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  • Amazing sometimes when messages come through that you need to hear and explore. I received this OM mail today but hadn't had time to read it yet. Thank you for posting this. It's going to take me a couple times of reading this to let it all absorb fully but I definitely needed to read this. Really hits home for me....thanks Captain for the post....

  • It's a wonderful thing to be able to step outside yourself and your flaws and your problems - and see that they are not really you, that they don't define the essential you.

  • There is so much truth in the article...I feel like it is constantly a struggle to stay on track. There are so many things that tug at me to take me out of the NOW that it's always a good reminder to stop and let those thoughts go.

  • 🙂

  • You have to step beyond the emotional, and even the intellectual, into the objectivity of the spiritual plane in order to see everything clearly.

  • Ugh, today I am feeling the same ebb and flow of power surges, the giddiness, nausea, and ungroundeness I felt when Hurricane Sandy was around. It's not fun.

  • As I was reminded....Mercury goes Retro tomorrow....or well, already your time. Could some of it be because of this?


    Try goggling it.

  • i hope you are feeling better captain the weather seems to be playing havoc on everyone & now they say there is a nor'easter coming this week end for those that were hit in Sandy's wake. I feel bad for the people up north and it has been giving me headaches.

    It makes me want to shut myself off again like I did earlier this past summer.


  • I am feeling much better today. Yesterday I could see explosions of light happening all over the planet, like the angels were cruising the heavens in fighter planes, dropping light bombs down to the earth. Spectacular!

  • Poetic! That's the one I'm doing. Thanks for posting the link.

    That is wonderful Captain...what a great image.

    Nothing much going on my home front. Keeping my head up and doing the work I need to be doing looking for a job. Networking...applying...moving forward. I like the 21 day meditation challenge. I also downloaded a free podcast from Doreen Virtue on Archangel Michael and Metatron.

  • Wow Captain, I'm seeing light shimmers too and the sky was beautiful like cloud Aurora's did I spell that right!

    Okay Jackie!

  • Captain, your thoughts, I just read an article that says we should stop grounding into Mother Eartha and sending her light because of the releasing of Toxic's etc what are your thoughts, sometimes I connect to the crystalline grid.


  • Poetic, I was told by another psychic who read me that I should stop trying to ground myself in Mother Earth and start grounding myself to the universe through the top of my head instead. I was finding it impossible to ground myself by connecting to the earth and feeling very giddy and light-headed because I was probably picking up how the earth is feeling. Gaia is going through a lot of changes at the moment so it's best if we just send her light and love and ground ourselves elsewhere.

  • Thanks for the tip about grounding. I was actually thinking about this not even a half hour ago when I was studying for my geology class...oddly enough. Text was talking about the earth and molten granite and I was thinking about how I ground myself to the center of the earth...I really never imagined that I was going through hot molten rocks to get to there. LOL.

    On an odd note....I woke up to bells tinkling this morning. At first I thought maybe my phone was ringing in the other room, got up checked...nope. Asked my daughter because she was up getting ready for school if it was her, nope. No wind outside so even if I could actually hear the wind chimes I have up outside, it wasn't them. So I figured the angels must have been popping in to start me off to a great day. :0) And a good day it was. I got an interview for a job that I applied for, I got a possible in to a place that I would love to work at that is in my new line of work (volunteer there for hospice) and I applied for another job in my new field. A good day.

  • I've been having trouble grounding myself lately, will try you tip. Llfe has a lot of ups n downs these last few weeks so staying grounded is my best bet to go with the flow......more than ever before I have a sense of calm that all will work out despite the odds

    AuntBuck- May good things flow abundantly to you where ever you go



  • Thank you Amused.... your sense of calm is something that I can relate to. I was laid off from a job two weeks ago and while I am grateful that my bills were paid and I have about a month's breathing room to find another job. My "gut" is calm and not panicked about it at all. But then the frigging head gets in the way and starts worrying and trying to mess up that calm. LOL. Learning to shut down the head and think with the heart. I had an interview this morning and then have another interview early next week. Feeling pretty good that things will come together. :0)

  • Waking up earlier and earlier these days after some very vivid dreams - only seem to need six and a half to seven hours per night these days, instead of the usual eight or nine I used to get.

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