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  • Loving all the inspiration here! Thanks to you all 🙂

    Feeling a little out of sorts...IDK what the problem is. Just an uneasy kinda blah. Keep telling myself...This too shall pass.

    Sure do enjoy reading all your posts!

    Becky 🙂

  • I think November is a testing month as, on the surface, nothing much seems to be happening - a 'blah' ho-hum feeling. But beneath the surface, we are all working through tons of old buried issues. Change is happening - it just doesn't seem very obvious. Myself, I cannot wait for a new way of life to begin...but I must be patient. There are necessary steps and preparations that must be completed before the future arrives.

  • I know I'm trying to get through it. Working on issues...trusting that all will work out in the end. I have spent some time thinking about some of the trials I've been through that I never thought I would make it out of and each time I realize that I have. This too shall pass seems to be the dominant thought in my head.

    On another note...through the free clinic I attended a month ago I was able to go in today and have a dental assessment, occupational therapy assessment, physical therapy assessment and eye assessment done for a very small charge. I was really grateful that I was able to do this and health wise, I am doing well with managing my diabetes. I was examined by students in the various programs and it was great to be able to assist them in gaining experience in their fields. It was a long process but it felt great to be able to help someone else while still getting myself checked out. :0)

  • People, I feel like we need some other way to stay in touch. I feel like this site is in the process of closing down, losing many members, and not getting any new ones because people don't know there is a forum on the site..

  • AuntBuck, this medical assessment shows you that you are not alone, that help and support is indeed around you when you need it. You are being successful right now.

  • Anyone can always reach me at my name here at :0)

    Here's a weird dream from last night. Before I fell asleep I asked my guides to give me any messages that I needed to hear. Some unusual dreams but the one that really sticks out to me, is I'm driving in my car, I realize that the road curves too late and I try to stop but can't and I am flying off a cliff in my car. I'm looking down at the land below me and I realize that I can't control it and I'm going to die. Weird part? I'm ok with it. All these emotions in a split second ending with it's will be quick...dead on impact. And yet, my car doesn't smash into a crumpled mess...before that dream switched into another scene, I knew that I wasn't going to die and I was going to have a safe landing...even if it didn't show it in the dream.

    My interpretation of this is that all will be okay. Flying through scared but in the end...all is well. Anyone else see anything different in that message?

  • I am on fb as The Captain knows & I would really like to stay in touch with you ladies on this blog as well as others on this site. It has helped me in so many ways over the last couple years & it is rare to find a group to connect with like this. Last is Garner & of course first is

    Becky! 🙂


  • Aunt Buck, sounds like you have a good interpretation of your dream. I was thinking a fear of something ending but that it was all going to work out all right. Just my thoughts.

  • Thanks Ragbag...I checked some interpretation sites and they definitely said it was deep rooted fear...which with the job loss and income loss it a serious issue that scares me right now. I was thinking leap of faith but I didn't willingly drive over that cliff. LOL. I tried to stop! :0)

    Tried to find you on FB but there are a lot of you out there....what's your picture of?

    Captain....can I add you on FB?

  • Found you Ragbag...send a request. :0)

  • I am becoming increasingly reluctant to use Facebook (I feel the company has steadily declined in security and purpose since its sell-off) but for now yes you can add me. My email is starcrossedcaptain at gmail (dot com).

    Your dream AB sounds like your mind giving you worst-case scenarios (which is a way to work through fear.) When you imagine the worst that can happen in any given situation, you realise that this is the absolute limit of your fear - nothing could be worse. And yet facing that worst case, you begin to understand that you could survive it (because you are facing it head-on instead of hiding from it) and that even if everything was taken away from you, the essential part of you would remain intact. Nobody can take that away. And if you are worrying about your loved ones more than yourself, you have to believe that a higher power will take care of you all. After all, you've gotten this far, haven't you? By the end of the year, it will all be an easy downhill ride.

  • I see a lot of 1234 but it has recently switched to 444. That is a message that I have the love and support of angels around me. I see all the signs....but as each day goes by without a gets more and more scary. Holding strong on the trust though.

    I have an interview this afternoon (13 hours from now) and I hope that it goes well. I accidentally missed the original interview last week because I got it messed up in my head even though my calendar was right on. They agreed to reschedule it after I realized it the next day so that give me hope they are really interested in me and this will work out.

  • Good luck on your interview.

    I am at Inquire38 at yahoo dot com and on FB

  • Thanks Poetic! :0)

  • Well you know already! Have a happy Turkey day if I don't get back in time. Something good will come for you just release the fear..... or anxiety, I know it's not easy, trust me I know. 🙂

  • For those celebrating Thanksgiving, safe travels & enjoy your day.

    Perfect timing gor all to refllect on the abundance in our lives.

    Justbecause59 at gmail dot com


  • I think the interview went well...I feel like I could answer their questions confidently. I followed up with a thank you email....I did the best that I could. Now comes the wait.

  • Sending positive energy your way AuntBuck!

    Blessings to all

  • Do you have another forum in mind Captain?

  • Hello all, me to Jackie!

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