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  • Hi Captain,

    I've been reading through your blog today and you posted this on December 14th 2010

    "Oh I have this weird feeling in my gut. The air is so different to anything I have ever felt before in my life. I have such strange dreams lately and toss and turn so much my matress moves several inches off the bed. Something BIG is about to happen - something terrible and yet awesome at the same time."

    I've been reading articles in the US of unexplainable happenings about.. birds dropping from the sky and fish dying...reverse Arctic Oscillation causing warm rain in Alaska and cold freezing temps in Florida...Torrential rains and flooding... plus recently the big shift of the earth's poles..could this be the "Something Big" you've been feeling. Reading these almost feels like a prelude to an apocalyptic happening as the 2012 predictions connected to the mayan calendar prophecy. Any takes on this Captain.

    Just wanted to know your opinion on this.

    Much Respect


  • Yes, big changes are indeed coming to the way we live. but even greater than the outer physical changes will be the inner emotional and spiritual changes. We can no longer do things the same old way - they just won't work. Big disasters and upheavals are going to call for us to ressess how we live and what we believe. Traditions and outdated self-serving attitudes must be put aside and new ways of achieving peace and harmony devised. Many will pass at this time or else become totally new people in the way they approach life.

  • People have gone crazy! Now, this 22 year old idiot shoots the Arizona congersswoman and lots of others! What??

  • Glad to see you are back! Especially now,since we need to be prepared for what's ahead. Your insight is greatly appreciated!

  • quenkath you are so right!!! He is an idiot!! The world is going crazy & I just want to hide away (even though I wont) & his associates might be planning an attack on DC the news say that there was a small bomb by her office door in DC at least the congress woman according to the news reports is speakling now. I feel really bad for the nine year old girl who was killed and the others as well

  • It is sick that he so haphazardly shot and killed a child! Give him to me! I will toture the freak!

  • angel hugs with flower petals


  • I feel strongly today that we need to collectively waken our consciences and realize that verbal incitements to violence carry violent results. The tone of public discourse in the U.S. has been driven ever lower by seekers of ratings and followers. When you have TV, radio, and the blogosphere filled with hatred-spewing voices, bloodbath video games, Hollywood and its ever-upping-the-ante homages to violence, our own government's (and others') warmongering ways ... such widespread absence of moral responsibility is bound to have tragic real-world consequences. One can only hope that this most recent sobering event will rouse us collectively and in unison to action in the direction that the good Captain's been exhorting us toward--to take a good hard look at ourselves and make some fundamental changes in our ways of Being in this world.

    I'm remembering this quote of Gandhi today: "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." And what we so desperately need is clearer vision, not more blindness. In shock and sorrow, we react, and I understand and sympathize with your instinctive response, quenkath. It's only natural to revile and condemn the person who committed such a wantonly cruel act.

    But at the same time I hope we can find the wisdom and courage to refrain from throwing still more stones or concentrating our own hatred on the deeply disturbed perpetrator, but instead turn our revulsion into an opportunity to examine our own consciences, take personal responsibility, and root out the ways in which we ourselves sow seeds of division and animosity in our own lives and thereby contribute to the larger environment of hatred and hostility in which we find ourselves. That will be the focus of my mediations today...I don't expect to enjoy them, but I hope they'll bear good fruit. Peace, love, serenity, courage, and blessings, friends—gd

  • Absolutely right, GD. Those who do not learn to bend this year will most surely break.

  • I can already feel that there are so many people who are not ready for this year's challenges, simply because they do not know themselves welll enough. They are living very unauthentic lives so that when global truth strikes, it will hit them very hard. Spirit has told me I must be very blunt with people, for there is now no more time for them to hide behind a facade of pretence or ignorance. The walls they hide behind will have to be torn down by outer circumstance because they have not willingly brought them down themselves. So many people are fooling themselves that they are doing the right thing when really they are doing the very opposite. This year will show them that.

  • The 'Impossible' is happening here in Australia at the moment. I was stunned to turn on the news yesterday and see my hometown of Toowoomba as the main story. I had thought my family safe from the terrible floods that are ravaging Queensland because my old home is up in the mountain ranges and there are no rivers nearby. Toowoomba has NEVER flooded yet in the short space of a few hours a flash flood had ripped through the city with an 8 metre wall of water - what they are calling an inland tsunami - rushing down the main street, dragging away cars and people and even tearing down buildings. It happened out of nowhere, although it hasn't stopped raining for over a month there. So far my family is safe but other people are left clinging to rooftops with rescue efforts hampered by lightning, fog and heavy rain. The city has been devastated in a matter of hours. A whole state bigger than France and Germany combined and bigger than the state of Texas has now been inundated. And the rain shows no sign of letting up yet. It really shows that ANYTHING can happen this year and to expect the unexpected.

    Spirit tells me it's not really Mother Nature that is causing all this but a release of years of pent-up emotion in the state. A lot of stoic farming people populate Queensland and this flood is the outpouring of all their repression of grief and sadness. Across the opposite side of the country in Western Australia, bushfires - manifestations of anger and hate - are raging.

  • Photos of Toowoomba's streets.

  • Toowoomba -

  • Hmm, despite being within the size limits, the pics aren't allowed. Oh well...

  • I'm so sorry. My thoughts are w/ them We had floods here a # of winters in a row. Water is not fun to deal w/ but 8 ft my Gods that's miserable. I don't watch the news much so I had no idea.


  • And, in case I have alarmed everyone too much, spirit wants me to remind you all of the most important piece of advice at present. "Don't worry about things until - and if - they actually happen to you. Otherwise, by focusing on what may or may not occur in the far-off future, you could be missing out on all the wonderful things that are happening for you in the present moment. Why trouble yourself now with things that may never eventuate?"

  • People have long sought the mysterious Fountain of Youth and all manner of pills, odd medications, and special potions to keep them young. But I believe the secret is simply adrenalin - to keep doing things that excite and stimulate you, to retain an all-consuming passion for life. It's when you lose your wonder and excitement at being alive and your flexibility of mind that you really begin to grow old. Keep learning and trying new things if you want to stay young. The minute you say "I'm too old for that" you know that the aging process is well and truly upon you.

  • How very true. There are some things that I will say I can no longer do physically but there are still plenty of other things I can do! :0)

  • I am glad that your family is safe Capt. I was watching the news this am & last nite and it is a scary thing to see. I will be praying for you and yours. And you are right I am trying new things and I do feel very much alive after living in the dark for the last few years

  • I was reading about Toowoomba last night. My brother is on the outskirts of Brisbane, I hope he is okay, he is not contactable at the moment. I am hoping he is away working somewhere else.

    The other feel-good drig the body produces is endorphins which are stimulants so get laughing people, get exercising (especially with your partner), and then take a deep relaxation and you will produce a lot of feel-good drugs for yourselves.

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