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  • Well, it's difficult to get listed on google (and thus get new members) if you start a new forum. But I would like to stay in touch with everyone.

  • I'm not at all knowledgeable about the options. I shy away from social networking for right or wrong. However, I have gained too much from this forum to be blase` about its potential loss. I come on here confident that I will find something that will move me forward. For example, yesterday I was feeling my confidence waning and I read someone's post, the reply to which was, "Focus on your strengths, gifts and abilities'. I hope the querant benefitted form the advice. I know I did. It was what I needed at that moment to lead me out of my funk.

    Anyway, I don't want to make a drama out of this. Life isn't static, nor should it be, but if there was a way of being part of the future of this group, particularly if it could continue to grow and more people could benefit from it's support and insight, then I would be glad of that. However, whilst I have some reasonable strategic skills, I have to date, not tried to employ them online. Maybe this is a moment to evolve? I'll open my heart to the possibility....just a crack. Could be beneficial in other areas of my life too, I reluctantly suppose....

    So there's email, facebook, what other options are there....particularly for open forum? Is there a forum on a different astrological, tarot or psychic site that runs well? Is there a well used site with aims that we collectively respect that would link to a forum? How does one set up a forum? And am I likely to annoy the administration for asking such questions?

  • Well, I do have an old forum that we could use to get together -

  • We could definitely go over to your old forum Captain. I am part of another forum that has slowed down....a few of our friends here are also there. Ms. Sunny, Clearaswater, Watergirl, Not sure if anyone would be interested.

    As far as the job goes....they called and checked my references but I didn't hear anything back today. Maybe after Thanksgiving. Fingers still crossed.

  • I was reading medium Alison Du Bois' column today and she mentioned that, due to the earth energies at the moment, it is very common for people to feel depressed or even hopeless at the moment - but that this will all soon pass by the end of the year. So if you are feeling down, at least you know it's the earth vibes and not you especially.

  • I was happy to read that some of my emotional peaks & deep valleys may be

    related to the earth's vibes. At this time, i have been a bit frustrated with myself.

    I have a lot to be thankful for- my house is under agreement to sell next month

    & I have found a great home I'm under agreement to buy next month:)

    Its been a long journey to get here so despite some sadness saying good bye

    to this chapter of my life I'm welcoming a new chapter & beginnings. Yet I

    have been more emotional than I could explain.... Thought I'd let go but stuff

    Keeps shpwing up..... I'll give myself a break & wait to see how everything unfolds


  • There is another old site of mine that has a lot of good information on it -

  • Well...that's good to know that I'm being affected by things other than myself. I had a good visit with my parents over Thanksgiving and it was nice to relax with them and take my mind of all my other stuff going on. I didn't hear about the job today so hopefully Monday? More issues cropped up but I am going to not worry about them for the next couple days and just focus on getting balanced and doing what I need to do.

    I need to go back and read some of those websites Captain. I know I have looked at them before and have gotten engrossed in reading everything. Good information. :0)

  • AB, I am getting the feeling that very soon an enormous flood of abundance is coming your way so that you won't even need to work if you don't want to. December feels good for you.

  • Got my lottery tickets... :0)

  • Well, AB, I feel that all that is standing in your way of the abundance 'flood' is you being a 'dam' - that is, holding back your own abundance flow because you don't yet feel you deserve it. But you are not taking it away from anyone else - we each of us have our own flow of abundance just waiting for us to give it the signal to burst through. I sense you have misused money and power in other lifetimes and feel/fear you must not have it now in this lifetime - but it's all about learning how to use it wisely, not to withhold it from yourself. If you don't allow yourself to have money and power, how can you learn to use it for the good of all?

  • I have often wondered what I did in another life to have made the choices I have made in this life with regards to money. I do believe that all my years of struggling with money have led me to where I am at now. I have thought many times about what I would do with money if I had it and I am positive it wouldn't be squandered away now. It might have been earlier in my life but now....I think I have a pretty firm grasp on what is necessary and what is just a "want." I have plans for this money...and they don't revolve around me. Yes, I will take care of my needs, definitely....but there will be so much more that I will do for others.

    I know this sounds weird but it almost feels like I need to go to the extreme of no money before it comes to me. This is honestly as extreme as it's gotten in my life on the no money situation. It's time for me to break free of the poverty conscious and move on with the dreams...

  • AB, it feels like all the energy that you would normally put towards attracting money has been put into a sort of 'bank' instead of using it, until the time is right. So it han't been wasted away over the years of frugal living but is now all waiting for you. You subconsciously know it is there but the vast amount of it as it has grown over the years has been intimidating to you. When you feel ready to handle it, open the bank 'vault'. You have your angels and guides there with you to help.

    We all have our bank vaults with years of accumulated energy (not just money energy) that has not been 'spent'.

  • I do feel like there has to be a reserve somewhere with regards to energy of every kind. I'm just waiting for it to break open so I can use it! I haven't felt "energetic" towards a lot of things for a very long time. Feels like going through the movements but it's like there's no spark. Doing what I have to do but no passion behind it. It would feel great to have some of that break loose. :0)

  • Imagine that bank vault of energy of yours AB and see if you can tell what is blocking it up.

  • Good Morning or Day all. Sending all the love & hope & light energy I can muster! LOL

    Been kinda busy here & feeling exhausted & anxious all at the same time. Feeling the shift I suppose. Not really sure. 'Tis the season....for all kind of things! 🙂



  • AB...sending you some dynamite! lol

  • Thanks Ragbag! Another job interview today. Still haven't heard from the last job but hoping for something soon. Working to shift to the abundance waiting for me. :0)

  • 🙂

  • So...two job offers today. One with the money but not the hours - part time. The other with the hours but not the money I need. I did something I've never done before. I asked for more money on the 2nd offer. Hope it pays off....literally. I'm grateful I got the offers and they liked me but dang it....I'm worth more than what they offered. I'm not being conceited and I lowered my normal rate but when I won't be able to eat after working full time there is a problem. I should note I don't live extravagantly either...I just want to be able to pay my bills which are basic living credit cards....just house, phone, car, utilities. Even with the lower rate I want, I won't be able to afford health insurance either. I knew the offer of the permanent job was coming but not the money amount. I told myself all day they would see my worth and offer me the money I need...Sigh. I'm so ready to let go of the money struggles and have some sunshine in my life. There is such an abundance out there for everyone....I want my share. :0)

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