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  • Hi Astra how are you doing? I was hoping to see if you can give me a reading? Just anything the cards want to say.

    Thank you

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  • Hi SagittariusGurl

    I am well thanks for asking!

    I looked at your situation and the general sense I have is you are right in the middle of some sort of transition. And you are at a pause now as you consider your next move. Away from overload and into harmony and dependability.

    10S/6C/7S - Hierophant/10W/8W - King S/4C/PS

    The previous situation was overwhelming in mind and path - too much going on maybe or too many fires to try to put out at once. You had trouble keeping your thoughts calm in the midst of that. There was some reaching up or out for help about something (back there). Seems that maybe a man was involved? There were some really nice emotional energies there too, it was the weight of life that may have knocked the wind out of that sail. Kind of a mix of the best and the most trying as you came to grips with the question "where in the world is this going?" There were also absolutely ZERO pentacles back there so the material aspects either were not there or not working that well, Could have been a tight time financially.

    Queen P/7P/Ace S

    Your present position seems very stable, materially and physically your security patterns are consistent now. You seem focused mostly on the practical things right now and are pulling back to see things from a larger vantage point. So it is good right now to take it easy and let life sort of carry you along. The Ace of Swords seems to say you are SIMPLIFYING your life and focusing thinking where it counts. You could be letting some things drop away that you have been thinking about leaving that have long since served their purpose. You are very intent on practical matters now, simplicity of life and manner.

    4W/Temperance/QW - Universe/King P/KnP - Magician/2P/8S

    What seems to be developing is a very nice, happy, blending of path, heart and home (pentacles), I think a lot of pieces of life are coming together for you - I see an exciting time ahead and love does seem to be a part. There is movement too, either a change of location or at least the scenery changes. The general sense here is a success that harmonizes life so that one role doesn't conflict another, and someone else's priorities also include YOU. Good higher energies here too, the Universe shows you right in the middle of your life path and purpose, and the Magician is super exciting and fun. The 4 wands shows the path is solid, Temperance supports a blending of life, all things working together. The Magi/2P/8S feels like you are moving away from too much analysis and back to letting life be magic for you without trying to figure too much out.

    The presence of the King P and the 2 P together seems to hint at something possibly in a relationship and that entails a move or physical change of setting. The Knight Pent and the King Pent falling together like that seems to say a great partner, and it is materially sound, dependable.

    After all these cards the Page Cups and High Priestess cards and the 4W again. came up so that seems to support some new paths emotionally and the rest is a secret I guess! 🙂

    The material part of your life is stabilizing and very dependable days ahead seems to be the general trend.

    I hope that gave you something to consider!

    blessings... astra

  • Am glad you are well and took the time to give me a reading.

    You are right I am in the middle of a transition I feel thatis so hard for me move on now. I am so overwhelmed. My relationship of 7 years ended two months ago.

    My previous situation was REALLY overwhelming as you said. I had to much going on that at times I didn't know what to do and just wanted to run away. Yes a man was involve like I said I was with him for 7 years since I was 15. I figure he was going to be my love forever well he is his the father of my daughter. I guess things did change. My love for him hasn't change but I guess his love for me did change and did what he said he was never going to do like CHEAT. I dealt with it for to long until I decided I wanted out but he didn't. By things did end. He had a really rough time financially. We struggle and in one of our conversation he mention that that was one of the reasons that pushed him to that "woman".

    I'm not as stable as I wish I was. Materially I guess I have what I need and physically well am tryin to get there. I just get emotional way to much. I have said that I'm just going to wait and see where life takes me. I think I have decided to le this relationship in the past and move on.

    Well I'm moving back wih my mother and sister this weekend is not really what I want Maybe that the movement you see. I'm ready to be loved the way I love. Will that be soon? I'm also ready for everything to be settled. I'm tired of conflicts all the time. I haven't had any conflicts well I had we'll all the time with him as well as her she would always text me sying stuff about them being together and stuff. Wow me be someones priority? I don't think I have been someones priority in a long time and I also don't mind being their priority. I'm ready for all that find and share with someone that will actually appreciate it.

    I guess a new relationship with someone new right?

    I'm ready to be independent as well. I was used to having almost everything in my hands without having to do anything. I love to work just haven't work in so long.

    What do you see for job wise? And what do you see as to my ex partner?

  • Okay well that does sound like you are dealing with a lot... good for you to pull the plug finally on something that wasn't working for you. And you have a daughter,and with the financial needs that has to be hard... I do see that strengthening for you maybe the move back to your mother/sister's could be the best thing right now... reconnect with your original family, and rebuild and then look forward to something coming in love or a relationship.

    It really is bizarre that the relationships for many - and even those with children - don't work out. Were you married? Just curious.

    You are contending with emotions, hey we are all in that boat. I am the worst, I get to looking at how life appears to be going and it is so crazy it drives me up the wall emotionally... but then the sun still rises the next day so I realize we are all in good hands and all will work out... its just the day to day waiting for that "its all going to work out" that can be wearing you down....

    You mentioned "I'm ready to be loved the way I love." Yeah you hold onto that. Embrace your concept of how love should flow back and forth with someone. Should be the easiest thing in the world to find, a partner who shares that same view you have... I don't know why life makes that hard quite often. We should be able to find good, loving, kind, supportive, communicative, spiritually sensitive, mature, hard working, dedicated, committed relationships. Should. Supposed to be that way I would think. I mean the animals all seem to find partners without too much trouble, What is up with the people on this world? Crazy... children have the RIGHT to GROW UP in stable, loving, kind, materially restrained and responsible homes! WHY are they growing up in broken situations? I can't figure it out. Yeah sure, the schools are doing a great job teaching our children how to divide by 0... but how to have dependable, close, tender and communicative relationships? They don't have a clue. Bizarre. Relationships and love should be the focus in the schools. I don't know that many relationships are helped because the partners know how to divide by 0.

    Sri got to rambling there...

    You asked "I'm ready to be loved the way I love. Will that be soon?"... I drew the Strength card which didn't seem to say timing... hang in there seems to be the msg. I will agree with you that it will be just as SOON as you are ready. ANd it sounds like u are ready and your daughter would probably appreciate a father around to show her what commitment and love looks like.

    Girls grow up learning what love with a man is from their dads. So home the priorities should be on the love and tenderness between all in the home... and SIMPLE living (like not overly expensive) /... I mean it should work for all of us like that. This present course of the guys chasing other women is indicating something seriously amiss... guys normally want committed relationships the same as the women... so something happens to cause frustration and pain. Then a partner will go running off looking for relief in other places. Not the best.

    "I'm tired of conflicts all the time. ..she would always text me sying stuff about them being together and stuff. " That sounds absolutely crazy that she would do that. She must have lost her cable TV service and was looking to create her own drama.

    "I guess a new relationship with someone new right?" YES you want that YOU WILL HAVE IT, it is not the will of heaven for us to go through life without a partner that is as nuts as it can get. SO you hang in there GOD has someone nice for you and it will WORK OUT you won't have to wonder if he is off chasing someone else... I don't understand that behavior but it happens and it is way off track.

    As for work...

    I drew the Queen if Cups, 5 wands, 4 swords, and Hanged man -

    what does all that add up to? Good question. I can give you my opinion and you can see what you think.

    First thing, keep your emotional life as under control as u can. Doesn't have to be perfect just try. So on those days when you wake up and feel like your career is light years away, don't worry about it. It will happen, it can only happen. Nothing can prevent you from stepping INTO a great career.

    There seems to be a change in your work though, so be open to other options and let the Universe take you wherever, something brand new is what I see. It seems to have VERY quiet energies associated with it.

    You know what I saw was you working in a library. Some place that is very reserved and quiet and nice, peaceful. Library, or even a law office (are they quiet?)... some place where it is tranquil seems to be up your alley. The Hanged Man is something turned up side down, so you might want to look at some opposite directions from what you have been considering for work. GO for a drive down the road and look at the places you would never think of working.

    Whatever it is, it is a peaceful place. Mortician haha... I dunno I am just trying to throw out some ideas for you... what do you love to do? What would you love to work at?

    As for your partner, hmm... I am sure he is doing okay. I thought you are "moving on" though from him/// sounds like you still have some interest there? Are you two still friends? You should be able to be friends still...

    Okay SagittariusGurl I hope there was some little nugget in there for you.

    Blessings, astra

  • Yes I am dealing with a lot. It is hard not being financially fit because I really can't give her what she wants and what she needs so we have to stick to what the dad gives us. Hopefully the move here helps and doesn't get ugly since me and my sister crash with our attitudes sometimes.

    No I was not married by paper but lived together but technically we were married.

    I have days where I want to disappear but just think that I have a daughter to look after and to see her smile makes me happy.

    I think now a days we humans look at the physical of the other not really on what they have to offer. Or how they truly are. I myself sometimes look at the outer of the person and not in the inside. Homes are now been broken I don't think is right. I personally I always wanted my daughter to have her father with her no matter what that's why I was holding on to him for to long. At the end I couldn't keep doing it anymore. Some people just think about them and not actually thinking about the harm they are doing to others.

    Am ready for something new maybe a relationship but I have said that I don't want to rush threw it. I want to enjoy life first which I didn't enjoy because I was to stuck on him all me teen years till now. I'm also ready for my daughter to have that father figure she hasn't had because to tell you the truth she hasn't have even though she was always lived with her father since he was born. He was just lacking and putting priority well still does into other things and her.

    I agree with you about guys chasing other woman. I mean If they have a lady at home that is committed to them why look for something else? Is just something I have always said. I say that that type of women that mess with man that are in a relationship are just plain disrespectful. Is just my way of thinking. I also say man like that will always be like that.

    Oh yes am sure she did lose her cable service lol. I don't know about her she just gives me a weird feeling. I feel like she's playing him and she's with another man. Could that be what's happening? Just plain curiosity. She would drive me crazy with all those messages. I think she never got the picture that he still wanted to be home with me regardless of what he would tell her.

    I really don't want to worry about him chasing some else. I want someone committed to me not just being part time.

    I don't see my self working in a library. I don't think that's my kind of atmosphere. I like more outgoing work places. I would like to work in a office that has always been my desire. I have only work in restaurants. Haha mortician I don't think so am not into dead people haha.

    I have always say that I want a job in an office or also doing hair I like that just don't have the experience to do so. I do have experience in the nail technician field since when I was in high school I went to a technical school while doing high school. I think I would also enjoy being a nurse as well.

    I still have a little of interest I mean I'm not going to forget about him all of the sudden his the father of my daughter his always going to be around. Friends I don't think so we are good for a few days and then all of the sudden something comes up and we argue. That has happen since we split up.

    Thank you for everything Astra

  • Hi

    yes! You said "I agree with you about guys chasing other woman. I mean If they have a lady at home that is committed to them why look for something else?"

    That is exactly right. Guys normally don't enter into a relationship and father children with a plan to one day cheat. So if that happens, something is missing or not working properly at home. Now, "whose fault is that?" is a complex matter though. I like to believe that when we truly feel a connection with another we always want to be near that person and enjoying the beautiful relationship.

    As people we grow though, and change over time. So depending on the "connections" early on will determine the health of the relationship down the road. I agree with you that often when we are very young the hormones and instinct to have children is very strong and can overpower almost... so that there can be a lot of physical closeness... and yet there are other aspects of relationships too, spirit, intellect, shared paths and purposes that are higher and divine...

    So it happens... time tests us, tests relationships, along with the trials and situations life throws at us... we find out what we are made of, what the union is made of - and whether we built on sand or rock. Breakups, divorce... there was some sand.

    Rock is SPIRITUAL presence in the midst of the union. And that has to be nurtured and respected. As a Christian for example, a family would honor the Lord, pray together, go to church and that would go a LONG way toward keeping the relationship very sweet and beautiful. But life challenges us, and everyone believes different things... I do believe that it is vital that two people share a pretty common understanding of their spiritual parts of life... and that should flow beautifully... Heaven takes care of that for us, I trust that we sooner or later find someone that is there in that same place of heart and spirit. Can be a little hard to find though... so like you are expressing.. time to be patient and focus on YOUR life, enjoying the blessing from above... taking care of you.

    As for the library, an office setting where everything is simple and quiet could be it. Nail tech sounds cool to me... hair, why not? You can really do anything you want, it really depends on your heart what is it that you love the most doing?

    Okay well I know you will do well... blessings to you in your lovely journey to Light and Love.

  • Oh I had another thought about your situation with your 'ex' and now having to deal with the single mom phase... I tell you right now I am ashamed that we males are failing so poorly in the "commitment" area... that really should not be. However, in defense of my male comrades I must also point out that the present age is not making the establishment of good quality, deep, connected, trusting, TRUE LOVE relationships easy for guys. Guys are simple deep down and should want a love relationship that is true. I mean that was all I wanted from the time I was young... then came "real life" and I had to focus on what the world tells me is important... a career... money... security... a new car... whatever... it is all upside down, the focus should be on LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS. Get that working properly then the material issues fix themselves and everyone has enough.

    THe schools and society at large has no clue apparently as to how important it is to teach on relationships. Its is like we have to all figure it out on our own ...but a lot of absurd stuff, like learning to divide by zero, our what the capitol city of Bangladesh is - that we HAVE to know. Unbelievable.

    So I salute you for being willing to follow that relationship from an early age. The noise and racket and pressures of our day is not easy to contend with, all the while also trying to nurture our relationships. It is really hard today for some reason to keep ourselves close to one another... so many distractions and the focus gets off onto other dumb things that aren't going to help. Chasing money and who knows what... when all that matters is LOVE.

    So I am with you ladies on how vitally important the quality of our relationships are. A man should practically worship his wife/companion/mate like an angel... I mean that is how it should be, and she should be drinking that in and then loving him right back the same way. It should be fantastic! But for whatever reason we find other things going on... and our partner seems off in la-la land and we are like... "Hey... remember me? Remember love? Remember heaven? magic?" ... we try for a while... and finally no one can keep a candle lit forever without some oil once in a while from their mate. NO ONE. Not man and not woman. The relationship goes - poof!

    So anyway, you got me in a preachy mood... I am really upset over how screwy relationship issues can be... I wish I knew why exactly... when we all "seem" to start out with the best of intentions, only to find ourselves wondering down the road, "why are we even together then?"... you know? Ugh, it is hard to figure out. So I don't try and let Heaven handle it.

    I am standing with you that your needs will be met materially, I know that HEAVEN HAS HER EYES ON YOU and your child and I pray for you that all works out and it will.

  • Well true I can't say is just ones fault but both. One is looking somewhere else instead of talking to their partner about the things that are going and the other is just not paying attention to what the other is doing so for me both have fault but remember if you are going to cheat you are going to cheat regardless I the situation you have at home. Well that's how I see it.

    Yes we grow and also gain experience. I never plan on have kids young I mean I was 20 when I had my daughter am just going to turn 23 next month but is still young.

    I do believe that we get test on every aspect of life to see how much we can take. Relationships I see then as just temporary even though so do last for years and years but then end.

    See I don't consider myself a spiritual or being a religious person at all. I was raised in being a catholic but really don't practice it at all. I haven't been to a church in so long. I do believe that we should have a religious path and that helps the relationship but we never really practice it. I know I will find somebody with my same interest. I like church but not really in to it. He really wasn't a fan of any religion so it was kind of hard to make him go to church. I was actually never able to make him go to church only when we had events that were church related.

    I would love to do hair that was my desire before I did the nail tech but I couldn't get in the classes. So, I chose nail tech. Even though before that I took a course in the nursing department to become a cna but just didn't like to deal with the elderly since I have no patience.

    Thank you hopefully I get threw this soon.

  • Yeah the problem is that the occult (tarot and whatever) is eating from the same tree as religion.. which is knowledge... everyone wants to know the future (occult knowledge) and all the religions want to know the "truth" which is occult knowledge as well... it is all a rotten apple as far as I am concerned.

    The bottom line is we should be MEN and WOMEN in love and in a beautiful harmony... wherever this world is heading blows my mind... I think we are heading for BIG trouble on this planet... but that's just me...

    Oh here is a card so that this qualifies as a tarot reading...

    The Hierophant - you will soon experience a renewal of your faith in higher powers

  • Well that is true!! I don't know I just see religions kind of weird. Their so many but yet all believe in one god.

    You know I once went to a Christian church because my sister in law is a Christian. I liked that church specially how they preach. Everything made sense to me i actually understood everything they were saying. For me to actually get sometjing right away is kind of difficult. As if I go to a catholic I don't even know that they are talking about.

    I also believe that but this world has become something else. It seems as years past everything gets worst marriages end, families are broken, people in jail. I don't know is just so crazy now a days.

    No need to give me a reading I actually like talking to you well writing lol. It's like an escape am helps me not think about things I should and try to avoid.

    But what do you mean i will experience a renewal in my faith in higher powers?

  • Oh I don't know... I just thought about you and your connection to something "up there" that is hidden... maybe they don't exist... I was raised in christianity and it is like a lot of subconscious programming when you are too young to figure anything out for yourself... so I have a hard time escaping the "law" of spirit, all of that religious stuff is a nightmare to me. SO yeah, you are smart to steer away from that garbage. All of it is a waste of whatever ink and paper they are all busy printing their books on.

    By "Higher powers" I think a fun approach to that is nice... I like fairies and pixies and all of that magical realm! That seems to get me off the hook from the religious BS and into something that is actually HAPPY for a change... instead of waiting for GOD ALMIGHTY to come down and whack me over the head!... I went through a lot of years where I really opened my heart to Jesus Christ, and the church I mean I was INTO IT deep and TRUSTED JESUS that HE was real and there for me... and then I made the mistake of actually reading the bible for myself and started to see so much weirdness and contradictions and double-talk ("...wherefore, it is not, thus, we know that He hath not given us over to blah blah blah... " all of that malarkey... I threw it out... and Jesus with it... I like Jesus I am sure he was a great guy and all.. this church thing built around him is not exactly what he was all about... IMHO

    I am sure I am wrong about everything though so don't listen to me! You are in the right path, keep your cool head, and any mormons show up at your door like they are doing to me lately, bid them a good day and then LOCK the freaking door.

  • I don't mean to come down hard on the religions... hey they are all beautiful people... I just get weary of when BIG groups of religious people get together and start teaching my children a lot of weird stuff that goes into them subconsciously... and we as adults think nothing about it.

    Oh well... I am sticking to art and writing weird books on extra-terrestrial involvement with our planet, and a possible landing by them soon I hope, like TODAY... and chasing girls, apparently I am pretty good at that, ask my ex.

  • They sure are wasting ink and paper for that stuff. I have never read a bible in my life. When I turn like 9 or 10 I can't remember an old lady gave me a bible for my birthday se was really catholic but never read it. If u ask me now where it is? I have no clue lol. I have seen a lot of people change because of religion. I mean for one god am not gonna change my whole life. Yeah am gonna talk to my daughter about god but not about religion. Religion is going crazy specially the catholic one!!!

    I believe in Jesus pray to him and all but I have a limit with that. I think church and the bible portray him as one thing but who really know about him? I think nobody does.

    When Mormons come and knock I just open the door and say am heading out so try can leave. I have no time for that lol.

    Chasing girls is easy lol. One of them will fall one day haha.

  • Actually I kinda like the Mormons I just give them a hard time, they have some cool beliefs that build on top of the Christian faith. Never been to a service though. Every belief has something nice to say, its just we sometimes get worn out trying to "live it all out".

    You seem to have a great attitude about all that, i think thats wonderful ... you should have no issues with a companion on that because for one thing you aren't going to put up with any nonsense haha... good for you.

  • Haha am open minded about everything. I just see things in a different way maybe like you say. I'm tired of the nonsense haha.

  • Good Evening! I am new to the world of "chatting", so please forgive me if my ettiquette is lacking...Could you tell me a bit about what you do Astra Angel. I noticed that you conduct Tarot readings...what is your rate or do you offer them at will? I also do readings for others but cannot read for myself.. atleast not in a way I feel is truly objective. So I am out-sourcing my personal reading. Please let me know if this is something that interests you, or if you know someone whom I can speak to. Thank you for your time.

  • Hi destinydriven

    This is a forum we just trade readings and talk, there is no charge... I would be happy to draw some cards for you and see... everyone on this forum are all helpful and very talented you are in good company...

    blessings, astra

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