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  • I would like to thank you both for being there on my journey too. You were a valued support for several years. I am so grateful.

    Love and connection.

  • We all help and support each other in our own ways.

  • What 'The Secret' (of Attraction) failed to mention:

    Attracting Genuine Abundance

    by Gay Hendricks

    The Secret, with its cool special effects and rapid-fire delivery, was an entertaining way to get people familiar with the Law of Attraction. The movie introduced many people from the mainstream to the vast powers we all have to create the life of our dreams. If you want to put those powers to work for you, though, you need to be aware of several crucial factors that go beyond where The Secret left off.

    There are a few things you can learn in an easeful way that others have had to learn "the hard way." In particular, people often make two crucial mistakes that cause their manifestation process to go awry.

    The First Crucial Mistake, And How To Fix It

    First, Open Your Heart

    Unless you practice the Law of Attraction in a context of appreciation, your results will usually turn out upside-down and backwards from what you consciously intend. For example, if you try to manifest a new Maserati from a space of scarcity or entitlement or "I'll show everybody how cool I am," you probably won't produce a new Maserati. Even if you do, it will come with a ton of scarcity and entitlement in the trunk. The way to fix this problem is to start any manifestation process with a celebration of what you're already grateful for. The universe loves gratitude, and will shower you with abundance if you create your new desires from a space of appreciation for what you already have. Ongoing, the art of manifestation requires that we become manufacturers and distributors of appreciation, instead of consumers of it. Manufacturers and distributors know how to get things from the source. Consumers have to wait around for a delivery. Manufacturers and distributors of appreciation get to participate in the flow. Consumers are at the mercy of distributors and manufacturers. Their flow depends on deliveries from others. In my unconscious days I tried to get people to love me, but they never seemed to do it right. I sought approval from people, but they never seemed to give it to me. The harder I tried to get love and approval, the less of it I seemed to get. Then, I realized what I was doing wrong: Because of various childhood issues, I'd gotten mired in the consumer role. I thought other people had the love and approval, and it was their job to give it to me. Boy, was I wrong! I was out of touch with how nature actually works. Imagine a gardener saying to a row of seeds, "First show me some vegetables, and then I'll reward you by giving you some water!" It doesn't work that way. I stepped out of being a consumer and into the manufacturer and distributor role. Immediately my life changed. Instead of seeking approval, I thought up appreciations about the people in my life, and delivered those appreciations to them. They loved me back like never before. I beamed approval at the people I wanted approval from, and they beamed right back. I loved more, and got more love than I ever imagined. I celebrated the abundance I had, even if I only had a few dollars in my pocket, and the universe ultimately responded by making me a multi-millionaire.

    The Second Crucial Mistake, And How To Fix It

    Focus On Integrity

    Unless you practice the Law of Attraction in a context of integrity, you will get results that are the opposite of what you consciously want. Resonate with these two truths, both of which have been learned "the hard way" by many people: Life flows easefully when we speak with impeccable honesty. Life flows easefully when we keep our promises impeccably. It took me well into my thirties to learn these simple truths. Having practiced them now for a couple of decades, I appreciate them even more than I did when I first discovered them. My life has flowed easefully since I began speaking honestly and keeping my agreements. On the occasions when it stopped flowing easefully, it's always been because I didn't speak honestly about something or didn't keep some agreement I'd made. As soon as I spotted the lie or the broken promise and took steps to repair it, my life began to flow easefully again. The moves are simple. First, speak honestly about your feelings. Say things like this: When you're angry, say "I'm angry." When you're scared, say "I'm scared." When you appreciate someone, say "I appreciate you." In addition to speaking honestly about your feelings, take care to speak honestly about significant facts. Let's say you're Bill Clinton. If a reporter at a press conference asks you if you had sex with an intern named Monica, say "Yes." It saves time and money. People will like you better, no matter how much you think they won't. It never gets more complicated than that. To enjoy a life that flowed easefully all the time, I had to ask myself tough questions such as: Where do I lie habitually? What do I lie about? What agreements do I tend to break? It took me several years of asking these questions before I discovered all my subtle ways of conning myself and others. As I asked the questions, though, I immediately began to reap a harvest of constantly unfolding miracles. I discovered, for example, that I habitually lied about my feelings. In fact, I vividly remember lying about them in the first counseling class I took in graduate school. A man asked me what I was angry about in my life. I told him that I never got angry about anything. I went off on a lengthy justification of why anger was stupid and a waste of time. I still remember the look of pity on the man's face as I prattled on. Looking back at this moment from the perspective of a lifetime's learning about my feelings, I should have answered his question by saying "I'm angry at just about everything." I was overweight, stuck in a job I hated and a new marriage that was already falling apart. My old programming?Keep everything hidden inside and don't reveal what's real at all costs?kept me from simply saying, "I'm angry about a lot of things." I've had the good fortune of meeting and spending time with the Dalai Lama on a number of occasions. In one conversation a member of the party asked him what kinds of things made him angry. Without a moment's hesitation he listed a number of things, large and small, which he felt anger about. He also mentioned several things he felt scared and sad about. I remember marveling at the sound of his voice as he talked about those things: he had the same matter-of-factness and compassion toward his own feelings as he had when he spoke of universal suffering. I admire that greatly, and have attempted to practice that attitude in my own life.

    Next Steps: Your Practice For The Week

    Here's a great way to jump-start the flow of appreciation and abundance in your life. If you do the following processes, I promise you'll see powerful results in your life right away.

    Step One

    Think of an important person in your life, and generate a list of 5-10 things you appreciate about that person. Write your appreciations down.

    Do the same thing for a second person, and a third.

    Generate a list of 5-10 things you appreciate about the world in general.

    Generate a list of 5-10 things you appreciate about yourself.

    Step Two

    Speak those appreciations to the relevant people. Call, write or visit them in person to deliver your appreciations. For your appreciations about yourself, look yourself in the mirror and speak them. For appreciations about the world, speak them to anyone you come across as you move through the world. In the checkout line recently I said to the clerk, "I really appreciate how much faster these scanning cash registers are. Must be a lot easier than punching in every price." She said, "I never thought about it before, but yes, I'm grateful for that, too."

    That's all it takes. We change the world one communication at a time. These activities, done sincerely, open up a field of gratitude around you wherever you go. In that field of gratitude a garden of miracles will grow.

  • Oh for goodness sakes, *** = Gay you need to adjust what your site sees as wrong - gay is not a bad word in any interpretation!

  • Daily OM

    Making the Decision: Saying Yes to the Universe

    by Madisyn Taylor

    Saying Yes to the universe opens the gate to receiving what your soul really wants.

    The hardest thing about saying yes to the universe is that it means accepting everything life puts in front of us. Most of us have a habit of going through our days saying 'no' to the things we don't like and 'yes' to the things we do, and yet, everything we encounter is our life. We may be afraid that if we say 'yes' to the things we don't like, we will be stuck with them forever, but really, it is only through acknowledging the existence of what's not working for us that we can begin the process of change. So saying 'yes' doesn't mean indiscriminately accepting things that don't work for us. It means conversing with the universe, and starting the conversation with a very powerful word - yes!

    When we say 'yes' to the universe, we enter into a state of trust that whatever our situation is, we can work with it. We express confidence in ourselves, and the universe, and we also express a willingness to learn from whatever comes our way, rather than running and hiding when we don't like what we see. The question we might ask ourselves is what it will take for us to get to the point of saying 'yes'. For some of us, it takes coming up against something we can't ignore, escape, or deny, and so we are left no choice but to say 'yes'. For others, it just seems a natural progression of events that leads us to making the decision to say 'yes' to life.

    The first step to saying 'yes' is realizing that in the end it is so much easier than the alternative. Once we understand this, we can begin examining the moments when we resist what is happening, and experiment with occasionally saying 'yes' instead. It might be scary at first, and even painful at times, but if we continue to say 'yes' to every moment through the process, we will discover the joy of being in a positive conversation with a force much bigger than ourselves.

  • I always find my way back here. 🙂 Been thinking about you and wanted to see how you were doing. I feel bad that I haven't been here for a while but instead of feeling this way, I'm going to just accept it and tell you I miss you. I hope all is well with you and life is good. I want to say that I appreciate all the support, guidance and love you have given me over the years. All of it was so very appreciated. Thank you.

  • AB, I have been thinking about you too and wondering how you are doing. I'm glad you posted.

  • I'm just living day by day. Not much changes in my world. You know until of course something happens and I have to change. LOL. Things are okay. Going to transition to a new job pretty soon, my kids are both growing up. One started college yesterday and works full time, the other is working full time and gearing up to move out at some point. Proud of both of them and their accomplishments. My daughter starting college is reminding me how much I loved school. I hope one day I can go back and do more there but for now, it's about her. Not much really. The usual ups and downs of life but overall, pretty blessed. And you? How's your mom doing? She getting out more?

  • I came across an interesting article about the second chakra and attracting what you want into your life - money, relationships, good health, a job etc. The article links your relationship with your mother to healing this chakra.

    From Kellylynn at Souladvising -

    Money and the Second Chakra - What do forgiveness and money have in common?

    The second chakra (the sacral chakra, colour = orange) is not often associated with money, but it has everything to do with your ability to attract anything in your life. The second chakra governs emotions, and emotions propel us to achieve and magnetize our desires into our material reality. Harboring resentments, shame or guilt from the present or past inhibits the free flowing energy of your second chakra, leading to issues with habits that are out of balance, that prevent the flow of money into your life, and even that potentially create physical reproductive issues. The second chakra more generally relates to the sensory and feeling life, but more specifically relates to your relationship with your mother. Like this concept or not, your relationship with your mother deeply affects the nature of your emotional body. If your relationship with your mother is left unhealed, it can significantly affect the amount of ease and flow in all areas of your life. For astrologers out there, those with Moon conjunct or in other aspect to Pluto or the Moon in Scorpio can particularly benefit from forgiving their mothers. By practicing forgiveness, you will unleash your second chakra virtues of self-mastery, joy, connection, and money flow. One easy way is to bring up the memory or the person associated with the negative emotion and say “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you” until the emotional charge goes away. As you forgive, you clear what was in your way and allow yourself to receive all the good the universe wants to give you. (As I do this clearing process, I imagine the Archangel Raphael or Jesus coming in to help me clear these energy patterns. When the energy feels more like a weight or a brick, I ask them to reach out with their hands and lift this energy and send it to the cosmic recycling bin. The cosmic recycling bin sounds like an amusing idea, but I don’t feel the lift of the old energy leaving me until I visualize it being tossed in the bin for recycling:)

    From the website FinerMInds -

    Five Signs Your Second Chakra is Weak

    1. You are plagued by guilt and reluctant or unwilling to forgive yourself for past mistakes. You are constantly judging your worthiness compared to others, and tend to avoid the company of people you perceive as more qualified than you, because just being around them makes you feel inadequate.

    2. You have a fragile sense of self-worth, which is highly dependent upon pleasing others – especially those you perceive as having power or authority over you. This often results in seeing yourself as a self-sacrificing martyr, often putting others’ wants and demands before your own needs, all the while harboring silent resentment towards them and self-criticism towards yourself.

    3. You get easily offended, hurt or upset by the words and actions of people that you perceive as not appreciating you. You get defensive and tend to condemn others who behave differently than you think they should.

    4. You believe that you are flawed and are always under construction. You don’t trust that you can be loved just for being who you already are. Instead you believe that you have to continually improve yourself to become worthy of being loved, by others and by yourself.

    5. You experience any of the following physical symptoms on a frequent or recurring basis: bowel disorders, bladder or urinary tract infections, chronic lower back pain or sexual appetite imbalances (hyper or hypo sexual).

    Five Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Second Chakra

    1. Reflection

    Regardless of your religious beliefs, read the parable of the Prodigal Son in the Bible (Luke 15:11-32) with an open mind, to help you understand the reality of innate self-worth. In the parable, the younger son believes that his worth was unearned through his actions and the older son believes that his worth was earned through his actions. Their father teaches them both that their worth to him is innate and cannot be earned or unearned. This is true of all of us. Really sit with this until you literally feel in your gut that it true for you. Whatever comes up emotionally, let it come up and let it flow. That is what is blocking your Second Chakra.

    2. Redefinition

    Upgrade your definition of self-forgiveness. To forgive yourself is to give away the idea that you need to be punished for what you’ve done. Yes, all actions have consequences, but consequences are teachers, not judges that declare you unworthy. Let your current circumstances be your teacher and look for lessons in them that will help you make better choices. Stop punishing yourself for your mistakes by believing they make you unworthy. It isn’t productive, it isn’t necessary and it blocks your Second Chakra.

    3. Sound Vibration

    Sing the word “move” holding out the “ooo” sound as long as your breath allows. The word “move” provides the proper vowel sound and has meaning related to the Second Chakra. Think of moving onward and upward instead of being stuck in guilt and self-criticism anymore. As you hold out the “ooo” sound, bring your attention to your Second Chakra (two inches below your belly button along your spine) and try to feel it vibrating and glowing orange, sending life and health to your lower abdomen and all its vital organs.

  • DailyOm

    Rethinking Complaining - Tearing Down to Rebuild

    by Madisyn Taylor

    When we spend all of our time complaining, we are in essence in constant 'destroy mode' rather than 'building mode'. We all know someone who has elevated the process of complaining to a high art. Sometimes funny, sometimes exhausting, these people have the ability to find a problem just about anywhere. In its more evolved form, complaining is simply the ability to see what's not working, in one's own life or in the external world, and it can be quite useful if followed to its natural conclusion - finding a solution and applying it. However, many of us don't get that far, and we find that complaining has become an end in itself. In small doses, this is not a big problem but, if complaining has become a huge part of our identities, it may be time to take a good look at how we are spending our energy.

    Complaining is a person's way of acknowledging that they are not happy with the way things are. In a metaphorical way, when we complain or criticize, we are tearing down an undesirable structure in order to make room for something new. But, if all we do is tear down - never bothering to summon the creative energy required to create something new - we are not fulfilling the process. In fact, we are at risk for becoming a stagnant and destructive force in our own lives and in the lives of the people we love. Another issue with complaining is that we sometimes tend to focus on other people, whom we can't change, as a way of deflecting attention from the one person we can change - ourselves. So transforming complaining into something useful is a twofold process that begins with turning our critical eye to look at things we can actually do something about, and then taking positive action.

    When we find ourselves complaining, the last thing we need to do is get down on ourselves. Instead, we can begin by noticing that we are in the mode of wanting to make some changes. But rather than lashing out at somebody or an organization, we can look for an appropriate place to channel this energy (not our neighbor's house) but possibly parts of our own. Finally, we can ask ourselves the positive question of what we would like to create in the place of whatever it is we want to tear down. When we do this, we channel a negative habit into a creative process, thus using our energy to change the world around us in a positive way.

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