Moon50 and Poetic

  • Chris I went through that too, the last few weeks it will pass, try Meditating it uplifts your moods, are there any groups you could join there to give you something to do?

    Clubs, we have like the Red Hats here in the states, or take up a new hobby, you know whatever we focus on is what we are going to get girlfriend, snap out of it, I have been through, we have to get out of our minds and into the heart. Not preaching just ideas, sending love and light to all!

    I could give a list of complaints but that won't change anything will it......


  • Oh, they say this is the period with these mighty strong energies here and not leaving until after the Lunar Eclipse, we should focus on what we DO WANT, NOT WHAT WE DON'T WANT, HUGE MANIFEST ENERGY! NOW I HAVE THAT LIST, somwhere.... LOL

  • Dear Moon50,

    I just wanted to say I hope today is a much better day and Yes, I feel torn a lot of the time too...overwhelmed by so many a child in an 31 flavor ice cream shop. Things are going better for me. My ex was found and is in jail again at the moment...So at least I know he will not be causing trouble for my boys and I. And he is not out hurting himself even more than he already has. So that is good too. 🙂 I hope you soon come out of your chaos cycle...I know how exhausting that can be...wishing the best for you...Balloons and airy lights to you! 🙂

    Laci 🙂

  • Dea Poetic,

    I love that first picture of the angel with the moon and stars! I love that theme...I wanted to do that in my boys' room when they were little. 🙂 The wishing on stars theme is something I love for kids. 🙂

    I think it is great how uplifting the pictures you post are! 🙂

    Happy Friday,


  • Thank you Laci! Lately I'm always looking at the stars, saw some in formation of a Vee the other day, I believe they were ships, so much going on and the clouds, Wow, I saw a dragon the other day, I thought it was a snake then thought later a dragon. I feel your pain Chris trust me you are not alone, everyone is feeling the highs and lows, should be no more lows after December, we have made it thus far! Have a fab weekend, do something different, I'll be doing deep house cleaning and maybe laying in bed eating sweets or something. Blessings!

  • Poetic and Hobbles,

    I am feeling a bit better after last night's OVERWHELMING flood of tears. I sat in a bath with a Bailey's and a sad cd, with the house plunged into complete darkness so I could look out the window at the sky and stars. I cried my heart out, but relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

    However, it seems that pain has been my lover for far too long. Pain needs to take a hike. The only person I need in my life is me. That is a discovery I actually, finally, ACKNOWLEDGED today. All I'm after is someone to stand by my side after having walked this earth alone for far too long (to repeat myself).

    It seems that I can help sort out the lives of others, but have neglected me in the process. I've asked the Universe to send me the love of my life, in a general sense. And it appears I am the love of my life. The person who stands beside me will be the icing on this very rich, DECADENT cake haha.

    Am tired today, and have caved and agreed to meet up with a man who some of my friends wanted to "match" me up with ages ago. I don't think this will result in anything other than chat, laughs and friendshp. But that's got to be good anyway.

    However, a part of me wishes to stop at home on my own and day dream.

    Now, where's that icing sugar ... ?

    Poetic, I also love the pics you post up; they're really uplifting and positive. It's nice to click on to this thread, whether I'm up or down, because I feel welcome.

  • Chris, Its been a tough wk for me too. Lots of deep sadness coming out.

    There's loneliness too but I'm now very happy with myself so easier to

    endure. As I've said before I'm ready to share life with a man& to

    receive love again. It will be the cherry on top of ice cream, the bling to my

    good life. I think meeting new people is a great start to a new chapter in

    your life. If this man isn't "the one " perhaps through him you will meet him!!

    As we allow ourselves to let go & go with the flow hopefully we are being

    lead to the one we seek. I struggle with patience but have been blessed

    with good fortune & my home after being on market for 7 months is under agreement

    & we pass papers next month. I will leave this house after 20 yrs& raising my kids here.

    A bit scary but am ready for the next chapter & what the Universe will send me

    hopefully that includes a new love life 🙂

    Wishing you better days .....

    LOP- you are right, living with soneone doesnt guaratee you won't feel

    lonely. I do remember times in my marriage I felt deep loneliness. For me

    it was when I felt my husband didnt undetstand me, I just couldnt seem

    to communicate with him. Wishing you better days


  • moon,

    i said that to you a while ago,

  • with a song came to my mind as reading one of your post, love thy self first and formost, dont worry and be happy, you will find the man of your dreams the one who will make you tingle uhead to feet, sorry about t a he errors i am with out a , and it is hard to write on a ipod , so grll cheer up,

    no sad songs, turn up the , and begin to let your heart dance,

    god bless you

    love and light,


  • Hello Bella (RAM)

    Long time no see i hope all is well with you and your family ?

    Love Mag

  • love my spirtual sister, miss u mag, no computer it is hard for me to use the ipod,

    pray to be back soon,


  • I miss you to Bella it is very hard for me to type sometimes as i have this carpal tunnel in my hands drving me crazy so i dont post much anymore ,I cannot use the ipod or my iphone for the internet it is to hard for me to see . I pray for you to get a new comouter soon.

    Love and hugs Mags xx

  • HOLA ALL! MAMA RAM, MISS YOU! IT'S BEEN CRAZY LATELY. Did everyone have a good weekend? I went to a party Saturday, good for me, had a ball! Need to get out more.

    Today I'm here, sorta, I'll be off until next week, will check in from home. I PRAY all is well!

  • Safe travels to all during Thanksgiving week



  • to all the beautiful spirtual sisters,

    here or far, thanksgiving is a day to be thankful, we have plenty

    in life to be thankful for, i will

  • be reading and be with you as soon as go

  • be with u assoon as i can,

    god blessu


  • You too! Happy Travels are not, I AM Thankful!

  • Hey guys ,

    This site is like a ghost town lately . I hope all is well with everyone 🙂


    LOL! Captain predicted they maybe going down soon? I don't know we will have to use Facebook if so. I'll be back.

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