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  • Hi Marg, yeah that's okay! Just looked at topics with no replies and couldn't see your thread, so will wait for you to post the link.


  • Happy Full Moon....... went through more purging this weekend, quiet other than that.

  • Yeah, yesterday morning was a bit full on! But I ended up happy, happy, happy last night coz I'm back re-working my poetry and getting it ready to send it to my Editor friend; yay! Got my love back!! Tired today though, coz I was so excited I couldn't sleep and it's gonna be a loong day at work ...

  • And forgot that Sunday was a pretty difficult day. Kept myself busy, but was aware I wasn't really in the moment while I was doing it; doubts, insecurities, loneliness, all that stuff came up. I do find Sundays a bit hard on my own lately ...

  • I love poetry.

  • I rediscovered poetry in 2008. I'd written a whole host of poems way, way back in the early nineties. Since then I've written a few hundred of them. Sometimes, they just pour out and I'm hard pressed to stop the flow. Other times, I don't write for weeks or months on end.

    Anyway, my manuscript has been sent to the Editor I know, so will see what happens over the next few weeks. I am hopeful, and not a wee bit anxious 🙂

    The last few days I've been suffering more sciatic pain, and sometimes pain in both legs. Have tried walking, etc, in order not to swallow drugs. Then remembered amused59's suggested remedy. It worked a treat the other day, but not yesterday. However, am not in as much pain today, or any really.

    So amused, thanks very much for your tip! I think it'll be a winner for me, even though it hurts while I'm doing it. At least I can walk once I get up 🙂

    How's everyone else? I am feeling a real build up of energies here, and reckon we're in for some sort of blow up or some definite THING that will move us one way or the other.

    Anyone else feel like this?

  • I had that sciatic pain ouch my heart goes out to you Chris . I have a sensitive energy going on and i am totally over it .I have also been crying at the drop of a hat . Wow you have written alot of poems that is great that you are going to get them published. do you have an uplifting you could share with us ?

  • Top of the day! I'm so sorry about the pain, they say all pains will go away in the Golden Age to come, I felt a heavy wave this morning, people in Australia were saying they felt it last week, today I feel light headed, did some purging, after doing a Chakra Balancing Meditation If felt much better. I'm wondering after all these Portals and Eclipes for this month amazing things will be happening, Solar Eclipse and Lunar, wow.

    I'm ready for whatever is new, tired of the old. Ask the Angels to increase the endorphins in your brain, praying for your healing. LOP me too with the crying, went through that too, I think it's our hearts opening more.

  • Guys, this is getting pretty hard-core as my kids love to say! I'm up and down, but enjoying the ride really. I really, really ADORE the love I keep feeling; for everything, everyone and what I'm doing. Even though I'm in the most insecure part of my life I've been in since I was 20, I'm still not feeling the insecurity; just an inner calm that keeps me balanced. I appreciate that.

    Marg, I do have something poetically uplifting to share, and here it is (I wrote this in 2010):


    Heart in hand,

    my feet crunch

    over stones and sticks

    liquid tracks

    upon icy cheeks

    And with every breath

    I am reminded

    I can breathe

    Reaching upwards

    I see the sun

    Shaping my fingers

    Shimmering arcs

    Bending, making a fist

    Digging into palms

    And with each stab

    I am reminded

    I can feel

    Sitting on stumps;

    One, then one more, then another

    Discomfort leads me

    To one more,

    And I know

    I can choose

    Blood pulses

    I feel it thumping

    cold air circulates

    around, within

    like opening the freezer door

    with that woosh

    of awakening

    Though my heart and soul

    are divided

    I am reminded that

    through points of light

    the tunnel ends

    and I will emerge

    in fusion

    with all that is

    breathing, feeling

    choosing to be ...

    ... Alive!


  • THAT IS FABULOUS! LOVE IT! The pain may help you reach your inner core of beauty and creativity. Today is election day in the states, I'm praying that every vote will be counted and that truth and Justice Prevail for the highest good of all.

    I am feeling like the queen of Justice today! But inside I feel very spiritual. Everyone have a wonderful day and evening!

  • Thanks poetic!

    Am really getting sick of the bloody pain though 😞 Comes and goes, I go to work and it's okay, be home and it's not okay, so maybe I should live at work haha.

    I'm feeling like I'm really diving down in there, exploring so many depths of myself, that I'm worn out! Last night I cried for missing my last partner; the first time I've done that without anger since he left, then cried for being so alone in the world, and there is still residue from that today. My family don't care, my kids don't need me anymore (which is fine; never had 'em to keep them tied to my apron strings), I'm unpartnered and financially struggling.

    Tomorrow will be a better day!

  • I'm also relieved to see that Obama was re-elected. I mean, I am SO relieved, it's unbelievable. Even though I'm Australian, I think Obama is probably the most positive thing to happen in politics for a very long time. Even since JFK. Then I look at what we're stuck with here ... UGH! End of sermon.


  • Bloody tingles here going up my arm driving me nuts . I wish we had Obama i am so over Gillard and her BS !!! That droaning voice of hers ouch 😞







  • LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH RAMONITA, I'VE BEEN COMING OVER FOR A MONTH NOW! I'm coming! OH HAPPY DAY IN THE USA! NOW WE HAVE TO CLEAN OUT THE CONGRESS, TOO MUCH GRIDLOCK! Chris you are purging at the deepest level, they say we are going into the void to birth the new, you can do it! We were chosen because we are strong warriors, I went threw that, lots of the Blue Rays are also going thru this emotional hell! I feel much better, meditate if you can every day and balance the Chakras.

    I'll be home the next few days until Tuesday! Will check in, Captain did I tell you I saw an Eagle fly by me yesterday! Amazing, think it was a sign from ArchAngel Michael, so exciting, kept seeing 444 too!

    May God keep and Bless all, may your steps be ordered and stay under the shadow of the most HIGH! LOVE ALL!

  • Oh now my left side of my belly hurts, an organ maybe, geez! Well portal day coming, 11/11



  • AMEN!

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