Can anyone help interpret this dream please :)

  • I had a dream of a ciggarette machine the ones they used to have in clubs and bars that you put money in but it was filled with decks of rider waite tarot cards , and I remember putting some coins in and pressed the button and a whole heap of them came out and i was trying to get them all .. but i couldnt as there were so many , and in my subconcious i am thinking i already have a few rider waite decks i don't need all these but i wanted them anyway if that makes sense . .Anyone have any ideas on what this could mean ? I gave up smoking 5 years ago so i do not understand the ciggarette reference at all

    Many thanks in advance Loap:)

  • Addiction. You are going into a public place getting your fix but its not ciggerettes--it's readings. You are asking questions too much. Lay off awhile and tune in to your OWN connection to guidance. Best to get a thorough reading and givie yourself time to digest that. You are asking questions of someone who just leaves you with more questions. Too many cards that do not clarify just keep feeding a bad habit. Read your own post--it is very clear and means what you felt. You didn't need all those cards but wanted them anyway.

  • Blmoon ,

    Yes i can totally relate to it when you put it like that , Too many cards that do not clarify just keep feeding a bad habit, yes i have been guilty of doing this , now i see it in a whole new light .

    Thankyou so much for your insight .

    Love and Light LOap:)

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