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  • I started a new job today. I just feel like this job is not for me. I hate it. I don't think I will be able to grow in my career in this job. What should I do?

  • Yeah you are not in your best setting that is for sure... I am looking at this now...

    You can see in the pic how the cards arranged themselves and they do seem to tell a story that I hope will help you... we can work on this together, you might see some things too...

    I started out just drawing cards and the first three were

    Queen of Swords, Death and Emperor - those all seemed to sum up the atmosphere of the job you hate... hey nothing wrong with being honest about it - you are already aware that the dictatorial nature of the authority structure there is fossilized and probably will not be that open to new growth among the employees... probably focused solely on you obeying whatever they tell you and your thoughts, insights, ideas, desire to better the company with your gifts and talents - ain't gonna be what this crew is interested in. Oh well, at least we know what we are starting with.

    THe nest card - the Magician - that is this present moment, you turned to the Tarot for some guidance, good for you. Let's bring a little magic in to shed some light...

    Then the Strength Card - that seems to be the short term fix for you (not a long term solution though, this card is hanging out there by itself = so the word here seems to be to bite your tongue around that Queen of Swords/Emperor whoever those people are at the job. Just keep smiling, act nice.. be sweet as you can be... or try anyway. So stay strong there keep the faith, you do have something better coming, however the first step is to just hang in there with this place while we work on the other.

    THe next row shows some insights, strategy perhaps.

    5 of Wands, King Wands, and Page of Cups.

    This is all very much PATH and PURPOSE energies the 5 wands is you making some adjustments in your career path, or seeing it differently (a new aspect?), and the King wands could be laying aside one role - that you THOUGHT you wanted - for a new role that you will actually love (Page of Cups)... shows some risk in a new direction...

    and that direction takes you to where you want to be - 8 of Pentacles - and then two Aces, the Wands (new path!) and the Ace of Swords (New idea!). So that all seems to show an amazing career path for you! What is it? I want to know!

    Is there something in your life you have always really wanted to do as a work, and haven't considered it because you thought the money wasn't there? There is something in you that is not seeing the light of day.. a crafty work, with your hands maybe? I am digging here...

    Those 2 aces like that are very strong indicators of something new starting for you that is very very new and very very much connected with PATH/CAREER and THINKING. So this seems to have strong intellectual work...

    I am going to draw a few cards on that 8 of Pentacles to see if we can find out more about that work that you are stepping into eventually that is great - the cards that showed there are

    Queen of Pentacles and the Page of Wands - and the 10 of Swords.

    So this new path is certainly a very high level of intellectual focus... and a rik in a path is also indicated... and the Queen of Pentacles is very focused on material stability and solid income.

    You are a very intelligent person... I really get this sense that there is all this potential in you that has been suppressed, you have held something back...

    I think that Queen of Swords we saw first in the reading represents you... in that place you are in now. Then, later we see a Queen of Pentacles... with solid creative effort, and that is you hammering something out, on your own perhaps. The Page and Ace of Wands really stress a totally new direction for you... not an overhaul on that current career path. I think you will be leaving that career path for something much nicer.

    DO you love to write? I am seeing words here with you... maybe you are writing where you are now... but it is NOT the kind of work that you can put your heart into. You really want to take that step into something you love, can really sing about (Page of Cups on the 2nd row).

    I think there is something about your hands... and still there are words... and some very evolved thoughts. Thinking. And a new identity. I tell you what, if I didn't know better I would guess that what you are REALLY supposed to be doing is writing novels, stories, something dramatic... and yet you get your hands into it too... could even be research writing... historical? I am looking at this... what did you want to do from the time you were really young? What makes you sing, what makes the time pass so fast when you are doing that?

    Self published author maybe? What topic do you like to write about? Think about? What turns you on about life? That you love to study, think about, research? And the Knight... 3 of swords... these are all very focused intellectual focus... planning... everything with your career path is trying to get to some place you really love that has Ace/3/10 and Knight swords energies... these all sound like something in the communications field... copywriting... or a communicator in the business field in some way? Speaker? yeah its something in communications... helping companies present something... translation services... we end with a strong planning card the 3 swords so that is where your path is going... where you are happiest is when you get to plan and write out your plans, they are very well researched... you like assembling it too...

    Then the whole thing ends with the Queen of Cups = LOVING what you do!

    So this reading has all the keys you need to decode a true life purpose that you will totally be immersed in and inspired by! How does that sound? Nice huh? I'll bet! (I'd like to find that too ha!)

    So we should now start to look more closely at that Ace Wands/ Ace Swords/ and the 3-10-Knight swords - that has all of your answers for career.

    I have started a folder on you. I am making copies of this thread and can make some notes as we go along, and so as we pick up the next session with exactly what this new path is!

    Let me know what you think. I realize this is a lot to take in. The bottom line though is that your current job is NOT where you are going to stay, that is something you have to experience to attain some knowledge about something else in your path that will help... so for now keep a happy face down there, tape a smile on your face if you have to. You ain't gonna be there long (The Lovers) shows something a lot nicer developing for you that you will really LOVE...

    Hope that helps... I am probably going to not be on the forum as much as my art and other projects are demanding more time and that is where my income is not here. However I seem to be very interested in helping people with career related questions... seems to be a need today... the relationships can't even develop without solid work and career paths...

    Okay dfrance, hope I didn't put you to sleep with all that! 🙂


  • Also please give me your birthdate if you are interested in looking at this more in terms of your true path, we can look at your chart to see your God-given strengths and talents are. You are a pisces? That is a lot of intuition, and flowing, gentle more poetic style... you need to be in an environment that is very nurturing, and encourages you to blossom to be the beautiful child of heaven you really are. Companies today don't seem to get it... male (personality) dominated, authority structure baloney, protecting their jobs, ugh.... that needs to change.

  • Hi Astra thank you my birth date is 3/13/88. Do you see me changing this job anytime soon or I am going to continue there for a couple more months? I really don't like this job. Every time I go in I just find it that I have to drag myself and also the personalities of my coworkers are totally different than the way I am. I am more shy and more reserved I do what I am suppose to be doing and that's all. Meanwhile my other coworkers are more outgoing which I don't think is a bad thing but I just feel like the outcast. Like you mentioned I do like writing and reading but I really want to go into business administration with concentration in health care. I am not sure if this is the right career path that I am taking.

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  • Hey dfrance

    Looking at your chart right now...

    Libra and North Node directly on your Sun there.

    Jup and Ven in Taurus

    Merc in Aquariuis so you are good at communicating in spiritual ways...

    Moon and Mars/Nep/Uran/Sat in Cap = A lot going on in Cap so your emotional life is held in check a lot of the times... You could be working with some life challenges achieving goals at times. Saturn there is ruler of Cap so that is some tough pressures to try to get you to give up. That is the great thing about Saturn (the Devil) - it challenges us to the breaking point sometimes, not to hurt us or defeat us, ultimattely it is to reveal of what great divine genetics we are from.

    Your Universe-given talents seem to be in these areas:

    1. Communication in more alternative ways. You are very good at translating higher, more experimental thoughts and aspirations into practical ways that people can relate to.

    2. Libra means you are all about balance, justice issues, fairness, equity, cooperation, peaceful and calm issues.

    3. The Capricorn business seems to be teaching you some important lessons that you in turn are able to help others with.

    I want to say you would be a wonderful teacher on handling emotions in life as it pertains to work settings. That seems to be important to you. You may have learned a lot in those areas so far?

    I really think you are called to some sort of therapy or counseling people in emotions type of work dfrance. You should consider writing a book on that (I just gave Danceur a book idea recently so maybe book ideas are in the air!)... do you write much? You have chiron in Gem so you may not be as comfortable speaking, you might be more of a writer? So teaching classes in emotional issues, what to do, how to handle it. Especially as it pertains to corporate or office settings. A lot goes on there that is very challenging to us in our lives, emotional issues enter in so easily (after all, we are all emotional creatures, not robots!) and that can be very, very difficult to sort out.

    Plus, the companies themselves are largely at a loss as to how to deal with it too! They don't have time to sort it all out for people, and the usual company processes are kinda sketchy as to how to handle "situations". So that is a ripe, golden field for you dfrance!

    How does that sound? Does that spark anything for you? I could probably offer experiences with corporations and emotional issues resulting in job loss as a chapter study ... my ex just lost her job because of an emotional response. So there is certainly work that needs to be done in that area.

    Anyway, that was a thought. Libra is all about justice so you probably really want to be involved in something that helps restore balance in life. WIth your north node (life path) in Libra - and very close to exact conj with the Sun, then you REALLY want to be in a field where you are helping to balance things out.

    Other possibilities are:

    This will sound funny, but weighing of food comes up for you. Like weighing out fruits, vegetables, almost like a fruit stand, or weighing valuables even, so you could like to work in jewelry or precious stones. Crystals would be nice work for you.

    Also accounting comes to mind although I really don't get that about you, that u like working with numbers.

    SO... what do you think about all that?

    Okay here are some more of your questions...

    Do you see me changing this job anytime soon or I am going to continue there for a couple more months?

    I drew the Knight and Queen of Cups and then the High Priestess. The Knight does show movement however this seems more like emotional focus and maturity, The HIGH PRIESTESS seems like a door closed there to look at. I am really not getting anything on that question. You may be there for a reason as it seems to be challenging you emotionally.

    You also mentioned "I really want to go into business administration with concentration in health care"... well you stated it clearly there, that is what you really want.

    So what is preventing you from living this "business administration with concentration in health care" path in career?

    best, astra

  • It is March 13, 88 right? Otherwise I just did a complete career workup on someone else!

  • yes my birthdate is march 13th 1988

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