How can I use my Daily Horoscope to help my life?

  • I read my horoscope daily. I was wondering if anyone can tell me the best way to incorporate these daily readings into my daily life. Sometimes when my horoscope talks about my work, I don't understand how to incorporate that into my day because I am currently unemployed and a student. Does anyone know how I can learn better how to use my daily horoscope?

    Mary (mebmadonna)

  • well... I think if you are in balance with the stars your horoscope will reflect what is happening in your life>>>also look for your moon sign ...the time of day you were born gives you a moon sign

    ( this sight will give it to you i think) Your suppose to read both horoscopes to get a more personal reading for yourself>>>Mine is a Libra sun sign and a Scorpio moon sign. There is more beyond that and really requires a person to help you chart all of your planets like what sign is your mars in or venus or uranus and pluto and each planet represents different qualities in your personality. It is really deep because then your are affected when each of these planets align with each other bringing tendencies from other signs that you can harness and apply to your day. Now venus is trined with uranus bringing love and beauty from venus to harmonize with uranus dreamy quality>>>>>what is your sign?

  • Hi,

    That is a great question; we are on the playground of this life/world to lean two things to survive, faith and courage. The dilemma is that we must learn these with ‘humor.’ Astrology is a pseudo science, but I have learned that for me personally templateing or grounding the fun of it all will work and is ok if you know Master Jesus within and see God working within (Pentecost) while you develop your intuition. The Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia rebellion distorted much truth we read on the planet, but the truth can be sieved out when the intent is pure.

    Astrology demands you rely on your instincts and intuition as well as spirituality. We all have work. We all have to make a living and have an opportunity to serve and give back while we go for our own goals one at a time. Daily horoscopes can be quite useful if you learn to read between the lines and wrap your original/creative thinking around the fact that you are in the here/now and able through Holy Spirit to extrapolate what is needed and disregard the rest. Your duty is to be happy – whether the day’s horoscope says so or not.. I have been using astrology since 1968 daily to base my odds in going with the flow. It involves humbleness, willing to meditate at days end to analyze what factors in the reading unfolded naturally, and to keep asking questions and learning more about something you obviously have a deep passion for.

    Light and Life


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