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  • Dear Rising Phoenix, Paddifluff, Captain et al

    Irish it is then. I have the words and music for "Follow me down to Carlow" from Y--tu--, so I'm ready to go. Who wants a copy?

    Peace and harmony

  • Memememe can hubby do guitar, he is a big irish folk fan

  • Dear Padifluff

    It's on its way....seems to waiver between E Melodic Minor and G Major.

    Love and harmony

  • Captain, hope you don't mind me poping in again, I cannot sing a note but I can use a hammer hehhe...

    I wanted to post this video here that I received this morning..Maybe we can do what these beautiful souls have done..I'll be the director hehe...Hey that what the Leo coming out of me..

    .This is STAND BY ME like you've never heard it! This video was done by 5 sound engineers

    who went around the world recording individuals performing this song. They then blended

    them together into one song and video, which is wonderful. Click on the link below.

    (The first guy shown is at the 3rd St. Promenade, in Santa Monica .)

    Thank you to all, you have all touch my heart in someway, for that I am truly blessed


  • Rising...that was good about the may I come aboard part! INDEED!! lol

  • Dear Shatz

    A great video ...........with great lyrics. Altogether now, "Stand by me...........................!"

    Peace and harmony

  • ohhhhhhh stand by me.........

  • I adore Irish and Celtic music.

  • Celtic Women "amazing,""YOU RAISE ME UP" Here you go Captain,I am sure you have this one

    Now Im crying 🙂

    Hugs Sheila

  • Can you believe i have denied my Irish heritage for the last 15 years to try and pretend the years of abuse as a child never happened? I hated Ireland for what it did to me. Such a waste of time. I am so proud to be able to pass this on to my kids, the music, the culture, the manner, the pride. So which one are we singing? Moral, deal with it and move on.

  • Dear Paddifluff

    I have a very good friend who feels just as you do, left it and returns to Ireland only to see aging parents. In her case it was the -- -- church who were the oppressors and her parents who were brainwashed by their dogma on 'sin'

    I personally am celebrating the irrepressible spirit of those, like my friend, who rebelled against oppression (and left) ;also the Scots , who also left (my father was one), having been exploited by the English , rather than their religion; it is the spirit. of like-minded souls, expressed through music that I hope we can celebrate.

    I hope I do not offend...I have no personal experiene of oppression, but merely put forward the views of 2 people I am close to. I quite understand, Paddifluff, why you would be upset at the valorisation of a culture spawned by the oppression of its people's spirit.

    Peace and love

  • Paddifluff my LOVE--I also come from a culture that is one hand FULL of JOY & LOVE of FREEDOM & FREE SPIRIT and on the other repressive & abusive--the Slavs & the Irish have more in common than horses, potatoes, & drink--we have CULTURE, MUSIC, DANCE, LOVE!!!!

    My wish for you these next 3 weeks of Mercury retrograde is that you release the oppressive parts & hurtful memories that you've blamed beautiful Ireland for--and CELEBRATE the MAGIC and the BEAUTY of Ireland. To infuse yourself with the BEAUTY of SING SONGS--and go thee to the nerest library and get some books of William Butler Yeats! One of my BIG FAVES!!!


  • Rising Phoenix, oh thank you so much, and what a coincidence, I pulled my WB Yeats mega book out of its' dusty spot on the shelf only 2 days ago because I felt the urge to read his works again. Funny that!

  • High Priestess, I am lucky, the church did not oppress me, I am Protestant and grew up in a Catholic world and saw from afar what it did to my friends and it really made me wonder about the whole concept. I believe in God but I do not need to go to a church to talk to Him. My oppression was my wicked stepmother and weak father but still I had to blame someone and I guess that was Ireland. I went back to Ireland this summer for the first time in 5 years and made peace with the beautiful country, its' turbulent history, myself.

  • Dear Paddifluff (and Rising Phoenix)

    I'm so glad you can now celebrate the good,and throw away the bad..Let's also celebrate Oscar Wilde's wit and James Joyce's stylistic inventiveness......................and of course Flatley's 'Riverdance'..............

    Love and harmony

  • The Captain,hi I have spoken to you before. I was wondering what kind of mess my future holds for me. no matter what I do, I end up the bad guy. It doesn't seem to matter that I am giving to a fault, or willing to take crap,even when I should't. Iam a very comparionate person and most people take full advantage on all levels. well, Iam so tired and drained. I just want to stay in my house and leave the world out. I realize that may not be healthy for me but Iam at the point where i've been broken,right to the core and I can't get ouy of it.I even tried to find new friends,and you know what came up NO RESULTS should that tell me give up on the friend thing. I don't know any more, some people say Iam just feeling sorry for my self, how do I explain that this is not true? how do I find new and good friends? I don't do the bar thing,Iam not very out going, I guess its true what people say about me....Iam frumpy and old fashioned, frumpy not even close very down to earth maybe, I just seem to attract the wrong people, the ones that know they can take advantage of me. I have to say alot of them "seem" ok until Iam all used up.please some one help me. thank you for your time.

  • Yes, Shatz, I love Celtic Woman and have many of their recordings including that one. "The Soft Goodbye" is one of my favourites.

  • Anngora, if you only get one thing out of this forum, make it this - our situation is a product of the way we think. If you believe in negatiivty, then negativity is what you will attract. It is illogical to expect things to always be bad for you just because they have been so in the past. the past is gone - the future beckons.

    I urge you to focus on the good things you have in your life rather than the bad things or what you don't have. There is nothing that negativity produces but more negativity. You say you are always being taken advantage of - that's victim thinking. You must take responsibility for getting yourself into bad situations. If you have been taken advantage of, it is because you failed to heed your intuition that was trying to tell you to beware of that person or because you were desperate to have someone - anyone - in your life or simply because you don't love yourself enough to say 'no'. And, if you take responsiblity for causing the situations you have found yourself in for whatever reason, then you will come to understand that you also have the same energy and choices to get yourself into good situations.

    If you feel you are frumpy, then give yourself a makeover. if you want to make new friends, get out and join a club or organization or take up a new hobby or sport where you can mix with others. Just waiting around at home for something to happen will not work. You have to make the effort to go after what you want with the determination and focus not to be thwarted.

    All we can give you here is advice and support - after that, it's up to you to make yourself happy. No one else can do that for you.

  • The Captian

    Thank you for your time and insight,I do understand what your saying, and again thank you.

  • If there was ever a time to dare,

    to make a difference,

    to embark on something worth doing,

    IT IS NOW.

    Not for any grand cause, necessarily...

    but for something that tugs at your heart,

    something that's your inspiration,

    something that's your dream.

    You owe it to yourself to make your days here count.





    Know, though, that things worth doing seldom come easy.

    There will be good days.

    And there will be bad days.

    There will be times when you want to turn around,

    pack it up, and call it quits.

    Those times tell you

    that you are pushing yourself, that you are not afraid

    to learn by trying.


    Because with an idea,

    determination, and the right tools,

    you can do great things.

    Let your instincts, your intellect,

    and your heart, guide you.


    Believe in the incredible power of the human mind.

    Of doing something that makes a difference.

    Of working hard.

    Of laughing and hoping.

    Of lazy afternoons.

    Of lasting friends.

    Of all the things that will cross your path this year.

    The start of something new brings the hope of something great - ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

    Author unknown

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