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  • Rose quartz is a crystal that aids the healing of emotional wounds. Captain ,your messages have really helped me and I hope this period of moon in sag is healing for all of us.

    Love and Light

  • Captain, how long is 'a few days'? I've already had a MASSIVE inner block slide off Tuesday, several minor ones since, and was wondering how many more I can chuck this week. 🙂

  • You can 'chuck' as many as you can handle. And the healing doesn't have to stop just because the planets change. There is just more energy about for healing now than at other times.

  • Hi Captain,

    I find in interesting you say this is a time for great healing, the last few days. Well I live in Ireland, and we have had the Queen of England visiting for the 1st time. Our 2 countries have been at war for years, something like 500 years, but in latter years lots of work has been done for peace.

    The Queen made a beautiful speech about bowing to the place, but not letting it dictate our future. She acknowledge those that had lost loved ones in the troubles. She herself lost an Uncle, so she could empathise. The President of Ireland made a lovely speech about the common things we share, culture, literature, sport etc, and that it was time for healing and forgiveness. That neighbouring countries should be friends and supportive of each other.

    It was very moving!!!! A great example to us all.

    Healing on a grand scale and it took 2 women to lead the way!!!!!!

    kind regards


  • It is indeed a time for people to mend their feuds. We are all in this thing called life together.

  • Self-examination is important to discover if you are carrying around old harmful emotions unconsciously. Things like old anger, guilt, or grief for example can be impacting on your health and life progress without you knowing it. Sometimes consciously releasing negativity does not also mean a subsequent release of subconscious feeling. We may be grieving the passing of a loved one without necessarily thinking about them in daily life or feeling angry deep inside even though outwardly we feel fine. Daily affirmations where you ask yourself to release any deeply buried negative feelings is a good routine to follow.

  • When Chiron aspects the Sun as it does today, our personal sense who we really are is mirrored in how we experience spirituality and higher consciousness in our lives. We are drawn to consider if the path in life we have chosen has been constant stress or gradually improves over time in its outcome. Often at this time we will feel that the destiny we sense inside is not reflected in reality. Once we discover our true destiny, we are more likely to be able to take control.

  • "Self-examination is important to discover if you are carrying around old harmful emotions unconsciously."

    This past year or so i felt like there was a deep need for me to really look inside myself, to see why my life is the way that is. there has been a lot of self examination trying to find some answers to a alot of questions. It hasn't been easy but i feel like i have made some progress.

    And yes i have been carrying a lot of old harmful emotions (fear, doubt, shame, guilt)

    "Things like old anger, guilt, or grief for example can be impacting on your health and life progress without you knowing it"

    So true. I have had quite a few issues with fertility the past 5 years ranging from miscarriages, premature bith and now infertility. I had a dream the other night where some one in the dream told me that i pretty much have a disease from carrying around old baggage that is deeply ingrained in me and that i need to let go it.

    Sometimes consciously releasing negativity does not also mean a subsequent release of subconscious feeling.

    Again this fits me to a tee. There has been a lot of emotionally painful moments trying to idenity and release all the baggage that i'm carrying around and all i have done is scratched the surface.

    This site has been extremely helpful in making me see reality more clearly. By reading what other people are going through, by doing some parts of spiritual boot camp (in my journal) have brought light to things that were previously in the dark.

  • Mymissymoo, we all help each other here and then we help others outside the forum - the loving circle of life and evolution.

  • And life is all about evolving so that we can be the best person we can possibly be.

  • If you are suffering from low self-esteem or self-worth, if you really want more confidence in yourself, there's nothing better than finding out what you are good at. You may already know what your particular talent or ability is and you can then expand on it, or else you may not know what it is and may have to try new things or areas of study in order to discover what it is that you are uniquely great at. It could be something physical like sport or craft or art or playing a musical instrument, etc; it could be emotional or spiritual in that you are a great carer or nurturer or healer; or it could be mental in that you are a great problem solver, communicator or good advice-giver. We all have something we are good at, something that we can use when we feel down about our lives. It enables us to say "Hey, I may not be the most attractive/slimmest/richest/cleverest person around, but I sure am good at ..... and that makes me a valuable, worthy person, equal to anyone." Once you have found out what your talent is, take it further - maybe use it as a base for your career, update your skills though study, or use it to help others.

  • This post is deleted!

  • No wonder it's so hard for us to chuck things out - I could clearly feel how much of my own energy had 'permeated' my belongings as I was sorting through them. It's like I was throwing out bits of myself - but bits that were no longer relevant to the person I am now. We also transfer and swap our energy onto the people we love, making it hard to move on from them. We have to 'disentangle' our energy from theirs, either somewhat in some cases and completely in others.

  • I am in the middle of selling off a collection on ebay that I've literally had all of my life. Some of the pieces are relatively easy, but some...well, wow. A little tougher to let them go. I agree with you about our energy permeating our belongings. Thank you for this very insightful thread, always, your ramblings are words of wisdom to the rest of us! 🙂

  • It's good to become aware of how much of your energy you give out and who to. Some people take more of our energy than they may need or deserve so it's important to monitor just how much you are giving away. To get rid of possessions or people that you have invested a lot of your energy in, try drawing that energy back to you so that you can let the person or object go more easily. Maybe you can imagine your eenrgy to have a particular colour so as to distinguish it from other people's. You achieve objectivity by drawing yourself back from a person or possession, drawing back your energy so that it is longer so heavily invested in the situation. Memory is one form of energy as is love. Many people have trouble letting go of old lovers because their personal energy is still invested in or attached to that person. A popular technique of release is to imagine cutting the cord that binds you.

  • Great to see you back Captain.I am definitely going to try out the visualization about withdrawing energy in colour form.

    I find that certain crystals like clear quartz and smoky quartz act as protection to prevent further drainage,though need to be cleaned/cleared frequently,if used with this intention.Obsidian and sun stone are good for removing energy hooks that others may have left in us.

    But most of all I derive inspiration from your posts when I feen any psychic debris in myself,as at the present moment.I guess such self clensing and reenergising is a constant process for most of us!

    Love and Light

    God bless you:)

  • Surayma, do you know what is causing this 'psychic debris' to pile up in you?

  • Sorry, Suramya....

  • No Captain Im not sure whats causing it.It is subconscious perhaps.I try to cleanse myself through crystals,reiki and quiet time in nature,but am not always sure of the forces that act on me or maybe my own repressed feelings/issues.

  • Sometimes I feel the transits,eclipses disturb me .On occasional nights ( like the night before the recent eclipse),I feel the energy fields around me shifting but am not very sure.

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