Moon50 and Poetic

  • Is anyone out there ?

  • living,

    i have been here for hours, thinking of you, i spent u a email to your personal, wanting u to know that u and so many others from this forum, on my mind , especially this time of year, christ birth, reborn, may good things happen, today my grandson, 19 birthday, your niece was born today, congratulations, what a wonderful feeling to see new life, have a very merry christmas, talk to you before new years if god is willing,

    god bless u and family always,

    to all on this forum,

    the same desires as for living on a prayer, all be blessed, always,

    love and hugs,

    love and light,


  • Hi all

    Happy new year love and hugs to you all wishing you all the best 🙂

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Tnx LOAP.

    Lets make 2013 a freat year! Wishing lots of love, laughter, healing & good health to all


  • amused sorry i havent dropped in on this thread sooner yes i agree lets make this a great year for all wishing you and everyone on this forum an abundance of good health and prosperity .

    Have you settled in at your new place yet ?

  • SAME BACK AT YA MARG! Let's do that ... it's the only choice to make!

  • LOAP- thanks for asking about my move. I'm settling in & the pile of boxes is slowly going down. I've down sized so space is premium. I gave away alot before I moved but find I have more to let go. Best part is I really like my new home & my sons do too. Its exciting , scary, intimidating at the same time to be setting it up & decorating as I choose without needing to consider anyone else's taste. Don't get me wrong I'm SO grateful but it I realize I would like a partner to share it. All in good time I guess as the Universe will send me who I need when its time I trust.

    How are you doing? Have you felt the fatigue many on the site are mentioning? I have but am staying up too late these days so maybe thats why.

    Moon & Poetic hope all is well with you

    Blessings & gratitude for having found this site & the supportive people I've met

  • Hi amused ,

    I understand how you feel it will just take time to get used to .I am clairsentience and i feel peoples vibrations that is why i was feeling the fatigue it was strongly coming from Daliolites sight at the time but with you i am actually feeling a playfulness energy their is going to be lots of fun around you in your new house the vibrations are very good and i am two seeing young boys wearing winter pjamas having pillow fights they both have dark hair. They are playful i feel they are 8 to ten years old .i i i have a feeling they are in spirit have you felt any activity in the bedrooms ? I feel they died in the 1950s they were brothers and they used to live on your property .I hope i havent freaked you out as it is nothing to worry about they are harmless at first i wanted to say they are your sons but i am getting mixed energies here but i feel they are in spirit and they are connected to the house , I feel your boys are alot older than this is that right ?

  • Hi Chris ,

    I hope you are doing ok and are no where near those dreaded bushfires as i have heard there were some in NSW we have a few happening here as today is a day of total fire ban . We could smell the ones in Tassie it was terrible i actually got panicked and thought it was somewhere closer .Stay safe my freind thinking of you .

    Love and hugs Margxx

  • Hey I hope you are all ok the heat down there must be safe.

    LOAP I'm not uncomfortable with your feeling of a presence in my house. I've only spent a day or 2 alone here. My sons have been here & there is always activity when they're around. Perhaps I'll notice more when I'm alone more often. My sons are 20, 25, 27 & all have red hair. I like the idea of playful energy here I'm done with sadness & sorrow.


  • LOAP One more thing, my house has a very happy feel to it. When friends come to see it they often comment that it feels happy. It was one of the reasons I chose it. I felt immediately at home here.

  • Yes i felt the vibe straight way what is the number of your house if you dont mind me asking i feel it could be a 3 is this right ? Have you felt any spiritual energy yet? It will be in the top bedroom if this makes sense .

  • I hope MoonChris is doing ok i just heard there were new bushfires in NSW i pray they are no where near her.

  • Marg,

    I am okay so far! Thanks for worrying. The fires are being kept under control, and the weather is predicted to be much cooler this week with some rain forecast as well, so hopefully that'll happen and help the firies put some of those fires out!

    I'm annoyed really, because I've posted stuff up in this thread, but for some reason, it doesn't show up!! I don't have trouble in any other threads, just this one, so that's weird ...

    Amused, I'm glad you found a happy home! It is good to get a fresh start anyway, but to also find something that has that happy energy is like the icing on the cake.

    I have to say though, that overall, I'm getting pretty worn out by this constant up then down thing. I feel wonderful one day, then c r a p the next and it's really playing havoc with me! Poetic has suggested staying deep in the heart and getting out of your head, but how on earth do you do that?

    And I can't help but keep thinking about my last partner's lies and betrayal of me. I'm so angry I could rip his head off, and hers, and it's not because I want him back! It's because he looked me in the eye and lied to me. I'm convinced he left me for her and never had any intention of keeping in touch with me at all, which hurts quite a bit still.

    I'm wondering if I'll ever get over this; I really thought he was going to stick around. So now, I'm sworn off men as I don't think I'll ever be able to trust my own feelings again, let alone another man. It seems i've been too easily fooled and that's the other thing that hurts ...

    Ah well.

    But I'm alive, upright and still fighting, even though some of the stuffing has been knocked out of me. And a very big part of me wants to go and smash his windscreen and burn her underwear ... which isn't like me, or at least the "me" I have been!!

    Enough of that!




    PS: Marg, if you get a second, what feeling do you get about my house now? You'd talked to me about some of that a fair while ago, but considering recent things, I'm wondering if there is an energy here that might be keeping me from moving on and/or being happy ... And I guess you could say I'm clutching at straws at the moment hahaha

  • Hi Chris ,

    I am glad to hear that you are doing ok i just read on nine msn bushifres are out of control in NSW , with you Chris i feel it is more the land than the house i feel the land is very spiritual do you know if any aborigines resided on there years ago ? I am being shown many gum trees and i see an indigenous girl walking in between them and she is talking to them , touching them she had healing hands .Do you know who had the property before you did ? I am sorry to hear about how your ex hurt you i i understand how you feel , I'd wanna kick his behind as well.

    You will get over this i know you will.

    Love and hugs Marg xx

  • Hi All,

    LOAP my house number is 44.&my last house was 35 both #8 houses. I don't spend a lot of time in the bedroom. I do feel a very happy energy when I'm in the house especially the original house vs the addition.

    Moon - take baby steps if needed, every day you'll get closer to a new & better place. May the grip of the past become but a brush of fingertips , a distant memory


  • Hi Amused

    Number 8 Attracts wealth it is a very good number there is a saying that a house number 8 will have a money tree growing in the front yard .

  • Marg,

    I've had a few insights about the house and land, and yours is the first positive one I've got! Othes have told me - and very likely correctly so - that there was a battle of some sort here, and/or someone was killed here (which I'd thought myself) in the house, and that there is quite a bit of negative energy about the place. To be honest, I haven't sensed the negativity. The main thing I've felt is the protection from all those gum trees (dead on my friend!!), and that spiritually, I'm not alone here. The people who owned the house before, I can't tell you. The house itself has been relocated though, but from where exactly I also don't know that.

    I am trying to get the current owners to actually spend some money and fix this place up properly, but they won't budge at the moment. They don't care what the place is like, so long as everything works, which it does, but they don't live in it, I do, so I'm hoping they'll come around to my way of thinking eventually. I'm not asking for a Taj Mahal, I just want to see this place given some longevity because if it's let go the way it currently is, it could become unliveable.

    It's lot number is 679, just out of interest!

    Thanks again for that 🙂

    I'm feeling a slight release from the issue with my last partner ... sort of like an acceptance thing. But a part of me still wants to know WHY he left, because I don't think he's told me the truth about that. Short of asking him (which I did) and him telling me the truth, I may never know!

    Hope all are well! Amused, it sounds like you've landed on a gem with this house. Your life should turn around from hereonin, so good luck and good on you 🙂




    PS: Is anyone feeling drained and a bit blah at all? I sure am, and am getting a bit sick of that too!

  • THanks Moon

    LOAP- as long as my bills are paid & there's a bit left at the end of the month I consider myself lucky & am grateful. It would be nice not to struggle & worry less


  • Hi amused ,

    You are a very postive person i love connecting with your energy on his thread ..I still see the young boy wearing pyjamas only one now even though i thought there might be more he is in a room and he has areoplanes everywhere they are on his pyjamas and hanging from mobiles on the ceiling . he has jet balck hair and i am feeling a strong pull to the name Andrew . Can you relate to this at all ?PLease excuse my spelling the heat over here is killing me 😞

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