This is for Astra Angel if you have time

  • Astra, I had been going out for 10 and a half months with someone and things were s l o w l y growing between us and it was getting better. I have been so patient with him and I really like him. Saturday after a great date I grew frustrated with him, he does not let things flow physically between us. He has controlled every aspect. Tonight he broke up with me over the phone and said I didn't really know him and other things that hurt. He also said I am beautiful, and that he wants to stay in touch. That he cannot give me what I need right now and that that makes him feel bad about himself. Who knows? I had been experiencing stress with this relationship and he says that it is better for me to move on and date other people. I feel the Universe had asked me to stand in my power and I did that Saturday night and he finished what I started Saturday. Can I have a reading? Is the connection that I feel with this person real and mutual? Is he going to stay in my life? I would appreciate it if you could do a reading and help me see. There are things I need to arrange in my life and him in his. I just do not know what to make of this. I guess it is over. Thank you!

  • Thank you anyway (I know you are super busy) I appreciate it 🙂

  • Hi mardepp

    You asked " Is the connection that I feel with this person real and mutual?"

    YES listen to your own heart and how you feel about him, no matter what he said - that it is over or to "move on and date other people". As long as YOU feel something deeply for him, then I would encourage you to follow your passion for him and be honest about it (with yourself, alone).

    Love would simply keep loving and being very positive about how you feel about him, apart from what ever temporary setback has occured.

    This isn't really a card reading only me talking... so you weigh out what I say... I believe our relationships (the really nice and sweet ones) have this period where it looks dismal or something goes wrong and all of a sudden you are wondering "what?" why? I think it is important to keep a lovely flow to the other person - while accepting the fact that for whatever reason it is not happening in any "obvious" ways... however he said he cares about you - WOW that is cool! You see, he really cares about you, its just for whatever reason he needs space or growth... I would tend to look at it as a growth phase and keep the faith.

    Also I do think it is healthy to keep your heart open to others that the Heavens may bring across your path... just keep a heavenly POV and it will work out... pray thy kingdom come and whatever that means for a companion and you can't go wrong (i don't think!). Highest, loveliest will and i know that will ultimately make you so very happy. 🙂

    As for your questions about him staying in your life, you mean physically? Doesn't look like it right now. He can still be a part of your life though, in your heart, prayers, nice wishes his way... he could hear those you never know!

    I know this all may not help you? It is kinda hard to explain.. all I can say is there is a lot of love out there between ALL of us. We sometimes play these little fun games I think... oh, it's for entertainment maybe - who knows! It does seem important to keep lovely feelings toward anyone and everyone and if you shared something special with him (sounds like you did) then you have something beautiful! I would take advantage of the time away from him physically speaking to look for signs of him around you even... I am kinda into angels and pixies and such so love and all that gets kinda kooky and fun sometimes...

    I know that is not exactly practical advice... it is how i see you and everything, sweet and magical like that... and fun! ... no matter what...

    I will draw a few cards and we can see also that...

    Hermit and the 4 pentacles. So some time for you becoming closer to Spirit, in the air, in your heart, and also physical stability - seems an emphasis on practical very established foundations. So your practical life looks solid and that is good. The Hermit is very nice creative card, so a good time to express yourself creatively too...

    I hope something made some sense? best to you and i pray for you and him to reconnect and resolve whatever it is... i know that is what you want... he seems to be saying hang in there... so stay steady (four pentacle) and all will work out (Lovers card).

    Blessings to you and your friend - from heaven and all the lovely stars above



  • Oh, Astra, what a beautiful reading! I feel the same way that you expressed it here but only time will tell. I miss him lots but the truth is he is not in a good place right now and he adds stress to my life and he knows it. He is trying to get to a place of peace and even though he sees the way with me he has got to get there in his manner, he doubts himself a lot. So, I must respect that and trust that if he considers me his friend the bond will get stronger. What it is meant to be will be. I do miss him physically but not like this, he is not everything that he could be. I have been blessed, I have a lot to resolve but I also have resources. He is in a darker place....I love this man. Well, trust the process. Thank you so much for your amazing light. It just confirmed what I feel in my heart.

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