AstraAngel can I have a reading?

  • Hi!

    I was wondering if u could give me a reading aswell?

    I want to know this:

    Will I become a successfull/famous makeup artist? I am working my ass of to do this

    Will me and B or D become a couple?

    If I move to LA, what will then happen? Kind of worried about my mom but I wanna bring her with me

  • Hi rockofages

    Sure thing... as for the makeup path, I would say that as long as that is in your heart to do, and you love doing it... that there is no stopping you! YES in that case you could not help but to succeed! And I do believe you love it so I am not going to bother pulling a card on that question.

    Now, if you are NOT sure that that is really what you are called to do in life, then we can look at some cards about that question... right now though I would say YOU will determine your own success by faith and trust in the Universe and keep plugging away.

    So you are working your *** off to do that shows you believe in yourself - I see you becoming one of the BEST in that field.

    Will you and B or D become a couple?

    Oh boy... fortunes... um, well here are some cards and you can decide what you think:

    For "B" I drew the 6 of wands which is a very established, nicely flowing PATH energy. Very positive card.

    For "D" I drew the Emperor, which is an 8 wands + Ave of Pentacles so that is organizing path + new material beginning.

    So I dunno... they both look like possibilities... I am more drawn to the 6 of wands as a card I will say that much. Who are you partial to? B? or D? That is probably your answer.

    "If I move to LA what then..." Um... Knight of Cups that is very focused on emotions off and running in love!

    Knight of swords another knight.. this is intellectual focus... so already I am getting very strong, focused effort down there, looks like you would be busy.

    The Universe also says YAY to this, that is a very positive super bright card to see here so to me... just looking at these cards, they seem to add up to being busy and being watched over from above. How does that sound?

    I am sure you will figure out how to arrange matters with your mom...

    blessings rockofages!

  • Thanks:) I like B better but I don´t know if we will become a couple..can I ask for another? I just want to know if I will get a new job soon, I really am not comfortable at my current one

  • Hey I looked at this and it does look like a new situation that is a better, at least the atmosphere looks like it will be gentler and better people... as for WHEN i tried to look at that however I don't like giving times... I saw 2 months... however that could be 2 something else... let me know if it turns out to be about 8 weeks and you get a fantastic better job, then I will know I have a future as a psychic!

    Good luck to you.

  • Hey! Thanks 🙂 I will let ya know when it happens 🙂

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