Or can AstraAngel help me out?

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    can I get a reading from you?

    I just got a laidoff notice from my company. It will be a temporary layoff but I am decciding what is the best for me right now. I have two plans in my mind which are one is just boring, staying in the current city and find a seasonal part time job. Or I am actually thinking going to Dublin to find a temp. job there and of course with this decision it came from that I met a guy there.

    what is the best for me? If I decide to go to Dublin can things work out with this guy?


  • Hey cellisi

    I will look and see what shows up...

    I think you should go the Dublin path. Reason is, I made two rows of cards the top being STAY and the bottom row being DUBLIN and the stay path still ends on the Fool card which means you are still heading to make a move or jump somewhere later anyway.

    The dublin path is all fueled by pure emotion though! Woah, watch out! Can be fun, can be a challenge to your head (10 of swords)... I didnt see any pentacles (money) in the dublin path though... maybe the guy and you will move in together and he can pay the bills while you work on something more fun for you instead of that seasonal part time job where you are now.

    There is solid money though by staying (3 of pentacles) I mean its dependable there. Staying means you have to work at keeping yourself balanced... probably more an effort, and then the FOOL still shows you finally screaming "I can't take it anymore! WHere is the Dublin guys phone number I am calling him today!" - so one way or the other you are going to be moving it looks like.

    I would just go the Dublin route... take a chance! Follow your heart! You want to do that anyway... there are no guarantees, no money is indicated. You want guaranteed money (3 pentacles) then stay where you are. Ugh. You don't realy want that do you? Of course not.

    How much dough is that Dublin guy making? Haha. I shouldn't ask such questions...

    Something happens in Dublin though that is a real enlightening event in your thinking... very dramatic! You like drama? You will have plenty in Dublin? You like boring and watching spiders build webs at a job? You will have plenty of that where you are.

    2nd row also ends on a 2 cups...

    you want true love, go to Dublin.

    You want true dough, stay where you are.

  • There is a lot more "stability" in staying where you are. However stability can also be boring.

    Dublin is calling you I think. To step out of the boat and walk on water for once.

    If I were there as your friend, I would already be helping you pack. 🙂

    Me? I would follow what is making you smile. When you think about Dublin, and that guy, do you smile?

    There is your answer.

  • Of course other may say - oh no! Don't follow love, your heart, or chase butterflies... you will be taking a risk!

    All of life is a risk... getting out of the bed in the morning you are taking a risk.

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Thank you for the reading. I think you are dead on on what my hearts want. I am most likely going to go with the Dublin route. I think you are right if I stay, I think later I will jump and just go to Dublin as well.

    However can you do just one other reading for me? I actually only met this guys few times so I feel moving in with him this fast will maybe destroy the relationship we have so far. Would you be a ble to do reading reading on how this relationship progress? will there be a chance of develop into something serious?



  • Bump thanks

  • Hi cellesi

    I asked these 3 questions -

    How does it begin? 6 of Swords = quiet, some reserve, although very nice and communicative. This is very gentle, flowing talk, dialogue, sharing, relating, comparing, joining ideas, making a point with one another, very nice start.

    How does it progress? 3 of Wands - this is growth in a path together so this sounds like good progress to me, the relationship is planning planning and lookking at options, imagining a life, dreamy, reaching out, daring to try, believing the best about each other, reaching for the stars.

    What is the nature of the relationship? Knight of Cups - always chasing love, emotional respect, very passionate and real, gentle, can be exciting, closeness, tenderness, touching, holding, embracing, emotional growth and maturation, having fun together, exploring fun things, making a mission of love extending outward.

    I think it progresses nicely, that 6 swords is very gentle and a wonderful thinking card, like your minds are composed, balanced in this. The two of you see eye to eye I think. The wands are very optimistic 3 energy which is plans so to see that card in the progress question sounds very positive. You two want to dream together! And the Knight of Cups as the 'nature' is a very passionate card of keeping the love fires going. wow this sounds nice to me I guess you will have to dive into the relationship and trust, to find out, right?



  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Thank you so much for giving me a reading. It definitely give me the assurance I was looking for with my decision. I am definitely going to Dublin and see how things will go there. If I dont take the chance and go explore how will I know the outcome. Plus I really want to step out of my comfort zone and do something new.

    Thanks again for the reading.

  • Hi AstraAngel, Just thought I will just you an update! I will be going to Dublin Nov 22 I really hope everything will work out nicely. I am kind of nervous and excited at the same time. 🙂 wish me luck

  • Hey cellisi

    WISHING YOU LUCK! That is fantastic that you are going for it, I salute your boldness and courage. GO FOR IT all will be wonderful I know... Nice things ahead there for you. Nov 22, that gives you about 3 weeks to decide what to take with you.

    And what to leave behind.

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Can you do a reading for me again? I am losing the vibe of wanting to go to Dublin a little bit. After since I booked the trip and all I felt a little bit distant from the guy. We havent really communicate a lot. Can you do a reading to kind of reassure that everything will goes ok when I go there, especially with this guy?

    I think I am a little bit afraid to have expectation and that things wont turn out the way I want to. The unknown is scarying me a little bit


  • Hi Cellisi

    I took a look again and I still see some wonderful cards for you related to this move.

    Very nice cups including the 10, 3 and also the Lovers!

    And the 8 wands which is strong path card, like this train has already left the station sort of idea. I think you have set things in motion and this path is carrying you now probably.

    The Strength card is stay strong... a lot of this is related to intuition and instinct. You may feel deep down that this is a journey you really need to make.

    There are some serious sword cards including the Knight - 10 and 2, however these are simply capturing your strong mental concerns over this, so you might feel some nervousness about it... hey that would be normal I think.

    Connected to the swords is the Tower so that could be amplifying some concerns, like "what if this doesn't happen, what if he does such and such...?" I wouldn't be concerned about all that, probably just some mental gears getting a work out. You can switch that Tower around to imagine GREAT and wonderful things happening regardless of the distant feelings from the guy...

    I do think a word of caution is in order though... this is not a "reading" I am just offering how I would look at it. I would try to see your moves in life as serving YOUR personal growth and not necessarily connected to a specific person, as if all hinges on this guy. I mean you simply don't know what cool and new things can happen in Dublin once you arrive! That shows guts on your part... this feels to me like a life path/experience that is important for you.

    There are also VERY good Pentacles including a 9 (!) and the 2 and Page of Pents (which in my deck are both signified by a 2 pentacle) so that is about as strong a message as i can imagine that says you are on the right path and all will work out for you. Looking at this I would say a move is definitely forthcoming. 8 wands + knight S + Tower (shows movement) and the (2!) 2 OF PENTACLES.... so you are moving.

    Follow your heart, your intuition will lead you... trust, stay strong. I would not place too much emphasis on the "distant" thing with him. See this as YOUR adventure! Who cares how he reacts! He turns distant there will be someone even better waiting for you in Dublin, you'll see. So its a win-win for you Cellisi!

    Wow, you got me wanting to move there too! haha....


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