Moon50 and Poetic

  • Hooray! 47 million of food stamps…maybe we can hit 100 million before the end of Obama's next term.

  • Double yay for America and letting common sense win over. I wish we in Australia could boast the same, but it's not to be just yet.

    Today I am feeling very spatially challenged, tired and just blah. I see that it's portal day tomorrow.

    Have had a very emotionally challenging week; battling between the need to be with people and the need to simply sit on my own and cry at will. Am now feeling so dizzy I am getting worried.

    Is this part of it? Or maybe I'm coming down with something ...

    Have a wonderful day all! And many blessings for those of us who feel tomorrow in any way at all.

  • It's another portal day, and I've begun it tired, worn out and fed up with the continuing emotional roller coaster. I've swung between peace, then discontent, and wish my ego would take a running jump 🙂 It will be a long day at work, but then, I enjoy working there, especially on weekends (no bosses).

    I wish you all a very positive, energetic and cathartic Portal Day. At 11am, we need to keep a minute's silence to honour all those who fought for our peace.


  • I have felt the same way Chris i just had to stop doing the housework and go outside and lay down on my swing .I was so drained that i even forgot it was remeberance day . I hope you have a great day at work 🙂

    LEST WE FORGET <3<3<3<3

  • Had a beaut day at work, but as for my personal space, I'm really feeling the pinch of being lonely. I'd love someone to talk to at the end of the day, but it's hard to ring married friends because you feel like you're invading. Yeah, I miss having that significant other, but then where I'm at now, I'd like that significant other to be living somewhere other than with me, but be available when I'd like a chat or company! If only ... sigh ...

  • Moon50

    I can so relate to your loneliness, missing having someone to talk to, someone who's interested in sharing with you. I, too, feel my married friends are busy with their own lives & I don't like to intrude w my need for conversation. I don't want to wear out the welcome mat! I had a dream recently -details are sketchy but I was hugged by a man, when I woke up I had a deep sense of sadness realizing how much I miss hugs....if I close my eyes & concentrate I can still feel that moment in my dream. With that said, I won't settle this time, I'm looking for a man who is emotionally available & evolved, done his work to deal w past hurts & ready to participate fully in a relationship. I hope he's out there & the Universe is bringing him my way!! Be great to have him as a neighbor!!! I believe the Universe will send a man into our lives if we make it clear we're ready for him......its taken a while but I'm ready to give & receive love again

    When I need to chat I'm so thankful for the friends I've met through the Forums hear


  • amused, I've been battling with issues of my own readiness along with neediness and loneliness. I don't want either of the last two to dictate my next relationship. I'm wondering if I'm being too tough on myself, but I've seen where being needy and lonely have lead me astray in the past, and don't want to go there again.

    I've come to the conclusion, like you, that I want someone who is emotionally available and either working on, or has worked on, his own issues so that I don't end up carrying someone else's baggage! Done enough of THAT in my life.

    I also wonder if I'm still afraid of being close and intimate with someone. Trust issues are looming and I don't really know if I've come to any sort of conclusiion with that. It's hard to know. But I can see that I've been drawn to a couple of men who are my age, single, but (so it appears) not prepared to take that leap, which is why I've asked myself if I'm actually emotionally unavailable in some way and not been aware of it, which is why I've been drawn to these men.

    I am possibly over-analysing here (typical Cancerian haha) but am scared of making the same mistakes again. And maybe I've got these men wrong. Who knows?

    I do know, however, that I want to be close to someone, even if it scares me to death. I want to take that leap too. Again like you, I've felt a deep feeling of sadness and wondered where that's coming from. But I think it is because I'm tired of having a lonely heart. All the talk about self love, being your own best friend, etc, is well and good. But you can't hug or kiss yourself! Have tried and it reeeally doesn't quite cut it ... hahaha

    So we'll see!

    And yes, it's great to have this Forum to pop into. I've been far too worn out to give readings on here, so haven't. But having these threads to simply share our journeys has been a great thing.

    Let's hope the Universe brings us what we want/need and are ready for!


  • Guys you both need a superman tonight , at least you both are not in a relationship and feel lonely i think that is worse . I would rather be alone and happy .

    There's something about you

    I want to rescue

    I don't even know you

    So what does that mean

    Maybe I'm cynical

    I'm painfully logical

    You're tragic and beautiful

    And that's good enough for me

    You're looking for a hero, but it's just my old tattoo

    Tonight I swear I'd sell my soul to be a hero for you

    Who's going to save you

    When the stars fall from your sky

    And who's going to pull you in

    When the tide gets too high

    Who's going to hold you

    When you turn out the lights

    I won't lie I wish that I

    Could be your superman tonight

    If somebody sent you

    An angel to save you

    What would you tell him to turn him away

    That your heart don't break

    That your lips don't kiss

    That life is just a lie

    That heaven don't exist?

    Who's going to save you

    When the stars fall from your sky

    And who's going to pull you in

    When the tide gets too high

    Who's going to hold you

    When you turn out the lights

    I won't lie I wish that I

    Could be your superman tonight

    Who's going to fix you

    The next time you break down

    Stranded alone by the side of the road

    It's your baggage that's dragging you down

    Don't look back

    Let it go

    Ohhh, Ohhhhh

    Who's going to save you

    When the stars fall from your sky

    And who's going to pull you in

    When the tide gets too high

    Who's going to hold you

    When you turn out the lights

    I won't lie I wish that I

    Was that superman

    Who's going to save you

    When the stars fall from your sky

    And who's going to pull you in

    When the tide gets too high

    Who's going to hold you

    When you turn out the lights

    I won't lie I wish that I

    Could be your superman tonight

  • Sorry i should have added that this is how my relationship is we are not on the same page anymore . I do long for a nice conversation and a cuddle now and then ,it is like he has changed completey he used to be my superman tonight 😞

  • Hola guys, my first day back and a little overwhelmed and light headed! I pray thee fared well over this massive weekend, well at least Sunday was for me with the energies and upgrades, I went through all lot of the healing cleansing stuff too, we are still here and the best is yet to come, I have to come back and read all the posts, happy Solar Eclipse, though in Australia it may be tomorrow, go you you tube and find the Activations from Celia Finn very cool! Money is here for the asking from Saint Germaine, will post the transcript when they post it, what else!

    hmmm, I miss you all when I'm gone, too lazy to go online lately from home, like the iphone, thingie....

    BBS/ Just learned that one, be back soon! Love All!

    OH Yeah...

    The next big wave we see will be on November 13th . . . the second total solar eclipse ( Now that the heart model has been fully anchored into your new heart, as well as into your world and our universe, this eclipse will be quite important and very potent as it makes necessary adjustments based on our collective consciousness. This will make the universe self-justifying. What we are saying here is that anything that is still not in alignment with unified love will be reprogrammed to make adjustments for human error. This is not a judgment on humanity. But we know that holding a perfect love space in your wobbling world will be hard to accomplish 100% of the time. So the universe is giving you a break for any mis-qualified energy you may have anchored. We also tell you this to be easy on yourself. It is difficult to hold perfect space in a radically morphing world. Relax and just be your truth as much as you can. The universe will clean up anything you might have done that came from anything but love. In this eclipse path, there will be a temporary no-time space in which to reboot all the upgrades. This eclipse will be quite intense, and we are glad that most of the passage of this eclipse is over the ocean to soften its impact. During this time, we can see that there is going to be a lot of upgrading. Stay in a place of peace and neutrality as the reboot washes across the Earth. Now you are running on a fully upgraded and re-calibrated system. It is time to give this new world a test run. You have been ready for this for eons.

  • Total eclipse today in Cairns wow wish i could have seen it .

    Do you beleive the world will end on the 21st Poetic ?

  • NO! The world won't end, A new world will be begin, one period is ending (darkness) and one period is beginning, Mother Earth is ascending to a higer vibration from the 3rd to 4th 5th.

    Whats doing today? Lots of energy upgrades for me, and a lot of folks, aches and pains, but not so bad. What about you's?

  • The poem is lovely!

  • all I want to do is sleep and I have to work today ... groan ... as much as I love my job, i just want to curl up, forget and sleep ... yaaawn ...

    And I'm one who has never believed the world will end on the 21st. It will end AS WE KNOW IT, but not get blasted to smithereens. I am scatty, dizzy, buggered (as said) today and hope this settles down soon. Am so tired to trying to let go of things, the pain (niggly but there), all that stuff. I just want to feel some release from it; just a little bit ...

  • Dear Moon50,

    Sorry to barge in on other's thread, but wanted to know how you are doing with your spirit friend in your house? Have been thinking about you and wondering if you were ever able to figure out the doll reference, or if your "friend" ever left you be? Hope things are going better for you today!

    Best wishes,


    Haha...o.k. here's a mental picture for you...munchichi' they mean anything to you? Something from the 80's here in the U.S. I believe...haha...weird little mental picture to pop up... 🙂 Made me giggle...don't know if the rest of the world has even heard of them...... 🙂

  • We have some sort of cult over here living in an undeground bunker and they say they are receiving messages from some sort of spirit guide by using a pendulam and a theasaurus lol .

  • LOL! Lots of people use those things, I never have, they say they work though. I will be glad when all this STUFF IS OVER! The growing pains, the purging, the ugly stuff, ENOUGH. "SET THE CAPTIVES FREE! Okay I'm kinda bitchy today, I need to detach and not respond but sometimes ......enough!

  • I don't know about you guys but these have been the best times and the worst times at the same time, do you feel me? Emotional rollercoaster, high high's and low, lows, the thing is that I create my own chao's, used to easy to un-create it, not anymore. Don't wanna be a drag so I'm going into my shell, wake me up when this passes! Love yall!

  • I tried picking tarot cards usuing a pendulam it got very frustrating

  • Hobbles

    Today, nothing means anything to me. I'm so sick of this feeling of a broken, empty heart and treading this earth solo, as I have for too many years really. I find peace with myself, then back comes this lonely feeling again. So tired of the up and down am I, that I'm just about ready to throw the towel in. As for the spirit here, I still feel her with me, and even on my loneliest days, I never really feel alone. Considering where I live is pretty isolated, you'd think I would, but don't 🙂 But what I mean by the solo thing is that I have no family, my friends are all married or partnered, and there's me. Littleoleme. I want this to change, but don't know how.

    My sense of belonging comes into doubt and I feel torn between two. Two worlds? Two paths to take? That, I don't know because I'm in two minds!

    Anyway, that's where I'm at today. Tomorrow will be a better day mehopes. But I am so exhausted by everything, that I want to get off this bloody roller coaster and walk firm ground for a while. The madness of everything is getting me down and wearing me out.

    So, I'll take another breath and hope for an influx of energy. I don't want to keep going this way for much longer; it's too hard and too draining.

    sorry I can not be anymore positive, but I truly have had enough.

    Hope all is better in your neck of the woods because I need some inspiration and hope that this trough won't be permanent!

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