• I am having the worst day today. I feel I'm going to break down any minute. If someone could give me a reading, I'd appreciate it.

  • What is causing you to feel so bad?

  • Hi Captain,

    I started the day by answering a 7:00 am call about a business situation that was really upsetting. I just feel like I have a black cloud hanging over my head today. I even managed to accidentally break a lamp. This work thing seems to be a recurring theme in my life. When I do well, others feel threatened and try to sabotage me. I'm just sick of it. I'm usually an optimistic person but I'm just not feeling it today. I want to cry but it feels like too much effort.

  • I feel there is something behind this apparent work situation, something else triggering your misery. I feel a lot of unexpressed emotion in you that is leaking out over things that normally you could handle. How are you feeling about yourself and your life as a whole?

  • Hi Captain,

    I think you are right. I have a lot of unexpressed emotion in me. I tend to hold it all in until it literally leaks out. Then I’ll end up crying over a sappy commercial or a song on the radio. I haven’t felt physically well the past several days so I think that has a lot to do with my emotional state


    I guess I feel frustrated and sad about my life. It’s not what I wanted it to be but I try to appreciate what I do have. Although lately, I’m just feeling terribly empty.

  • What can you do to make your life more like you want, to fill the emptiness inside? What changes do you need to make? Do you not know what to do, or do you know but fear change?

  • There’s nothing I can really do about it that I haven’t already done. I had wanted to have children by now but I kept miscarrying. I did everything I could to ensure a healthy pregnancy but miscarried anyway. I try to focus on other things but that emptiness surfaces occasionally.

  • The universe is asking you how much you want children - enough to adopt - or is it just your own and your partner's child you want?

  • Hmm Interesting, maybe the universe is asking all those women that can’t find the right guy how much they really want a partner-enough to take a dip in the lady pond-or is it just a man they want?

  • What?

  • I’m not being called to adopt. That doesn’t mean my children weren’t really wanted.

  • How do you know you are not being called to adopt?

  • How do you know your sexual orientation?

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