Astra-Can I have a reading?

  • I am waiting to hear back if a committee voted on me to give me a job. I was wondering what you pick up in regards to their decision? Thanks!

  • 8 of Pentacles.

    That card is a card of 8 ideas which is organizing, expansive ideas in the physical, material realm.

    Were it me asking that question, and that card came up, I would be doing the happy dance,

    : )

  • Thanks astra for your insight. I was wondering if you would be willing to do another reading in regards to a previous relationship I had with my ex. I was wondering if he still thinks about me or may want to get back together?

  • Hey Confused88 I started to look into this and something said to put this on pause for now. Can we revisit this question later? I would say your work appears to be top of mind for you so I would stay focused on that? How does that sound? I am sure your love life is going to be working into something very... very nice one way or the other... and with successful work going on you will be really ready to step into something wonderful.. at the right time. Blessings.

  • That makes sense. Thanks astra!

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