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  • Hi friends,

    I am in desperate, desperate need of a Tarot reading. Two things - love and career. Career-wise, I'm not sure if I need to move out of my city or not to find employment, and if so, whether to go with my friends or not. Second, in terms of love - the man I have feelings for has stopped speaking to me out of the blue, and I don't know how to handle it. He is not aware of my feelings, as far as I know, and so I do not know what the cause is or how to fix it.

    Thanks for any advice you can give,


  • Hey yipyip...

    I'll look at this for you...

    I thought it came through pretty strong to move out and go with friends? See what u think...

    You can see the cards in the pic.

    You an see how the Tarot has associated a "no" with the pentacles for the reading I thought that was interesting. (the 9P and KP)

    So the Ace Cups falls on the question to move, and the Universe fell on the question about with friends So definitely with friends and GO was my sense from the cards... weigh it out in your own heart...

    (You are the Queen S in the reading as the significator.)

    As for the love question...

    I think the reason he has stopped speaking is that he is sensing you are dealing with path issues (role, self-identity, life purpose) and until that clears out he is best to leave you some distance.

    I saw this because your figure in the pic with the two pairs of 5 card figures, shows a lot of wands and some 5 change sword energy in the above. So you are going through some soul searching about life path or something that transcends the importance of a physical relationship security thing right now. Something has your thoughts adjusting. That could be some sign of your concerns about the relationship perhaps. Emperor card also showed up so that is a window card, like you want a window into his soul? I think he is giving you space for your own benefit.

    His figure shows cups - yours doesn't - so the problem is not with him (perhaps), it is you who are working through some areas of personal growth in your path (and work), and so on some level (probably at night when you sleep, or at least on some hidden level) you are communicating to him about your needs and have agreed with each other to give you some space.

    he has a page of cups extended to you so his attitude/expression is still with you. He has some of his own issues, something of an intellectual nature has his heart in a "dream mode" as far as a life philosophy. He also has justice energy above so there is also a sign that his thoughts and guidance is being handled from above, he is following orders so to speak in the relationship situation with you.

    His path seems more concerned with money and work, knight of pents below him.

    I wouldn't worry about anything I am sure you two are still just fine. Enjoy this time apart to work on your relationship with Spirit and your angels (if you believe in that). That is where we all really live and love... we are all one family in love really. ALL OF US KNOW ONE ANOTHER. Deeply. Beautifully. Isn't that nice?



  • Hi Astra,

    I just wanted to let you know you were very right in the last reading about P and I. He seemed to see that I needed some space to work things out about making changes in my life, and he let me have some space.

    We had a talk on the weekend that wound up with him sharing that he thinks I'm attractive in a lot of ways, but that he didn't want to make a move before because he doesn't want to hurt our group of friends if things don't work out between us. Between that and my feelings for him, and that some of my other friends tried to encourage him to realize he had actual feelings for me, I am not really sure where we stand/where things might go! I really, really want to be in a relationship with him, but he has a girlfriend (with whom he seems to be arguing with all the time and their relationship seems close to an end) and I can understand why he might hesitate. Even so, I think I noticed something different in his eyes the next day - he seemed to be watching me a lot more than usual and I think there's something there that wasn't there before....

    All this to confirm your last reading and ask if you could please, please share more insight? Can you read what will happen between us in the future?

    Thanks for all of your help Astra, it is much, much appreciated.

    Love and light,


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