American Kabuki 10-18-12…”Drake… Heads Up”

  • There have been a few indications that something is brewing, and there are other messages out there that indicate something important is happening “soon”. My own “sense” is that this is absolutely correct. Possibly the 10-21 date time frame is a significant one (see these posts, Cobra 1, Cobra 2).

    And I feel this message from American Kabuki, and Drake, lines up with what I have been sensing as well.

    All I can say from my own view is, hold all of this in the Light, and the timing will be perfect, no matter what “the date” is. And regarding any “preparations”, I suggest using your Higher Discernment.


    DRAKE: Awright HEADS UP!!!

    [AK comment: I don't usually post Drake's stuff anymore as its been so often incorrect, and I think he's peripheral to what the military will do. Drake has served an important role in setting up the legal basis to restore the Republic back to its people with the research he has done. My take on Drake is he's a liaison with the Dragon societies and a means for the military to keep the militia groups from being loose cannons in this whole process. I am posting this now because it SEEMS to fit with some information that fell into my lap this week. Keep in mind Drake is prone to a bit of showmanship as to his own role in this, but my sense is there is something larger that has already begun.

    Keep on eye on high strangeness in high cap stocks on Wall Street and other financial anomalies that occur in rapid succession I don't have prior know of that, but if I was directing this show that would be part of the arsenal to bring down the cabal. Probably not a good idea to panic sell the markets. That's not a problem most of us have, as most of us are just trying to survive as it is. But pension funds, mutual funds, and hedge funds might not have much other choice than to do that.



    Awright, HEADS UP!!!

    I have been trying to let everyone know…everthing BE very CLOSE…Yes?

    Well, guess what?

    Da End Game IS at our doorstep…

    We ALL need to complete our readiness/preparations…NOW.

    All the things I have been expressing on the shows and our website are just about to START… Get that right, Start…

    Anyone who needs to be talked to, do it now…

    There will be several ‘notices’ coming from several places in order let everyone know what is going on and what to do.

    We may NOT get to our Sunday show…IT is that close…think first of next week at the latest.

    I have received intel from five of my contacts that stipulates that the ‘action’ is very close to taking place.

    WHEN notification is to be made, I will be posting it on this page and our website.

    Exciting as this is…each of our actions must show restraint, take it slow and easy. Do not lose your control or take extraordinary actions just yet.

    Make sure you are in contact with the militia in your area, they will receive the ‘final’ instructions at the right time, and you will need to know that information.

    Everyone should be careful and safe as this unfolds.


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