I dont get it? Your thoughts, Captain?

  • Tried to communicate with my boyfriend, and basically I told him how I really felt about him and us. And he got sooo defensive and mad saying its all BS. now I am mad as heck. did he really think of my words that way or did he just deny it to save face? What u think, Captain?

  • Relationships to your BF are more like wars - don't get sucked into his battles or games. He is just trying to dominate you to make himself feel stronger and more secure.

  • Thanks Captain. I get it. I expected him to be defensive, but I didnt expect him to be that defensive. I was quite shocked in fact... As much as he denied it, do you feel he actually agreed with what I said? And how did he really feel about my words deep inside?

  • Defensiveness to him is a form of attack. The more aggressively he does it, the more you can be sure you were right.

  • Hi Captain,

    I understand what you said, and thanks for your insight as always. We havent talked since the last argument abt what i said to him..Back then, I just wanted to have a sincere talk with him. I thought since face-to-face communication didnt work, maybe I should consider a roundabout way, so I emailed him. Well, apparently it failed also. He's a good man by nature, and he could be the right one for me. I dont want to just wave my hands and say "you know what? im done with you." i know he loves me very much also. I want things to work out between us. Here is my question if you dont mind, Captain - How does he feel about my words and me right now? Will he approach me soon? Hope to hear u soon! Thanks!

  • He doesn't like dealing with emotions and is finding it all to much for him at the moment. It will take time for him to get over it and decide what he wants.

  • i get it. But does he still want to be with me and work things out between us? Thanks for your input, Captain. Much appreciated.

  • He is not sure of anything at the moment.

  • i see. thanks for the reading, Captain!

  • Captain- I recently got into a bad cash flow situation.. need someone to cover the rent for me this month.. thinking to turn to my bf for help this time.. kinda nervous. as I have never asked anything from him.. Will he say Yes? It's okay if he says No.. i will turn to my friends for help.. but he's someone I wanna ask first...

  • I would ask a friend first. If your ex says 'yes' he will make you feel you owe him big time. But he also might treat you with contempt and rudeness when he sees you really need his help. To avoid trouble, either get a bank loan or ask a friend.

  • Oh scratch that - you meant your current BF. No, never borrow from a romantic partner - you can ruin the whole relationship by shifting it onto another more materialistic level. Again go to a bank or friend.

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