Can Anyone do readings??

  • If anyone can do a reading on me, i'd really appreciate it. Just on my current situation involving others. See if you can pick up on anything or give advice?

  • Can you give somegeneral details so the reading can be specific?

  • a romantic relationship I was involved in that recently just ended.

  • Do you want to patch it up?

  • That's where i'm confused. I don't know if I want to patch it up or not. His Birthday is 09-04-91 and mine is 08-22-87

  • The signs are that this relationship really was better for friendship than for love. The relationship can get too caught up in analysis or a mental/philosophical emphasis. Objectivity and practicality are two things that are needed but may be missing. You two may have enjoyed reaching for the impossible together but you would have been better off trying to achieve what was within your grasp. The problem is that backing a sure thing may be a bit dull and may take the edge off the relationship's initiative and impulse.

    Love and marriage here often just doesn't gel. The more puzzling and inaccessible elements of your characters somehow predominate here, preventing close contact. Sexual interactions can be exciting but without much deep feeling. Secrets can be rife here.

    So according to astrology, this relationship would never have made it to a longterm romantic commitment.

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