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  • Hey Moon ,

    I thought i would start a new thread to chat on

  • Hey Guys

    I just got kicked out of the site , and had to log in all over again what a pita . I hope everyone is having a great weekend . I am chilling out listening to my ipod drinking a west coast cooler .

  • it did it again wtf is going on here it cut off my first post as well . Jeff Buckley is playing on the ipod anyone know of him ?

  • Thats been happening on my "Thankful Thread." As soon as I type missing thread or posts it shows up or I hit the refresh button a lot. ANNOYING! I just found this post this morning. Last nite was pretty deep for me, New Moon, saw all kinds of things, I heard a voice but was not sure who it was, or was it my ego mind? Weird, I read today that when we make it thru this Acension we will no longer be in the cycle of death and rebirth, Divine Grace.

    What else is going on?? I notice some folks are feeling depressed mostly Blue Rays, I think I'm more Indigo, whatever!

  • Forgot to mention: I think I saw Jesus last night, I think he overlights me and I'm thankful for that!

  • Poetic ,

    Wow Jesus you trully are blessed .I had a spirit drain me on saturday it was zapping all my energy but it wasnt a bad feeling my friend was with me and she felt it to . I wonder who it was ? my friend thinks it was a close freind of her family .Paddi said that any energy which drains you is not a good one . BTW thanks for puttin me back in touch with Paddi .it was great to catch up with her on the weekend . Have you heard from Ramonita ? I have her email i must drop her a line as well . Was it you two that met up ? As from memory i think you both live in the same area ?

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  • How cute Dmick Bless her .

    I had a dream of a ciggarette machine the ones they used to have in clubs and bars that you put money in but it was filled with decks of rider waite tarot card decks and I remember putting some coins in and pressed the button and a whole heap of them came out and i was trying to get them all .. Anyone have any ideas on what this could mean ? I gave up smoking 5 years ago so i do not understand the ciggarette reference at all .

  • Wow you guys, Dmick you are welcome you know that, beautiful dream, this time is so beautiful and amazing, we are growing at the speed of sound almost. I'm not the dream queen but they are so important I keep a dream log, last week I kept dreaming about money and so did my mom who never dreams. Something wonderful is coming for all of us. I need to quit smoking LOP, I'm a fiend with smoking. You are welcome about Paddi, she's so busy lately. Yeah I went to Ramonita's house before, I'm gonna try to go see whats going on this weekend, cross my fingers. It may just be computer issues but I am a little worried. I don't feel.... anything bad.

    A lot of people are saying they are going thru like a funk or a depression but it will pass, things come up for healing. Love Yall be back asap!

  • Well guys, just found this thread, and am I glad I did! After about five days of feeling on a constant high, I have come crashing down today with sciatic pain (mentioned that on another thread) and have been feeling generally hopeless and blue today. It is, although, the three year anniversary of one of my best friends' deaths (he died unexpectedly in 2009) and I've been remembering that night all too clearly. Me and his son tried to revive him, but it was too late. The main thing I remember is his wife (who is my bestest friend) standing in the doorway with a look of sheer shock on her face until I told her to "get the f*ck out of here and ring emergency". Knowign that he was dead. How do you tell your best friend that her husband is beyond help?

    I can't forget that night; can't forget how he looked and felt. Sometimes I wish I could lose the memory of him like that. Even viewing him before his funeral didn't erase that memory.

    Gone too soon.

    So, I've mooched around, slept most of the day away, sciatic's better, and am about to go for a walk to see if that helps ease it some more. Amused59 has given me a good pointer about relief for it, so I'll see if that helps.

    Life's a roller coaster; that's for sure!

    Great thread Marg 🙂

    PS: On the plus side, the previous days of this week have been one where I've felt nothing but LOVE for everyone and everything; almost like being drunk or high on d*pe!! Hopefully, that won't remain merely a memory ...

  • ((HUgs)) Chris I feel your pain i to lost a friend in 2008 i have never gotten over her death ever .

    I am tapping into energies on this thread i am not sure if it is your friend or not i am being shown a man with black hair slicked back with a moustache i feel there is a John Travolta reference to this person and i am seeing a denim vest and i feel there is a motor bike reference can you relate to this at all ? I hope your siactia pain eases soon ,

    Love Marg xx

  • Hi Marg,

    No this man you describe doesn't make sense to me at all. I don't know anyone like this at the moment, unless it's the guy I'm currently friendly with in years past! My previous partner was a bike guy; Harleys. Although he was not of slicked back hair or even remotely like John Travolta 🙂

    Pain is much better now, but I feel so bloody spaced out, nervy and generally not good. A rip off considering how great I've felt all week. Still n all, it is that time of the month and I always get unhinged round that time.

    Thoughts of Lenard (my friend who passed away) have been melancholy, painful and all too clear. However, it's only been three years and I can't help but get angry because I've wanted to be with her and the kids every year since, but $$ and work have always put a stop to it.

    Ah well.

    I'm sorry about your friend too. It seems we all have been touched by too many losses in our lives. Here's hoping there won't be anymore for a long time 🙂




  • Hang in there Chris, yesterday was weird energy day for me too, it's like we are on a roller coaster, ups and downs, the down time is stuff coming up to be healed and released. Death is never easy no matter that we know there is no such thing as death, they only transform, I have learned that when we grieve for them, they feel it and it draws them back to this realm and makes it harder for them to continue on the other side. Pray for his soul, release him, I had a funeral to go to on last Saturday and me being a bag of water anyway (cry at the drop of a dime.) It was very emotional but beautiful and I know my Aunt/Cousin is now better off, she lived an active light at I think 85 and after having a stroke she was not happy living as an invalid, so I'm happy that she is free. Doesn't mean we don't love them, I lost my mind almost when favorite Aunt died we were four years apart, I grieved forever for her but I've let her go now.

    LOP This was a great idea! New Blood! I tried to merge blend my energies with one of my guides last night, fell asleep! Someone is right in my face now all the time, don't know whom it is. LOP I hope you always protect yourself, or say I'm Divinely" protected. I wonder who the motorcycle dude is??

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  • We are all gifted we just have to re-discover our gifts. Glad you guys got it! Not all readings are correct depends on where we are in our life, I hardly ever ask for them anymore.

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  • 🙂

  • Yesterday was a very challenging day, both physically and emotionally. I found myself thinking negative thoughts all day, but as the day wore on, I started to come around. I went walking to free up the sciatic (which was feeling heaps better by then), and was able to appreciate the sheer beauty of the place I live; it truly is paradise on earth here and I'm very lucky it drew me to it three years ago.

    I know that I still miss Lenard, but it is his wife - my best friend - who is having trouble letting him go. Add to that, that it is his birthday tomorrow and she's up for a rough time. But she's tough and will eventually let him go. I do feel though, that you can still grieve for someone, but let them go at the same time. This helps those left behind to move on, and the one who passed to do the same. But that memory will always be there.

    None of it is easy, but it's these challenges that test us; that show us how much we have grown and evolved.

    I feel better today; how about everyone else?

    And dmick, I think LOP's biker man was your friend, because it had no real relevance to me. It appears he has come to connect with you, so maybe talk to her more about that 🙂

    Have a beautiful day all!




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