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  • WanderingWonder - Love your story true, such a special dog! As the Captain says the true spirit of Christmas. Take care 😄

  • 'No One Is Alone' - You may find yourself wanting to be supportive and encouraging of the people in your life. Perhaps there is someone you know who is making a life-altering decision and needs to know that others believe in them. Now is the time to remind them that you know that they will succeed in their efforts. There also may be someone in your life who needs emotional support, and you could provide the listening ear they need in order to get through their challenges. Your nurturance and concern will not only benefit them but will strengthen the bonds between you. People will appreciate your presence and support, and perhaps the next time that you need support, you won't be afraid to ask for it.

    Sometimes, all we need to get through the challenges in life is to remember that we are not alone. When we are there to support others, our presence can be enough to make someone remember that they are loved and that there is someone else there to get them through the bad times while celebrating the good times. In this busy world, it can be easy to forget that people must still come first, and this forgetfulness can contribute to the sense of isolation that many people feel. Needing to be with others is an inherent part of being human. Let yourself be a pillar of strength for others today, and you will remember that you, too, are not alone.

    From the DailyOM website.

  • Dearest Captain,

    Your posts bring insight and inspiration. I look forward to your words of wisdom weaved together with your sense of humor and lack of judgment. Truly I believe learning to love and heal yourself are the core lessons of the spiritual journey many people are embarking on in this life. Thank you for sharing your inner workings and keep up the great work 😉

  • Hi Captain,

    It's me again. If you have time can you give me some insight into how I can help this person and what he might need in his life right now? His name is Christopher. He was born in Natick, Ma at 7:37 pm on January 5, 1985. He is my son and I am afraid for him right now. He is very strong but life dealt him a tricky hand. When he was 17 he told me that people have no choice over what happens to them - the only choice they have is how they are going to respond to the things they can't control. When he was 22 he asked me to please be peaceful about the probability that I will outlive him and to just enjoy every day. Something seems to have changed. Last week he apologized for being a burden. He has never been my burden. He is one of my favorite people. He has had a very difficult year and faced betrayal for the first time when his fiancee walked out on him in March. He tries to pretend that he is ok. Is he ok? What do you see for him? Is there anything I should be - or not be - doing? From the moment I first held him I have had the feeling and fear that he was on short term loan - I never have said that out loud before. Thanks for any insight you or others who might see this have for me. Respectfully, Wanderingwonder

  • I think I found a picture of Brady that will post here. I hope so anyway. So far, all my pictures are too big or something. Have a good day. WW

  • TaDa!

  • Wanderingwonder, please post this in the Photo Readings or start your own thread in the Psychic section thread, as this is my blog for spirit messages, not readings.

  • This week spirit is urging everyone to put aside personal problems and be aware of the changes that are happening globally. This is a time of a big transition or shift so awareness is crucial.

  • Sorry.

  • Captain, great post from OM site!! I agree wholeheartedly about awareness being crucial. 'Pay attention' is part of my daily mantra now. Please keep going with this blog!! We need it.

  • Words of wisdom from an email I received today -

    1. Treat everyone you encounter as if the success of your spiritual life depends upon the quality of your interactions with them.

    2. Reflect upon the person you love the most, and aspire to treat everyone with that same quality of love.

    3. View all conflicts as your own faults first. See conflicts as a chance for growth, to clarify perceptions and to create synergy.

    4. Realise that the people in your present environment might very well be the people with whom you will live out your life and who will be with you at the time of death.

  • This is all so true...and wonderful....thank you:)

  • I am disturbed by the rise in people using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to make vicious attacks on both public figures and private citizens. These cowardly types think they are safe through their anonymity but they don't realise the power of karma and that what you give out comes right back at you, especially these days when everything is speeding up. Spirit urges everyone to think twice before you put something online.

  • I have been praticing number three of the posting above, and its is amazing what it does to spirit, its about being humble......attitude is everything! attitude changes things, ...................................Captain you started a thread back at the beginning of the year regarding numerology and what this year would be for each (in numerology) if you remember what that was ? i wanted to read mine again please! Thanks!

  • Stclaire, I already answered you elsewhere.

  • Here's a tip from spirit if you have to make a difficult decision or are in a problematic situation. Tilt your head to your right side - it activates your Higher Conciousness or God side.

  • I saw that Captain thank you , ill stop my chase now! ......glad i caught you! take care!ill also use that tip you just gave

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have a friend that not only puts that stuff out there on Facebook but bombards my email with stuff also. I gave up and ignore her posts and delete her email. The last time someone I know said something to her about the emails it was a vicious email attack on her and I'd rather not put myself in the line of fire for the same thing. Easier to ignore and delete.

    I have been practicing many of the principles listed above and it really is true that when you trust others differently, with more respect, compassion and well, just better attitude what a difference it makes in your life. I was in a particular program for years and one of the ideas that was instilled in me was looking at yourself in a conflict and looking at what you contributed to the conflict. You can only change yourself so it is better to focus on what you have contributed to the situation rather than looking to place blame on someone else. If you have done a wrong, you need to immediately correct that wrong, or correct it as soon as you are aware of your actions. I also learned that sometimes, you aren't to blame, that person may have had a bad day and you just ended up being there at the wrong time. By doing this, you not only learn to respect others, but you also learn to respect and honor yourself. It also allows you to continue your day without turmoil eating you up.

    Good topic Captain....enjoy reading this stuff here.

  • Wanderingwonder what a lovely touching doggy story, my kids would so like to have a doggy but we live in a house in a row with 4 kids so there is no room, but someday I will get one again, they are so trusting and faithful. Also re. your son, I hope he is okay, I have always had the feeling that my second daughter is on loan, though not necessarily short term. She is a very very special person and actually also quite psychic.

    Captain I love your ramblings, they are food for thought.

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