World Focus on Unity and Love on Oct. 21, 2012

  • Bill Ballard And Lucas – Join Us all in a World Focus Event to Unite on 21 October 2012

    Join us October 21, 2012. It is time for ALL Light Masters to come together as ONE BEING in a single, unified focused event to change our Planet/Collectivity and Universe.

    Bill: We’ve been joining before as smaller and more individualized groups but that must now expand into the one single being we truly are. October 21, 2012 is the first of many singular, focused events joining all humanity, the ETs and ITs to make this shift. This can only be done as ONE BEING IN ACTION. Here we go, people! I LOVE YOU ALL! Let’s Get This Done!

    Lucas : All those wanting to unite, focus on the change let’s do it together

    I call upon those known to me (the Galactic Free Press, the 2012 Scenario, the InLight Radio Group, Cosmic Vision News, Cobra, Drake, Channelers, Bloggers, Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Lightholders, and all others to unite in focus and spread the message via social media and blogs, etc.

    MAKE IT VIRAL: Please focus in unity together on 21 October 2012 in what way you can in love and unity to make things happen in the now.

    The new system is already online, the people are co-creating living in abundance, peace, harmony and unconditional love for the good of all humankind. You can have a moment, a meditation, a visualization, a few minutes or more: just focus that day in whatever way in unity to make a shift and change happen for all of us. Now is the moment!

    Love and Light and namaste,

    Bill and Lucas

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