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  • Hi Dmick ,

    This frieind is not the spirit who was drianing me he only came through yesterday did he have a moustache as well ?I feel he used to carry a comb in his back pocket and comb his hair back like John Travolta did in Grease .I am also feeling the name Dean and did he have a mole on his face at all ? He also looks of european appearance lke italian or Greek . Thank you for you thoughts on my dream .Rider waite is the only tarot i can connect with so that does make sense

    Love and hugs Loap:)

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  • Good day all! Yesterday I kept feeling like something is coming HUGE! Like the calm before the storm, the thought the "truth" will set you free was on my mind also. Don't know what it is though... Sunday is world meditation day for World Peace, the 21st, other sites are posting something up this day. When I woke up I had one of those high excitement scenes from the other side, like when it's some huge portal date or something, some-thing is definitely up. I'm wondering about Nesara too.

    Do you feel anything?

  • Just saw this:

    For all of you that sit within this sphere will walk into a higher love, but you must take several steps backward to pick up what you have dropped by the wayside so knowingly and so easily. Caress it, shine it up, and place it in your heart. For in the time of the eclipses, there will be a total eclipse of your human heart as you remember how you have gotten to this place of thinking that you now reside. There will be a time that you walk into your human heart and you will want to stay there in all aloneness. You will want to back away from those who reach their hands out as a she crab upon a sandy beach. You will go deep within the shell of self and lick the wounds of the past, of the injustices, of the hurts. Like all species of animal on earth – the saliva that you lick your wounds with – will be healing for you. It will be your own love and your own nurturing that you give to what your heart and soul so desire.

    From: Gillian Mcbeth

  • The Eclipses will powerful for us.

    Mercury turns retrograde on 6 Nov 2012

    Mercury turns direct on 26 Nov 2012

    Solar Eclipse: November 13, 2012

    Lunar Eclipse November 28, 2012

    Neptune turns direct on 11 Nov 2012

    Uranus turns direct on 13 Dec 2012

  • Powerful stuff! I hope we all keep clinging on during this roller coaster ride. It's gonna be a doozy, coz like you poetic, I have thought we are up for something big very soon, but that we do have to lose old attitudes, etc, in order to take up "residence"in the new sphere. Challenging but rewarding times are a-comin 🙂

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  • Well I had an emotional melt down last night! It was brought on my over-consumption of alcohol, but I didn't realise how much stuff I still had down there that I hadn't acknowledged.

    I sobbed my heart out for missing my daughter, cried for my failed marriage and the end of my last relationship, and sobbed for my own loneliness that I also haven't really acknowledged. I like living alone to a fair degree, but I don't want to remain so for ever! But it seems I get landed with this all too often and it's been something I've wondered about.

    I do have a man who is my friend at the moment. We've spent some time together and I love being with him. But there's a part of me which seems determined to sabotage this, and after a couple of status' I put up on facebook last night I can tell you, if he saw them, he's probably running a mile in the opposite direction to me as we speak!

    I'm annoyed with myself for doing this. I removed them this morning, but the damage is probably done. Nothing I put up had any reference to him, but he's not stupid.

    So I guess I'm wondering why am I trying to stop the friendship with this guy from growing into anything else when it's what I most want eventually? While I don't want a full-on rel at the moment, I seem to be doing everything I can to stop tthe possibility. Or maybe I'm testing him a bit ... !?

    Can anyone shed light on this at all? It really is bothering me because I do like this guy a great deal. Not to mention that I have really overdone the alcohol this weekend, and have not been sleeping all that well either. Yesterday my meltdown was partially hormonally generated (PMT - they turned up this morning) but it really unhinged me!



  • Oh girl, I have been having my own meltdowns too. Remember that saying, "we" are our own worst enemies, the "self" "ego", we create our own chaos sometimes, myself included it's the roller coaster of live and learn until we get it right but it don't stop us from feeling the pain, I think we have to decide enough is enough, remember we are not judged but boy do we judge ourselves, we have to forgive ourselves and move on. I know easier said than done. Yesterday was very heavy for me, I woke up Saturday nite getting upgrades which felt good, I could feel all my chakras spinning, yesterday saw lot's of lights and starting to see more clearly images fading into people like. I feel your pain, I know it. Sendin you love and light to help, this too shall pass don't it always.

    About the self sabotage of relationship, that something deep, a part of you wants a relationship and a part of you doesn't. I think you are afraid to trust anyone, or are afraid of being hurt.

    Gotta figure out what you really want and let the Universe help you.

    I'm no dear Abby, just my thoughts, we won't judge.

  • Thanks poetic! I've just had an ass-whipping from the Captain about this, so I'm determined not to let myself get this way again. I think it has come up because I had another session of NLP (I don't know if you know if it?) on Monday, and the issue of feeling that it's not okay to be happy came up. I was brought up that way; in a very lack-lustre household where passion, joy and positive things were things I never knew about.

    Last week showed me what that sort of life could be like, and this week, the opposite has come back again. Maybe for me to finally rid myself of it for once and for all. Captain's response to my query has been timely, although I was already aware of my own efforts at self-sabotage, especially when it comes to love and relationships.

    I've been hugging trees and asking for what I truly want, but so far, nothing 😞 I also have not been able to sleep much at all lately, and that's driving me nuts!

    Ah well.

    Must pick myself up and get going for my own sake. This time I have no-one to be motivated for except me. And I have to learn that ME is an important place to start. I am alone for good reason. I am alone because I brought that to myself to a fair degree. Although I do appreciate having space to myself. I just don't want to be sitting alone in the chair, with the one next to me empty for ever and ever.

    Now I have to work hard to convince myself I can have all these things and not worry that I may lose them.

    I also really like this guy too - even though it is early days after Rodney - and that scares me a fair bit truth be told.

    God save us! We are our own worst enemies and most harshest critics/judges.

    It's hard to learn to be kind to yourself when you've been so used to driving yourself so hard all your life. And sometimes? I could curse my parents!

    thank you again poetic xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo

  • Hugs Chris i feel your pain sorry i cant type much this arm has started up again it is like shooting pain see i am my own worst enemy as well suffering like this .

    God save us! We are our own worst enemies and most harshest critics/judges. This is a bad trait of mine as well .

    Love Marg 🙂

  • I'm so sorry for the pain in your arm! Have you seen a doctor about it yet? These things are physical things, albeit probably generated from emotional muck, but the physical symptoms need treating. So please, go visit a doctor asap!

    As for me, I don't think I can do this for much longer really. I hate being a whinger, but this guy was just starting to move in a bit closer, and then bang, I've heard nothing from him this week. We're friends only at the moment though, but just the same ... nothing.

    I'm trying to learn to live alone and love it rather than like it, and for the most part, I do. But this has been a painful thing for me most of my life: living alone for the majority of it and always being disappointed, let down and/or abused in love.

    I just want to give up ...



  • Good days love! How did you like that Solar Flare energy? All I wanted to do is sleep. My pain is sharper now too, now in both hands sometimes I believe I'm on a Spritual IV drip on that right hand. I was listening to a meditation last night that says for healing via Arch Angel Raphael imagine a green emerald in your third eye shining a ray through out your entire body and feel the healing, invoke him and he will help with your healing.

    You girls sound down, lift your spirit and know that you are loved, beloved. We are living in some amazing times now. I know it's not always easy, I have my days too sometimes but get back up again, rise, rise, rise.

    Chris can't help you in the man department, I think the minute/moment you "know" that you are already complete and whole on your own, you must love yourself first before you can share love with anyone else. Praying for all of us, always! "Blessed Be."

    P.S. I could have swore I saw space ships outside this morning!

  • poetic, it's funny, because I got a sense late yesterday that all is well, and decided that that is exactly how it was/is. This "thing" with the guy I've been talking about is, I feel, a lesson in patience, sefl love and acceptance of things how they are. I need to find that peace inside, and that is what I'm working towards. And yet, in the midst of what I saw as being inner chaos, the message came to me that I've been too tough on myself and that I really do have that inner peace happening already. When I looked at it properly, I realised that I don't have to seek out the company of other people all the time. For the most part, I'm happy waking up here on my own and getting about my business. If I want to see people, I get in my car and go into town and see them. And of course, there's work where I interact with a lot of people all day.

    I still feel a level of anxiety though, and that is a bit challenging 🙂 As I said before, my sleep has been affected but it may be that I am coming to a point where I need less than I did previously. Sometimes I think we can convince ourselves that we are in a mess when in reality, we're actually a lot better than we think. Again, this comes back to being our own harshest judges and critics, like I said to Marg before.

    I am getting my messages from my resident possums, and little birds lately! Little finches who fly into my windows when they've never done this before. It's like they're trying to get my attention, and on asking about this, it appears they're signifying enjoyable times. I think I am in those enjoyable times and have not been seeing it. In other words, forgetting to be grateful for what I have and where I'm at.

    Spaceships? Wow!! That's amazing!

    These truly are challenging and wonderful times aren't they?

    Thanks again poetic 🙂

  • Hugs Chris ,

    Isnt it weird how we are all feel so different especailly about relationships ? , i am over hubbys BS but dont get me wrong he is a good man ,but like all men a pita yet i have a freind who is divorced and wants to get in another realtionship and i say you are mad enjoy your peace .She said believe me it is no fun once you have been on your own for a while . Chris your place sounds wonderful possums wow . My kids would love it up there .

    Poetic ,

    Wow did you get chance to get them on camera ?

  • I did, I put them on FB and You tube but I want to change my screen name on Utube, never know who's watching.

    Go look and tell me what you think, I didn't get the formation one's in time by the time I got my phone out of my purse, I don't think I'm crazy.

    Here is a link, tell me what you think. I have about five but this is one.

  • Marg,

    I don't think I want someone sharing my space out here on the farm just at the moment, but I would like someone who I know is there in my quarter if I need to be with anyone. Your friend is right to a degree: it is no fun when you've been on your own, and you feel that you're staring down the barrel of an empty love-gun, for want of a better description! I'm enjoying the mystery and slow pace of this other man at the moment, and feel it's going to develop into something more so long as neither of us push it in another direction too soon. He turns up out of nowhere sometimes, or I'll hear from him when I've written him off, so that's gotta be a plus!

    Yeah, I love my possums! I buy them bananas and always give them my apple core when I'm finished with it of a morning. I love going out at night and hearing them chewing away; it's the cutest! I've taken a couple of shots of them, and will try to post one up. Don't know how I'll go, but we'll see if it works; I've had trouble posting pics up on here before 🙂




  • That is mother possum hogging the apple I put up for them 🙂

  • oh how cute Chris , tha nkyou for posting the pic . I was wondering would you be able to a favour for Me ? Could you please take a look at another thread i posted in a tell me what you pick up on ? If it is ok i will understand if you can't, i would really appreaciate your insight . I will post the link on your reply

  • Poetic the link didn't work i dont know what is going on with you tube as my links are not working either .

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