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  • Okies captain 🙂 Thanks anyway's 😃 X

  • About those vibes, are you saying that if you attract truly crazy people, that you are giving off a 'sane' vibe? Or, that you're attracting crazy because you need it somehow? And, that you could actually repel someone kind because you don't think you deserve kindness? Just trying to clarify.

  • But the clearer and higher the frequencies of your love radar, the quicker you will attract your love soulmate. Signals can get muddied by fear, anger, old unresolved issues, guilt, so if you work to clear your 'transmitter' your soulmate will be able to 'hear' your call so much better.

    How can that happen, with soulmates arn't they supose to sense when they are needed, or that there is something wrong?

    also, how do you clear your transmitter? and what does it take to clear it!

    Sorry im just curious to now more about this 😃

    Im still learning and i like to learn new things.

    Best wishes RebeccaAnn.

  • Basically whatever you give off, you attract back. So if your vibes reflect instability, that is what you may attract. Like attracts like. Stable people attract other stable people. If you think you are sane but are attracting unstable people, you may be sending out the message that you want to 'fix' people. But even that is unbalanced and egocentric because the only person you can fix is yourself.

  • Soulmates can only sense one another if the signal is loud and clear between them. What blocks it is negativity - fear, pain, anger, hate, insecurity, guilt, etc. So if you clear away the dark cloud of negativity in yourself, the soulmate message can then get through.

  • Okay thankyou captain, 😃

    Best wishes


  • OK, I think I get it. Thank you so much! Looking forward to the next message.

  • I rather like astrologer Jonathan Cainer's definition of free will: "Life is rather like a painting. There's a rough outline, sketched in pencil. As it gets inked in, the artist can stick with the original, make a small change or draw something very different. There are some things you can't alter now, but there are still many factors that you have the power to change to your distinct advantage."

  • Captain, you gave me a compatibility reading long ago and I did not know my friend's year of birth. So, you gave me two scenarios. I now know it and re-reading your note it seems right and he's probably regretting his choices then. The sac part was why we didn't connect then as we do now. Pride stood in the way, I think. Thanks for the reading.

  • You're welcome, Tellstar! 🙂

  • Great Blog Captain, so if i attrack people that need help that includes family, is it because i dont. want to focus on myself

  • Great Blog Captain!!!! Very wise indeed!! Love to check in and see what is going on 🙂

  • Thinking today about the people who ask here about lost items - either things or people. What is really 'missing' is the point in all this. Nothing happens randomly - we lose things for a reason - to send ourselves a message. More important than the missing item itself is WHY we lose things. The message is relevant to the missing object - a lost watch may represent time. You must ask yourself if you are wasting time over something that is trivial or whether you need to spend more time to accomplish something necessary to your growth. A very sentimental loss like a family heirloom may be calling on you to break your habit of living in the past or depending on your family so much. Or a missing engagement ring might be asking if you are ready for such a commitment or have any doubts. If a person goes missing or is lost to you, you need to ask what that person did or didn't do for you and if you yourself can provide that missing piece in yourself.

    When you figure out the answer, you will find the missing item or - with people who have gone out of your life - you will find in yourself what was 'missing'.

  • Sent to me by email -

    Inner Peace:

    If you can start the day without caffeine,

    If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,

    If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,

    If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it,

    If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time,

    If you can take criticism and blame without resentment ,

    If you can conquer tension without medical help,

    If you can relax without liquor,

    If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,

    ....Then You Are Probably ..........

    The Family Dog!

    And you thought I was going to get all spiritual.

    (This is cute but it also illustrates the message that animals should not be treated as second class to humans - in many ways, they outshine us. Sadly, we tend to equate a simpler less materialistic way of living with something sub-standard.)

  • Very true Captain. Nice message. Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • Dear Captain, A marvelous thread. I have been away for a bit putting out the fires in my life and was excited to see this conversation. Like Rebecca and probably others - there are some entries that I can really relate to and have thought of responses to the alone vs lonely discussion, the like vibes attract discussion, and the need to allow yourself time to pamper yourself at least once a week - but where I think I will chime in is on the dog discussion.

    I have been blessed with the best dog in the world. He is very special and was sent by the powers that be to take care of my family during some incredibly difficult times. We had just put down our last golden retriever from the child rearing years. He was 15 years old and had the heart of a soldier. We had needed to say goodbye to his best buddy and surrogate mommy two years before that. She was 16 years old and a sweet and sassy crayon eater. Our hearts were broken and we had decided that we would not get any more animals because it was too hard to say goodbye.

    Within a week of vowing to never get a dog again I was in the office at school filing some student papers. I was living in Maine and a snow storm was raging through the valley and there had been an early release from school. A secretary from another school was visiting and she was saying that she was nervous about driving because she had to go into town for dog food before she could go home. I lived a couple miles from my school and had 15 lbs of dog food - but no dog. I offered to go home and bring it back for her and as I spoke a tear came to my eye. She asked if I planned to get another dog because she knew how important our dogs were to us.

    Before I could answer she explained that her golden retriever had had a litter of 13 puppies on 11-24-05 (Thanksgiving Day) and that one of the puppies was born with inverted eyelids. She said that there was a good chance that he would go blind because his little eyelashes rubbed his eyeballs all the time but that if I wanted him and would assume all his vet bills, get him fixed, and not associate him with her kennel name that she would love for me to have him. I told her that I couldn't afford another goldie at that time and that my husband said no more animals. She told me that she didn't want to sell him to me - she wanted to give him to me because she felt in her heart that we needed him as much as he needed us.

    That evening I told my husband about the dog and we ended up driving 30 miles in both directions in a wild Maine snowstorm to go and see him. On the way home I drove and he slept on my husband's lap. We were driving at about 10 miles an hour in almost white-out conditions but we both felt so secure and happy with the almost blind little puppy sleeping in my husband's lap and kind of holding him with his great big puppy paws. The next day we took him to our vet who immediately checked him in for a nip and tuck corrective surgery for his eyelids. The surgery was a success and we think his eyesight is pretty good.

    We don't know if it is because he had a hard start in life and was happy to have a real family or if he was just born grateful but he has been the smartest, kindest, most magical dog we have ever met. He is very gentle and very intuitive about who needs his help and who is sincere and who is not. He is a perfect soul.

    Well, a couple years ago my husband and I fell on some hard economic times. Both my husband and my son have some serious chronic illnesses and even with insurance the combination of medical co-pays and the momentary recklessness that can come with knowing that each day needs to be lived to the fullest had wiped out all of our savings and was causing us to need to adjust to the reality that we were broke. Christmas was coming and we faced the pain and shame of having to tell our grown children that it would not be the type of Christmas they were accustomed to.

    This is when my daughter - then 19 years old - started a new Christmas tradition that has returned the holiday to a more spiritual and less commercial event. She suggested that since Brady was so incredibly grateful and funny about getting presents that everyone should get something for him to open and we could all celebrate through his happiness for getting a new toy (he calls them his babies and he still has the first baby he ever got). It was agreed that the gift giving part of Christmas for the people would be the gift of being able to be together and the excitement of presents would be given to the one family member who constantly gave of himself and never asked for anything but love - the dog.

    It was a very blessed Christmas for us because we realized that we had raised our children to be compassionate and non-selfish people - the type of people who we would be proud to know even if they weren't ours. It is exceptionally gratifying to look upon your children and see that they internalized the important lessons of life and family and love. After we ate and helped the dog open his presents we put on our arctic weather gear and took a long walk through the night forest. Fresh snow still powdered the pines and the winter animals spied on us as we walked along. We had been joined by many of our children's friends - several that we had helped to raise at times when their own lives were getting a little funky or unsafe. Brady lead the way wearing his new doggy boots. No one really spoke because the love and the good feelings were so strong that there was no need for words.

    Although much has happened in all of our lives since that Christmas - Brady remains a constant source of comfort and smiles - and is still positively grateful at Christmas as he opens every present under the tree while his people clap for him and praise him for being such a special guy. Wealth is not always expressed by the gifts you might have to give but by the pleasure you get from giving them. A friend of ours started a similar tradition last year in response to her disgust over the commercialism of holidays.

    He is also incredibly fond of birthdays and every time he hears the song he comes running with a big smile on his face. I will try to post a picture of him so that you can all smile too.

    May you all be blessed with the security of unselfish love.

    Here's to a grateful day, Wanderingwonder

  • Lovely story, WW. That is the true spirit of Christmas.

  • Dear Captain,

    I hope you can give me perspective - An ex boyfriend who I believed was my soul mate just waltzed back into my life after a year and a half saying her never stopped thinking about me, etc. It was a painful on off seven year relationship that always ended with him not calling for months. I am a virgo/sag asc and gemini moon and hes a leo with virgo asc

    Would I be crazy to start again or are we in a different place?

    It is hard to know my own hear right now cause I had truly come to a place where I didnt think of him - good or bad.

    A reading ? Please?

  • Lovely thread Captain, I like the vibes part. It's so true, what you give out in vibes, you get back. Blimey. I've generally been very lucky and have come across some fantastic people on my travels. So generous and giving. I hope that I must be giving out some good vibes! thank you Captain. 😄

  • Love the message about the dog! Dogs are wonderful, we still haven't got one but hope to own one in the future! They are so caring and giving and love you warts and all!

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