He will call me?Or I will have to call him?:O

  • I don't know ,what he feel, why dosent' he call.I really like him and want to be with him.

    Help me 🙂

    I'm virgo ,he is libra .

  • Just call him then, take your destiny in your hand then stay there wondering and stressing yourself

  • It' not that easy for me.When I saw him last time,i was shaking,i was so afraid to tell him something.

    Because he decide to change some things in life,and he isn't even ready for this realtionship.

    So I don't want to mess up things,and lose his trust,Its so confusing.


  • Probably a good idea to reflect on why he'd call/has called the last time...in a situation like yours, it sounds like he is afraid to 'mess things up' himself and needs some space so he feels more confident in contacting you at all. It can be a positive thing but it's not like he doesn't care...it's like he cares 'too much' to mess it up. Emotional honesty is tough; it's really easy to feel vulnerable. Try to calm yourself first, and keep it light...so he's not so afraid of being in a relationship. what makes him feel relaxed? try to put yourself in his shoes...don't blame yourself for what is his own way of coping with insecurity in general. i've been in this situation myself--at least two times--one guy told me "if you hadn't suggested an outing, i would have been too shy to ask you myself"; he only seemed confident! another guy valued the "friends first" thing because he got seriously burned by an ex--an hadn't dated since then for 22 years! in any case, he needs to feel like it is his idea; then he can feel more confident...check out "The Rules" for common-sense dating.

  • LittelMiss, just give him a call. Who knows maybe that's what he's waiting on. You will be happy that you did.

  • i saw him today,he didn't even try to talk with me.I feel like,he is oriented on some other things in life and dosen't want me in his.

    and thank you cuspglyph:):*

  • Hi LittleMissLove,

    You're welcome! I am more than happy to be able to help, because I have been through so many relationships that I've come to the conclusion it's harder for guys than we think, and what we hear about guys' behavior can just make it more confusing to know what their intentions are (and they get peer pressure on this as well). Everybody gets scared and it's really sad. As an Aquarian, I'm a big believer in balanced relationships...I didn't know what to think of "The Rules" until I realized it was actually about respecting what comes naturally to men, and helps them feel confident about pursuing a woman, not a game-playing situation...a lot of women can think they are not 'doing enough' for a man but then he feels he can't do things for a woman himself and loses self-confidence as a result. Relax and let him do whatever he feels confident enough to do at the time! You have nothing to lose by trusting in the process, and allowing yourself to feel loveable even while he happens to have things to do. Guys are wired in some different ways, but it's nothing personal. They can be surprised and hurt that their intentions get misread. They say a lot of stuff that can be taken at face value; they rarely say what they don't mean, and it just means more when it comes out that they love you. They tend to express their love in actions, not words.

  • LittleMissLove,

    As an Aquarian, I, too, beleive in non traditional roles. I've worked construction, engineering and now I am a philospher.

    Our stars predict our desinity.

    We have free will; we even have the ability to obtain readings, by computer, Tarot a daily reading.

    I studied Tarot cards at Columbia University. It was fascinating and I still read them every morning.

    If I were you, I would look in the mirror every morning, noon, and night.; repeating the words..." I am a lovable, intelligent and whatever is more important than ME..So be it.".

    To waste your time and energy pursuing a man, "who has more important things to do then to see you".

    Love yourself first.

    Be kind to you.

    Most of all be devoted to your life with passion, music, dancing, become skilled in body langauge.

    Please, live your life to its' highest limits.

    With him, without him; "Living well, its the best revenge" and the certainly a way to have a happier life.

  • Than you both,your opinion means very much to me 😉

    I realized that I deserve be happy without him,and I want him to be happy even without me.I wish him luck,but I must go on.Forget him, and one day find someone who will love me.


  • Dear LittlemissLove,

    Atta, woman! Put on the "big girl" panties and strucK your stuff.

    He doesn't have time for you...YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MORE TIME FOR HIM, not even a nono second.

    Take a deep breath, relax and to thine own self (you really know what you want) BE TRUE.

    You are more than welcomed. Remember, God made a seat for every ass. He is not your seat!

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