Interpret my dream?

  • I had what I think is a prophetic dream last night. I have some idea about what it might mean, and get some of the symbolism, but some things are unclear. I was hoping to get some feedback...

    Riley was in the beginning of the dream but played no real part in it. I was headed to work, and was walking on the street with a friend from highschool. I realized that I was not ready for work, didn’t shower, brush my teeth, or comb my hair. I was exhausted and could barely stay awake. We stopped for coffee, and I realized that I had misplaced my bag. My friend went on to work while I went looking for my bag. It was a gray shopping bag with paperwork, a few things I had bought, and something new and special that I had slipped in there… (not sure what it was, maybe a stuffed animal or a blanket, it was a white bundle with a silver ribbon). I looked around where I was standing. I went down a dark hallway with gray concrete walls, and turned to see myself walking toward me. I was startled and unsettled. Then I realized that I was walking toward a mirrored wall. Although I was a disheveled mess, my reflection was polished and smiling. I was dressed professionally in my long sleeved white crew neck tee shirt, a new beige skirt that came to my calves, and my brown sweater and boots. (Funny, I usually dress with at least one piece of clothing in a bright color, because I look pale and washed out in neutrals.) My hair was my natural lt brown color, and cut to my shoulders, and hanging straight but slightly flipped under on the bottom. I couldn’t believe that it was me, and I stood staring for a moment. Then I realized that I was still missing my bag, and I went back to retrace my steps and to look for it. Then the dream switched.

    I was in the car, ready to go home. The car was a dark green. My daughter, an older woman who I don’t yet know as her face was blurred, (I get the feeling now that she might be Mike’s mother) and Mike were in the car. I was in the driver’s seat… My daughter beside me… Mike in the back seat behind me… and the other woman next to Mike. We had to switch cars for some reason, and we all went to take our same places in the next car which was faced the other direction. This car was lt blue. Mike was not in the car yet, and I looked in the rear view mirror and saw him helping an older gentleman who was wearing brown puffy jacket and a gray cap like Riley used to wear, into his car, a small dark brown pick up. I did not see the man’s face as he was turned away from me. I smiled at Mike’s generosity. Then a young boy, maybe 10 years old, with blond hair came to the passenger’s side window where my daughter was sitting. His face was also blurred, but I got the since that he was my son. He was talking incessantly with excitement about his day… Then I woke up.

    Anyone feel free to give your perspective.

    Thank you! Blessings to all!

  • Ps... I copied this from my journal, so forgot to mention... Riley is my ex husband, and Mike is my current interest, a new relationship, but nothing serious. I only have one child, my daughter.

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