Energy Report for October / November 2012

  • a message from Kate Spreckley

    'I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.' - Carl Jung

    The energy over the next two months promises to be extremely powerful and will initiate many transformations for us all. Since the Spring / Autumn Equinox in September the energy has intensified with huge surges of light energy bathing the Earth. We can expect the intensity to increase as the energy moves to flood through us, washing away the past and bringing an end to much of the uncertainty of recent times. Feelings of tension, pressure, exhaustion and back ache are common symptoms but thankfully with an underlying excitement brewing beneath the surface, revealing new possibilities and opportunities.

    Collectively we are all in the throws of a period of destruction and reconstruction. It is an intense time of rapid processing, purification and healing where expansion, growth, learning and Spiritual awakenings will become more and more pronounced. During this time remember that your Soul journey is a winding path of self-discovery, transformation and evolution. As such you will be asked to deeply examine the structures and foundations of your life, to seek to heal your fears and release anything that my be limiting you in any way. These deep transformations are awakening the secrets of your heart, which will show you how to resolve old patterns, release subliminal fears and bring light to the path of your heart.

    The next two months promise to hold an abundance of pure healing energy that will move to unveil your Soul potential and assist you in reconnecting with the deepest aspects of yourself. What you believe will be weighed against what you know. Anything that has been oppressing or limiting your authenticity and freedom will be shattered. Anything that has been hidden, shut away or closed down will be revealed. It is imperative for your growth and development that you transform those areas within yourself that are keeping you stuck, broken or crippled. It is only possible to overcome your fear, pain and suffering when you are willing to confront it by illuminating that which is blocking your life.

    The energy of October and November will bring more of your wounds and emotional patterns to the fore of your awareness. You will be asked to face and heal the trauma associated with these wounds and patterns. You will be encouraged to probe your motivations and deep consciousness to identify where healing is being demanded. By fearlessly examining your emotional, physical, mental and Spiritual blocks you will be able to eliminate old entrenched patterns and wounds, which will empower you to make the necessary changes you need to the deep structures of your life. By releasing the energy associated with these wounds and patterns you are able to consciously access and reconnect with the power and light of your Divine Soul Blueprint.

    It is your Divine Soul Blueprint that contains the energy of your physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual and Soul aspects. It is naturally embedded and imprinted within the higher frequencies of your light essence. To conform to cultural and social norms many have suppressed and denied the energy of their Blueprint which has eventually lead to the blocking of its energy. In suppressing this vital Blueprint you have not only trapped yourself in recurring patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour, but you have also suppressed the healing energies contained within this Blueprint. This has resulted in a deep, inner separation which has caused you to repeat patterns of behaviour, thought and feeling. Ultimately leaving you disconnected from your Divine self and alienated from the very core of your being. This makes it very difficult to experience not only your creativity, but also the truth, wisdom and knowledge that you hold within the centre of your Soul.

    The energies over the next two months will move to magnify and activate the energetic structure of your DNA initiating the release of your Divine Soul Blueprint. This powerful energy will form a beam of light that will reveal and amplify the energy of your Divine Soul Blueprint, which will trigger your cellular memory and a reconnection with the very core of your being. As this process unfolds the energy of your suppressed wounds and patterns of imbalance will fall away. Your deepest truth will emerge from the depths of your Spirit to expand your self-awareness and awaken the power you need to unleash and activate your hidden potential, gifts and Spiritual abilities. You will gain the ability to trust your inner vision, instincts, intuition and the strength needed to courageously take action on the guidance you receive.

    This may feel like a challenging time in your life but when you open to the powerful energy of this time you will be gifted with profound insights, valuable knowledge and the Divine essence of your true self. The purpose of this sacred journey is to accomplish deep Soul work, which is crucial to the unveiling of your magnificent Spirit. As you emerge from your old wounds and patterns you will be guided to the cave of your heart to receive the buried treasures that dwell in the deep recesses of your Spirit. As you open your heart and Soul to the treasures of your own destiny your Divine wisdom shall be restored granting you the ability to reshape and reweave the foundations of your life.

    Sudden changes and new directions will appear as your inner truth emerges from the watery depths of your Soul. Remember that this is a time to shift, change and realign your life with your deepest knowing. A time to face your fears, follow your heart, open your Spirit and look beyond the surface and into the darkness for your light. When you look into your Divine light send prayers of gratitude to the Creator for the beautiful gift of life and eternal love that you have been granted.

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  • Thank you so much for this article,I often need reassurance I think we all need help at times just to DE-PROGRAMME a life time of traditional teachings and centuries of conventional thinking...... that is sometimes hard to digest....... I pray Arc Angel Michael... will help to guide us all, to where GOD wants us to be.

  • Amen!

  • 🙂

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