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  • oh and captain when you say be very very careful to me are you meaning like is he a violent person that will hurt me? I would really appreciate you answering this for me.

  • No, I mean a fraud, a con artist. I feel he has fleeced many desparate people of money and support.

  • Thank you so much for your insight you have opened my eyes more in a good way thats for sure. Cause i seemed manipulated by him as im sure you can feel that also.

  • Hello everyone! Im new to I found this website after hoirs of trolling the internet on break-ups and coping. My boyfriend chun yin broke it off wih me A little over a month now. We're in a LDR him being in NY and me here in Cali. Then a friend of mine from NY who just arrived here for a week's vacation told me (without me asking him) that my ex is now dating. It just hurts so much we made plans to be together.With me moving there and im not moving there just for him its been always dream to live and work in nyc and when i met him it made me want it more( moving there). He said he doesnt want a long distance relationship.I also want to move there coz i need to focus on myself now and stop absorbing the negativity coming from my family. Thats another story for some other time. I had the ooportunity of moving there to nyc early this year but i didnt. I had the money already but i kept thinking about my twin brother who lives with me i kept thinking how will he be when i leave? My brother is able-bodied hes not sick or anything hes really just a mooch not paying rent for two years before and now he is not payig rent again and he keeps telling me i need to understand him. Now i blame myself. I shouldve jumped , shouldve taken that plunge. I lost my chance. And i lost my love. Sorry this long message 😞

  • This is not really the place to post personal issues, InLove1989. It is my blog where I post messages from spirit, and people can discuss matters in general. So from now on if anyone has a personal issue they want an answer for, can you please post a thread of your own by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button (in the Psychic or Astrology sections) and I will answer you there.

    InLove, you have to allow your twin to stand on his own feet - you are actually retarding his growth by allowing him to mooch off you. He will never become a man unless he takes his own life into his hands. You have learnt the hard way that it is wrong to put your life on hold for anyone else. It does neither of you any good. You may have missed this chance for love but if you want it, there will be many other chances. You need to move on by stopping thinking about your ex as he has stopped thinking about you. Find someone else or make yourself busy with your future goals and dreams.

  • Whew, I've had a few very heavy days lately with family secrets and sacrifices coming out - finally. We are all opening up and talking honestly now. So much pain is pouring out that had been bottled up for so many years. But it never works to ignore it or push it down. My mother is finally speaking about all the abuse she suffered at my father's hands. She is even willing to seek counselling which is a big step forward for someone who is of the generation of not raking up the past.

  • sending you and your family healing prayers and loving wishes

    I think this is very brave of your mum and I wish her all the best. yes its always better to work on issues than to repress them...You have helped a lot of us here see that in our own lives...Thanks:)

    Lots of love and light

  • the crystals serpentine and tiger's eye came to my mmind just now...will look upthem up again and tell you if i can make sense of this:)


  • just googled serpentine and one website suggests that holding it helps confront the past and helps clear the emotions.Tiger's eye is generally a good crystal for pprotection and inspiring confidence,though it should not be worn for prolonged periods.

  • I'm glad I stopped over here, I hope all goes well with that Captain, and I'm sorry to hear about the pain that was endured, I bless you and yours on to healing and peace now:) I hope your mother finds therapy helpful after her pain.

  • Thanks Surayma, you can always be counted on to support others.

    And thanks too to Bluecat for the kind words.

  • Isn't it amazing how being with your family can put you straight back into the past, with you having the most childish of reactions when you interact with them?

  • Captain, just checking in to say Hello you have been on my mind lately for some reason, I'm glad your family is healing so good to heal. Blessed Be!

  • Thanks Poetic, how is life treating you?

  • ❤ Better out than in, Shrek always says... I'm sorry there was so much pain erupted- but we all know that facing hurt feels much better later than burying it. Members of my family have yet to get that.

    When I'm around my family, I feel the same ways I did as a kid. My reactions and such aren't quite the same, obviously, but it causes the occasional internal-tantrum 😛

    Hope things are looking brighter!


  • I'm taking one day at a time and just marveling in the beauty in this world and in the love God is showing me. I feel so honored to be here, it is a blessing. Growing, learning and being and just amazed and thankful! I have good days and not so good days but the good days outweigh the others. I feel like magic is in the air and lots of potential for goodness. I'll keep checking in. "Blessed Be." I want to thank you too because you as so many here, helped to open my eyes and guide me on my path/journey. Earth Angels you are! Namaste my sister!

  • DailyOM:

    Digging Deep For Healing - Rooting Down

    For many people, apprehension manifests itself in the physical self as a potent feeling of heaviness or nausea situated in the depths of the lower abdomen. And it is there, at the seat of the second or sacral chakra, that we must lovingly and deliberately confront the anxiety. By rooting down into the deepest physical reaches of ourselves, we can cleanse ourselves of unease and replenish the space it has left behind with tranquil awareness. Much of what we encounter in our daily lives has the potential to awaken feelings of nervousness within us or make us question whether we are truly in control of our lives. When you establish a den of peace within your core, you empower yourself to act rather than react in distressing situations. Your balanced second chakra helps you respond productively to the turmoil around you while your inwardly directed attention steadies you.

    There are many ways to restore your strength and clear negative energy from your core. To ground yourself and regain your emotional equilibrium, concentrate on the second chakra, picturing it as a funnel of vivid orange light. Reach down toward that light with your awareness and channel your breath into the space it occupies. As you balance the chakra, you will become more adaptive and thus better able to stand strong when faced with rapidly changing conditions. You can channel healing energy into your core by visualizing the area below your belly button as an open space into which you channel white, loving light. Like light and air, sound can be a wonderful tool that helps you find your center. Your voice, when drawn from your core in the form of a deep roar or loud shout, can be the vehicle upon which your anxiety is conveyed into the ether. Take a low stance, much like a football player, root your feet into the earth, and then roar like a lion. Really feel it in your belly. It may sound silly, but chances are you will feel much less anxious and much more grounded into your body.

    A situation that seems hopeless when viewed from a perspective colored by fear may become easily manageable when approached with a serene heart and mind. As you root down into your core, you'll discover that the trepidation and helplessness you feel within you is not invincible. Rather, it will respond readily to your efforts to eradicate it, leaving you feeling peaceful and capable of calmly handling any challenging circumstances that arise.

  • Thanks Angela Victoria and Poetic for your kind thoughts!

    As Poetic said, we have good days and bad days but, as we grow in strength and understanding, the good days become much more frequent.

  • 🙂

  • Some quotes I liked (not sure who said them):

    “The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; you can't go forward in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches.”

    “Some people think it's holding on that makes one strong - sometimes it's letting go. Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to.”

    “There are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind. But keep in mind that letting go isn’t the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a new life.”

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