know good things are coming but they aren't in the near future but they're already planned. I guess I just don't like waiting for so long. I want something to fill in the "in between".

    I read in a book (It's a fiction book called The Alchemist) and in this book, there was something called a Personal Legend. Basically, a Personal Legend is one's destiny in life or better put by Paulo Coehlo " is the path we decide to take that fills our heart with enthusiasm. It is the path of our dreams. ". And I was wondering, what is my Personal Legend? Now, I'm trying to find out what it is. But I've realized that I haven't lived enough to really know. But yeah. It was just an interesting idea.

    Well, I'm still trying to stay optimistic though. 😄

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