Dear Captain...

  • You have given me advice at pinnacle points of my life, sometimes good and sometimes very difficult words for me to hear. (I used to have the name "Dafphodil" on these forums, but for some reason it got deleted.) It's been a long time, but recently I don't know what to do. I'd hoped you could counsel me one more time...

    Here's some info about my situation:

    I've been very happy with the direction my life is going. I've decided on the major I want to pursue, and my studies are excelling. My boyfriend has moved in with my daughter and I, and it finally feels like I have a complete family. I'm making many friends and learning many new skills and values. In exchange for all this though, I've had to sacrifice my financial stability. We're on our way of becoming more well-grounded, but times are hard. We have only have one car, so I take online schooling. I've basically become a stay-at-home mom. Lately, I've produced some home-business ideas out of the new skills I'm learning. My mother has been encouraging me to pursue them, and possibly even invest in these ideas herself. What do you think? Should I take these ideas more seriously? Or is it not worth the effort? I'd hate to have my mother buy into it, and see it flop because I'm such an amateur.

    I really appreciate all the words you give away. You're awesome, and have always been right. Hope to hear from you soon. ❤

  • Yes I think your home-business ideas are worth pursuing. But I would recommend that you do some sort of small business course or study before attempting to be self-employed. You need to understand the basics of business as well as having creative ideas.

  • I took a business class last term, but it didn't seem to really help. My biggest obstacles are financing (obviously), time management (its hard with a three-year-old/school), and how to properly market myself. My mom encourages me to try to do this in time for Christmas shoppers, but I feel intimidated by that short time period.

    I also volunteer on a farm, and the owner wants to partner with me to grow medicinal food for cancer patients. But he doesn't seem to ever have time to sit and talk the details with me.

    Another option is selling my products at a local store, who has offered to showcase them if I can bring in some quality samples.

  • Well, if you cannot find the time, you cannot get the business up and running because experts say on average it takes two to three years for a new business to show real profit and that is with the owner putting in all the time and effort they can.

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