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  • Yes AB, people often don't realise how much their secrets are hurting them, and how little what they are hiding may matter to others.

  • Spirit is urging everyone not to let daily life interfere or slow your quest for spiritual and personal growth at the moment. It has never been more important in this current state of the world for everyone to focus on learning more about themselves and resolving old issues that are holding them back.

  • Interesting that you should post this since I often see the ebb and flow of spiritual growth. It is almost like you get to the point where you have to back off and readjust to the new energy before you can move forward again. It is however, something that should a priority in your life. You will not be able to deal effectively with the daily life if you are not where you need to be spiritually. I have finally realized that. :0)

    Brightest blessings...

  • Just don't back off too far. 🙂

  • We must all be careful that we don't rush in to help others without first pausing to ask ourselves if they are actually in need of help or whether they can be shown how to help themselves, which in the long run is more valuable to them. You may have a need to be needed or a desire to be seen as useful and capable but you mustn't take away someone's responsibility to stand on their own feet and their right to do for themselves.

    So make sure when you offer that helping hand that you are doing it for the right reasons and that the person or people you want to help really NEED your help. Perhaps they don't need you to do everything for them - maybe they just need a compassionate ear or shoulder to cry on, or perhaps they need to develop the trust and faith in their own ability to help themselves. If your help only makes them dependent on you, then it is the wrong sort of help.

  • Thank you for that Captain, I don't long to run to anyone's aid and I have been told many times to stop and consider if that person/people really need my help before offering it OR stop and consider if my help might be a hinderance for me and the people involved. I am so tired of being the go to person in my family that I believe that I am hurting myself - physically ill, emotionally drained - I am fatigued all the time, with various aches and pains. I would be the first to give my last, my friend pointed out to me that if I am not carefully tending my own backyard, I won't be cultivating anything...basically take care of me first.

    Once again, thank you for your wisdom and sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.

  • Yes indeedy, you must give to yourself first so that you will have something to give to tohers.

  • I just started pushing that into my brain today Captain! Thank you for this message.

  • Captain,

    Over a year ago you gave me a reading about my me and my friend. How true it all appears to be - his love, his regrets. What lies in the future?

  • Tellstar, if you want a reading, you must create a personal thread. This is my blog.

  • People often tend to fall for others with whom they feel a strong connection, thinking that it indicates true and eternal love. Well it does, but it's generally a more universal sort of love that we all deep down feel for one another because we are all connected at the soul level. Many mistake that soul connection for an "I have found The One!" moment, when really that's how we should be all the time with everyone - connected.

  • Do you think that it is possible to love someone because they are a human but also not particularly like them? I know that there are people whose energy repels me. I don't hate them by any means and certainly don't wish them any harm, but their energy is very off-putting and when I am around it, it feels negative and I don't want to be around it. I usually say a little prayer and send a burst of energy their way and walk away.

    I think that there is on some level, a more deeper connection with certain people and there will always be others, like the above people who also exist but I don't find a deeper connection with. It's like you said before, there are some people who if you allow them, could attach themselves to you and not do any of the work themselves and could drain you. There are many of these people out there that want you to solve all their problems for them. As nice as that would be sometimes...I believe you are right, there are some things that in the long run, people need to do for themselves.

    Now I sound snobbish but that's not how I'm trying to come across. I hope you understand what I mean.

  • AB, you are being put off by people's outer material energy. At the soul level, we are all connected and all in love with each other. Try and see past the false outer 'clothing' that people wear just to protect themselves. The more someone repels others, the more they need them.

    And no, you don't sound snobbish.

  • As always, brilliant thread! I am only on page 18 or so, and wanted to say I totally agree with the actors post. What some people may think is an easy job of learning lines, must be truly hard to "be" that character and make the rest of us believe it. I dream of celebrities now and then, that I know them and I think this is fun! I find it hard to "act" even when I get a gift I don't like I have had to learn to "act" in my mature years and smile and be gracious!! That's all. Love & Light!

  • Thank you Captain...I do always try to take into account the difficulties on is facing and not try and let it affect me. I do realize that the more they push people away the more they need them which is why I start with a prayer and bump of energy. I would certainly never turn someone away that needed help but I am finally learning when I can help and when I need to nudge them to a more self-sufficient role. So I do agree that we are all connected at the soul level and will make more of an effort to see past the material outer side. :0)

  • To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.

  • 🙂

  • From the news: "On March 19th 2011 the moon will be at its closest point to Earth in 18 years, an event that is known as a “lunar perigee”. Or the much more exciting “SuperMoon”, as one astrologer called it.

    On March 19, the moon will be just 356,577km away from Earth, an event that has internet theorists a-quiver with the possibility of extreme weather, earthquakes and volcanoes.

    Not all scientists are convinced, however.

    Though throughout the last year the world may have seen birds falling from the sky and schools of dead fish washing up on the shore, Pete Wheeler of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy says we shouldn’t be running to our bomb shelters just yet.

    “There will be no earthquakes or volcanoes,” Mr Wheeler told, “unless they are to happen anyway".

    “(The Earth will experience) just a lower than usual low tide and a higher than usual high tide around the time of the event, but nothing to get excited about.”

    But try telling that to anyone who suffered through the New England hurricane in 1938, or the Hunter Valley floods of 1955. Both happened during lunar perigrees.

    Cyclone Tracy in 1974 and Hurricance Katrina in 2005 also coincided with SuperMoons, or at least, very close to.

    Bah, says astronomer and lecturer David Reneke, who claims there’s more cause for alarm about the extent of human paranoia than any sort of impending apocalypse.

    “If you try hard enough you can chronologically associate almost any natural disaster/event to anything in the night sky ... comet, planet, sun,” Dr Reneke told "Remember in the past, planetary alignments were going to pull the sun apart. It didn't. Astrologers draw a very long bow most times. Normal king tides are about all I would expect out of this SuperMoon prediction."

    So no luck, astrologers, voodoo priests and other assorted witches. It seems Science has all the answers this time.

    But wait - this just in from Dr Victor Gostin, Planetary and Environmental Geoscientist at Adelaide University. He told the predictions of weather and earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters based on planetary configurations have not been successful, but there may be some correlation between near-equatorial large scale earthquakes and new and full moon situations.

    “This is because the Earth-tides (analogous to ocean tides) may be the final trigger that sets off the earthquake,” he said.

    And of course there’s always the possibility of getting that Creedence Clearwater Revival song stuck in your head, topping the list of terrifying events that make it hard not to become paranoid about the night of March 19.

    Looks like we're in for nasty weather..."

  • Oh, sorry, Captain.

  • For those who are having difficulty with moving on from a relationship, make sure you are not living in a fantasy of what the ex-lover and the ex-relationship were like or dreaming of what it all could have been. People have a tendency to look back at old relationships and remember only the good times and conveniently forget the bad times. If you truly want to move on, you need to recall that there were plenty of disagreeable aspects to your time together too - after all, you broke up, didn't you?

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