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    Rites of Passage 2012

    T h e E m e r g e n c e

    Rites of Passage 2012

    ~ The Rite of Divine Will ~

    The holy demonstration of Right Relationship in our first Rite of Passage has effectively set

    the stage for our greater merging with the supreme motivational energy of Divine Will.

    The Law of the Will of God

    Behind all of universal creation, there is an immanent force of Will that administers it, a

    Divine Power that moves it and a natural law that regulates it. Everything upon our

    blessed Earth has always been and continues to be divinely orchestrated through this

    power of Will.

    There have never ever been any mistakes. Everything has unfolded in accordance with

    God’s Plan, the Divine Blueprint that maps out the course of evolution for all creation.

    The human race has never ever “fallen from Grace”.

    These are stories that come from purposed programming. We have always been the

    beloved children of God, reflections of the infinite perfection inherent in the Holy Spirit.

    We simply turned our attention outwardly to the material plane of the ego in order to have

    an experience in duality. God has never abandoned us because, in the absolute truth, we

    ARE God in physical form.

    As a result of our Divine Remembrance, the programming of separation is now dissolving.

    It is through the Universal Law of God’s Will that what is Human is also Divine, and

    therefore, all Humanity is evolving forth in a triumphant return to Source. God is the

    manifestation of all Good, and it is by this influence of the Supreme Good that all things

    exist and evolve.

    God comes now to take us home, back into the eternal embrace of oneness. We are

    ensured of accomplishment. We are realizing ourselves as a God Race, once again.

    The initiation of this sacred fusion begins now, in this particular Rite, building steadily

    throughout the entire Rites of Passage as we come to embody the Will of God to greatly

    expanded levels. This sets into motion a potential rising of our group body into the fully

    actualized embodiment of Divine Will in action here on Earth.

    Through this Rite, we invoke and evoke the fiery energy from a fused Spiritual Will to

    provide the neutralizing antidote to its opposing shadow... the tenacious will to divide and

    separate. When properly focused, our group power of embodied Will invokes the

    benevolent forces of Divine Intervention into our every single endeavor.

    Our task moving forward is to radiate and exemplify this Will through its agent of “Good”

    to all people, governing entities and societal systems.

    Our collective intention is to spawn a worldwide spiritual revelation resulting in a

    coherently functioning Goodwill movement... amongst all people, from every level and

    walk of life.

    In fundamental simplicity, it is the intentional program of GOODWILL that catalyzes the

    consciousness shift en masse and helps to birth the era of lasting global peace.

    Goodwill is God’s Will.

    Defining Divine Will

    Divine Will is the driving consciousness behind all creation and the unfolding of the

    Divine Plan. This living forcefield penetrates through to the core of all things, guiding the

    evolution of the human race through the power of Intuition and Divine Perception.

    All of our inner and outer preparations have been to open the door to receive the Will of

    God, the compelling force to accomplish good upon the Earth.

    As we come to recognize Divine Will as the guiding principle of our entire existence, we

    graciously surrender all attachment to the limited workings of our personal will. We

    humbly realize that of “our own selves we can do nothing, it is the God within that doeth

    the works”.

    It is the outer reflection of Divine Will upon our planet that brings about the ultimate

    demonstration of right human relations. The agent and reflection of Divine Will on Earth is

    the global manifestation of Goodwill towards all life.

    Embodying the Will of God

    We have one objective to accomplish... to have all of our will in complete focus with God

    so that our personal will merges with Divine Will, becoming the pure mirror of our

    thought energy. When our desires are set forth in this way, it is always Divine as each

    intention is qualified by the propelling force of God’s Love.

    This synthesis of Will results in a crystal clear intention coupled with sincere

    determination, an attitude that never gives up until the Divine Plan is fulfilled.

    One of the greatest services that we can provide the evolving race is to see the perfection

    of God in everything. When the thought of the divine is held while carrying out our

    activities in this work, the divine energy percolates into the personality. It starts expressing

    in actions, feelings, and speech.

    This is the kingdom of God manifesting on Earth. The Divine is entering from the most

    expanded planes of consciousness to out-picture through us in daily life.

    This evolved perception, where there is no judgment or separation, IS the ascension. This

    IS the dimensional shift. It is as simple as that. Seeing, feeling and being as God in our

    daily lives, ALWAYS.

    Global Goodwill - a Program for Planetary Peace

    It is through the worldwide cultivation of the spiritual attitude of Goodwill that we may

    finally birth the era of peace. As the agent of Divine Will, goodwill creates a pathway

    between more evolved spiritual realities and human life, building an expanding channel

    for the inflow of transformative, spiritual energies.

    This, when truly established and correctly organized, is one of the required preliminary

    agents to actuating the cascading effect of worldwide revelation. All people will finally

    realize the need to rise up out of the prison of self-interest in order to experience the

    freedom of shared opportunity.

    A Vision for the World

    The universal energy of Goodwill is the healing salve that completely reverses the ailing

    relationships between the majority of human beings and their collective nations.

    This consummate force of the Divine Intelligence flowing through the illumined minds of

    people everywhere, victoriously shatters and consumes all barriers of separation and

    hatred, revealing the radiant truth laying behind all creation... that of love and unity.

    It is this universal realization that stimulates the remembrance of the will to do good, the

    will to do unto others as you would have done to you... the golden rule for a truly

    peaceful civilization.

    When the majority of people on earth are being rapidly oriented towards good, the false

    reality of suffering will gradually disappear.

    Terrorism, crimes of any nature, disease, poverty, famine and the plethora of separation

    inspired creations will dissolve in the face of Goodwill and global cooperation.

    Cultivating the Garden of Goodwill

    In planting the seed of Goodwill in your neighbor's garden, you bear witness to the joy

    that blooms as a result in the hearts of those around you. Multiply that single seed by

    millions of people gracing the Earth with our combined efforts, and we have a veritable

    garden of Goodwill springing up all across the globe. This is already happening.

    The sheer demonstration of our numerical strength is a testament to the influence we can

    affect on the masses through our inward alignment to Divine Will.

    As a result of this inner calibration, we are continuing to plant the magnetic seed of the

    future in the planetary Crystalline Grid for all to reap and share in the abundant harvest of

    Divine Love and the spirit of global interdependence.

    One person sincerely practicing Goodwill in a circle of family and friends... can

    completely change attitudes. Goodwill practiced among groups in any nation, by political

    and religious parties in any nation and among nations... can revolutionize the world.___

  • Taken from Children of the Sun.

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