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  • Hi LOAP- as you describe the mobiles & airplanes I remember seeing those hanging in one bedroom of the boy who lived here befor us. I think he really liked it here & dad had his new Gf move in w her kids & house too small so they moved. My oldest son slept in that rm until he left today to start new job in S Carolina.

    I am a happy person despite life's struggles& disappointments.

    I do hope to meet a guy to share life with.... Sooner than later I ask the Universe!!

    How are you doing?

    Moon u ok?

    Poetic- love ur posts, u keep all of us positive.

    How are u these days?


  • HI Amused

    His energy is still strongly attached to that room and this can happen with the living as well as the dead . I feel it is a fun playful energy in that room . Can you tell me hw old the house is as i am feeling the 1950s very strong .

  • Hi there girls!

    Amused, I think you'll meet up with someone around the end of February, early March. These first three months of any year are months where we seem to shed a whole lot of stuff, then come late Feb, we sort of stand up - so to speak - and open ourselves properly. I'm okay too! Thanks so much for caring 🙂 I hope you and Marge are okay too.

    Well, I've bitten the bullet and have been chatting to a fella online for a few weeks. He lives nearby, and even though he'd asked to meet up over a week ago and I said no, I am meeting up with him today for a coffee and a chat. Should be interesting ... But he's been good to talk to, albeit online, and gee has there been some laughs, which is something I've sorely needed lately! I don't even have a sense that I'm doing the wrong thing by meeting up with him either. I don't have a sense about anything really! So ... we'll see ... I just decided to go with it and do it for once instead of worrying about the "is he the one?" thing, or "what if he kidnaps me and rapes me?" hahaha, you get the picture!!

    So wish me luck ...

    I can see this boy who was in your house playing with lego or some sort of building bricks ... he made a whole lot of stuff! Have you come across any pieces of lego or similar laying around the room/house?

    I think Marge might be right too: this house comes to me as around 1940's, 50's era as well.




  • Hi All!

    I found a paper stating this house was built in 1966. I'd say other homes in the area are from earlier era. I haven't found any legos here. My sons spent hours creating with legos & other building toys. My son who was staying in the room was a lego king too! Its in the center of the house so the happy energy is well received.

    Good luck Chris! I, too, have begun on line search to meet a guy. I've been talking on phone & emailing with a guy I'm meeting today. Its a start, we'll see what happens & it will be nice to spend time with a new person. If he's not "the one" then eventually "the one" will come along. Its good to get out & have a bit of fun & put the past further behind 🙂



  • Well, at least there was a lego connection, just not with the boy who previously lived there! Sounds like a great place you've got, and you know what they say: with a fresh change, fresh energy comes which can only be good!

    Yeah, I find online a whole lot easier to cope with than actually face to face meeting with guys. It just feels wrong to be alone at the moment, for whatever reason, considering I had little problem with it the first 18 months after I left my husband. I still did the online thing though as I was curious to know what single men of my age group were thinking. I met up with two, but decided it was all too bloody hard!! That was over two years ago. I picked it up again which went against what I'd decided to do really, but I actually like the company of men - I like talking to them. This one hasn't been pushy at all; meeting up just sort of happened really!

    And if this encourages you, I actually found this guy to be like a breath of fresh air. No real hangups, easy to talk to, laughed a lot and even though there was a definite attraction there, I felt no pressure. He's also 12 years younger than me, and after experiences I've had chatting to 50+ year old men online - and even my last partner - I found him to be a whole lot more mature, and had a better attitude than men my own age group. Go figure!!

    So, I wish you the best Eileen! Talking's good, and I think you can gauge a fair bit by online chat really. And I thought the other day: what is the difference between chatting online to someone for days, weeks or months, as opposed to meeting some bloke in a pub or being introduced to him? There's risks in both scenarios I think, so YOU GO GIRL!!!! And good luck 🙂




  • Chris ,

    How is it going with the bloke you have been chatting online with ? Happy australia day BTW:)

  • Still talking to him Marg, but - and as if my life isn't complicated enough haha - I was contacted by someone I'd written off and let go three years ago, so I'm trying to stay still in the middle of this and not let my own confusion get the better of me.

    I posted up loads and loads about this man four years ago, because I'd dreamed of him for years, but my ex husband was largely instrumental in this having absolutely no chance back then, so eventually I had to let it go because my "dream man" ended up hating me for a time because of my ex.

    But, here he is again, although I think it may be a bit of a hard road for a while. He's also quite a bit younger than me too (just call me cougar hahahaha) so there's that.

    I mean, I like chatting to anyone and everyone, and at the end of the day, chat's chat! But to have this guy back in my life is the strangest thing ... the most wonderful, but strange ...

    I'll call him George (coz you never know who's looking) to keep identity safe.

    Happy Australia Day to you too!




    PS: I am feeling like I'll need a spell soon though. So much going on with nothing being clear or definite.

    He has a black ute too btw, not green ... I think you mentioned something about that on another thread 🙂

  • Marg,

    Went back and re-read some of the posts on this thread. You suggested two men coming into my life, one a lot older than the other.

    The one who has recently come back into my life is 16 years younger than me and as said above, drives a black ute (it could be dark, dark green and I haven't looked at it properly, but anyhoo ...) and it is a holden. His name is Trent btw.

    As for the other one, don't know there. There is another one here who I met through work, and he is two years older than me and drives a white ute and I like him, although he's a bit quiet ...

    But, as things stand today, I'm so tired and overwhelmed by Trent's return that I don't know which way to look. In truth though, I realised after looking at him properly the other night, that I've loved him for four years and all those feelings have come flooding back ... He tells me that he doesn't understand why he's been pulled back to me, but he's been hearing about my life in recent months, about my ex partner and my ex husband (whom he tells me is a total prick, but that's nothing I didn't know!!), been thinking about getting in touch with me, and bit the bullet the other night and did.

    May God help me and us to sort this out. Because either I need to let Trent go completely or he's the one I'm meant to be with ...

    Thanks again!

    Hope all is well in your life!




  • Hi Chris Yes Trent is the energy that was tapping into is he always wearing overalls i am seeing light coloured overallsand have blonde hair?

  • Look, he might wear overalls on the farm, but usually he's in singlets and jeans (summer) and whatever else in winter. Although I'm sure I've seen him in overalls (he also works at another welding place, so that might be where the overalls come in). He has fair hair, yes! He has said more than once that he can't get his head around why he's sought me out after all this time ... but there was that lingering look, although I'm such a die hard romantic I could've imagined it ... but I don't think so 🙂

  • PS: I decided to say his name, because I hate referring to someone as something they're not. And if anyone sees this thread who lives in my town and puts two and two together, well, I better hope they've got a life and can keep a secret! We don't want anyone much to know at the moment ...

  • CHris ,

    Has he got like a mullet 80s hairstyle happening at all ? I am picking up like a Jason Donavon look in neighbours. I wouldnt worry Chris about people reading this forum unless they are into tarot .

  • No, he usually has it close cropped, though sometimes it's a bit like a mullet! But he's as good looking as Jason Donovan, but not sickly pretty like him, if you know what I mean 🙂

  • I love Guy Pierce He is such a honey . and a good actor as well . I am getting a mullet blonde hair .and 80s feel , I dont know why,Do you know of a guy who died in the 80s and looks like this ?As i am not feeling it isTrent i know its defently an 80s energy coming through and this guy died in the the late 80s. I i feel he was born in he 60s and i feel his energy is in spirit world. Sorry Chris i hope i havent freaked you out at all .

  • Nah, I honestly don't know who you'd be picking up then! TRent's most definitely alive and wriggling 🙂 I don't know of a guy who died in the late 80's ...

    And I sure as hell don't want a relationship with a ghost!!!

  • The only one I can think of is my cousin who died, but that wasn't until about 1999. He would've been the same age as me (born in the early 60's).

    Ah well. Looks like I'll definitely be spending my life with ghosts after all ... and dreams ... sigh

  • Chris

    I feel this person could be to do with Trent the connection is strong i fee l they could be related . I just felt the name Gary does this resonate with you ?

  • No, but then I don't know Trent's brother's name either, so I'm not much help there!! Do you mean this spirit guy is trying to get us together or something?

  • And I don't know of anyone he's lost who was related either, but we've all lost a loved one somewhere! There's still a lot I don't know about Trent, as there is a lot he doesn't know about me.

  • Hi Chris ,

    It is someone on the other side who is trying to get a message across and it is for someone on this thread and i strongly feel it is for you but if you cannot relate to it it might be some one Trent knows as i have visited other threads and i am not tapping into the same energy . .

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