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  • "I just want to be able to pay my bills which are basic living expenses..."

    If that is all you are asking for, that is all you will get. You sound guilty for asking for a pay rate that you deserve. You have got to believe you deserve more than just getting by. You are not stealing from anyone else by asking for more. AB, you need to get over this feeling of guilt and unworthiness when you are only asking for a fair share. You are keeping yourself down with this self-defeating belief. Why on earth shouldn't you be a millionaire?

  • You go girl! Yeah me too Aunt Buck, in my case they are taking the money away and charging an arm and leg for health Insurance. Bah Humbug! Good for you!

  • Well...the tactic didn't work. They won't offer me more money. I haven't called back yet to accept the offer. I was thinking that I was feeling like the minimum they could offer was enough to pay my living expenses. I deserve so much more than living expenses. I do deserve to live freely without money worries. I know that but it doesn't seem like the universe is working with me on it. I should feel great that I was offered a job but all I feel is depressed.

  • If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten.

  • Exactly.

    There will be other offers. The universe is trying to see how much you think you are worth. Hold out for better pay.

  • I have no income so I accepted it but definitely reached out to an agency that has another job I've been waiting on. This won't end the job search but it will allow me to pay most of my bills. I'll still be able to keep a roof over my head. I decided to let go of the resentment towards the lower pay and go in and do my best and keep going. I'm worth more...they just don't have more to pay me and I will only be there as long as it takes to find something else. Some pay is better than absolutely no pay. I still have other job applications in and will continue to apply for more jobs.

    When I posted the statement it actually was a daily "inspiration" message I received. It sent electric waves down my spine. Settling for what I can get instead of going for what I am worth. This time is different. I have to pay bills but this time I won't stop and make it "work." This time I will keep going and get what I deserve and am entitled to. I am a millionaire. :0)

  • Full moon coming up today. Time to get the lists out and let them go to the universe.

  • Amen, and they say that this moon is the most powerful for setting intentions, you will make it girl. Can you apply for food stamps in the interim? I think you can do it online, hang in there, these are the hardest times I've ever seen, but they say perception, well when your lights or water can be cut off God forbid, It's very real. I pray for all of us they say when this new money system goes into affect changing to gold back currency there is to be money for all, well I'm waiting with abated breathe thats for sure.

    Captain, a week or so ago I woke up to like a Maize that opened and there was a woman sitting there and when I looked closer it was me, only older, do you think thats my future self?

    Peace, Love and Light to all!

  • happy Full Moon all!

    Poetic were you blond in that dream? I get the image of you in a fairy story.Your intuition is a wise teacher whio can see into the future. maybe this lady was who you really are inside? Maybe your inner wise guide is just reminding you of her (eternal) presence?

  • AuntBuck- Sounds like you're being realistic in the present with great expectations for the near present......a good compromise it seems. You go girl ..... its on its way!

    This moon will be a time to again let go of old stuff that just seems to keep coming back & set intentions for abundance of love, joy & prosperity in our lives.

    Looking for positive changes in Dec to begin


  • Thanks Suramya I don't remember the hair, I remember they say that I'm an old soul, I was not sleeping, I had awakened, you know how you wake up in the middle of the night but don't open your eyes, I was looking thru my third eye. I had a big mole on my face. I seemed to be looking into a mirror.

  • AB, have you applied for all the government grants, allowances, benefits, and child support that are available to you? Because I feel like you hold back in this area, but shouldn't. To honour yourself is to accept whatever is offered out there for you.

  • Poetic, I feel your dreams are showing you that you are coming to realize your potential and what an amazing spiritual person you are. We are all waking up to our true immortal selves. We are no longer mere mortals dreaming of being Gods - just the reverse in fact.

  • I like that Captain! How was the Eclipse in Australia?

  • Well...already did my full moon release/affirmations. :0) Early in the evening but it was on my mind and was at a good time to be alone and in a open minded state.

    Well, I went in today to sign paperwork for the job and didn't realize that I was going to work so I started the job already. Here's a twist... The girl who is training me, who has done this job for the past six months as a temp, applied for the job and they didn't give it to her. They scored her low on some of the interview questions so she is losing this job to me...after she trains me. She is also like me, single mom, has only worked 9 months out of the last four years because she couldn't find a job. Her son goes to the school my son went to and she is struggling just as much as I am. Talk about feeling bad...I apologized and told her that I hoped she didn't have any resentments towards me and offered up some of my job search info. So, everyone there knows that I am the one replacing her and she has to leave. When I was being introduced to people, that was one of the points they made when they introduced me. She's the one taking so and so's job. Really a great way to start the job. Sigh.

    I was getting food stamps but this job will put me over the income limit to qualify for help. I tried getting approved again before I started work but they sent me a request for new information last Friday and now I am working so I can't re-apply. I might qualify for a small amount but they take my children's income into consideration for household income and that combined knocks us out of the range for assistance. I will apply for energy assistance and might qualify for some of that. Both of my children have insurance through the State so they are covered. The insurance rate for me by myself is actually pretty affordable...under $60 a month. I won't be eligible for it until next year. I am still going to apply for the free medical coverage that I was told about at the free clinic last month. So...I am applying for everything I can qualify for.

    However, Powerball is 525M now and is being drawn tonight. I am a millionaire.... :0)

  • Poetic, the solar eclipse was only visible in the far north so I didn't see it personally. But I am feeling the effects of both lunar and solar eclipses!

  • Hmm, I get the feeling there is something else you are eligible for, AB, but maybe don't know about. You should do some internet research. Many people do not know about all the entitlements available to them (which I think governments count on). 😞

    Good luck with the Powerball - I bet you would really tell that present job where they could stick it....

  • No Powerball win...or Mega Millions but that's ok. I am a Millionaire, I'll win the next one. I will have to do some other searches to see what I can come up with. I thought I had tapped out about every other program I could find.

    Well..the sad part about this job is that she likes it and is grateful to have it and it's just a stepping stone for me. Grateful to have for now but not something I'm staying at. They did say they might try and find her something else out in the warehouse but that's not a guarantee. It was really uncomfortable being introduced to your new co-workers who seem to like the one training you that you are replacing...and not on her terms and then listening to the discussions about how I got the job and she didn't get the job and she will be gone soon....ugh. Also, the guy that I will be working with was really angry that she didn't get hired and pitched a fit to the hiring supervisors so there could be a little resentment coming from him too. Geez.

    Yes...I would like to say stick it since this is totally below my capabilities and I can seriously understand why they wouldn't offer more money. However, I need the job just as much as she does....

  • Just tell them to not hate the player, hate the game, meaning it's very unfortunate for that girl but it's not your fault. Same boat here for the powerball but if you get 5 numbers you still get a million. I wonder sometimes did I sign a poverty contract, you know they say we sign contracts before we come here. I can't say poverty because truly say poverty compared to third world countries but the "system" gets to you, the work to pay bills cycle, like the hampster on the treadmill. It's part of waking up, knowing the truth but feeling powerless to change it.

    We have to stay "Mentally Detached." Hide in your heart chakra and detach from the mind, not always easy, I know. Well May all have a wonderful day, I shall be thankful for what is and keep the flame of hope alive for what will be.

    Ramonita says she can't get on, poor mamita!

    "Blessed Be."

  • "As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better." ~ Steve Maraboli

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