Astra Angel could I have a reading?

  • It has been a while since I last visited the forum. It has been crazy busy at work and everything in general. My friend sparked my day in August and wanted to talk. Its been quiet again and want to know what is going on with him and us. Thanks so much.

  • Hey Tellstar

    We can look at this...

    You can see at a glance that he is all wands and swords, so his life right now is PATH and THINKING about that it looks like.

    You are full of energy! Temperance, Devil, 10 pentacles, 9 of Wands, Magician. wow that is A LOT going on with you and it seems fun. You must have an exciting weekend planned or something.

  • this is the layout

  • AstraAngel,

    Thanks for your quick response. Yes, I have been busy. Lots going on career-wise. But I am lonely and missing my friend. When he called recently, I felt that he's still there. Just wondering what's holding him. I sense him being super busy like me. What are wands and swords? Are they wishes and defense?

  • All wands and swords (IMHO) are concerned with path, creativity, choices, roles... and swords are thinking and philosophy, that seems to be what is going on with him assuming the cards are in fact picking up on him...

    I mean, just look at the cards in that photo. See your side is pretty jam packed with energies, many symbols... his cards are much fewer symbols so he is much more open, at a lesser intensity, or more quiet in some ways. You on the other hand seem much more active and focused on finding something, getting somewhere,... he seems more like wanting to hold his own... he may feel like "why rock the boat?" and you are WANTing to rock the boat. Stir things up with him.

    Ace of Swords just now as to this question "what is holding him back"? That is a new thought, idea, something he is thinking about that is a new thought process or something. Not sure what about. You want to know what about? Like read his mind?

    How come girls can't just ask their guys these questions? Why do we have to go to a tarot forum?

    Shouldn't you be able to just email him or call him and say just what you told me. "Hey... I'm lonely... why don't you come over and we'll make lemonade and some of those little cracker things with marshmallows and nuts.

    Tarot forums aren't really going to help you in this case. Picking up the phone and calling him might.

    I know... girls can't do that... chase... always has to be the guys.. the only problem though, the guy could be getting tired of chasing... and is waiting on you...

    and you are waiting on him...

    and he is waiting on you...

    and you are waiting on him...

    and he is waiting on you...

    You can keep that game going a long, long time and both of you will be miserable.

    So, who was the last person to "do something"? Call, email, txt or whatever? Who was the very last person to do something in the relationship? You? Then its his turn and you have to wait or find someone else. Him? Then YOU need to make your move. Up to you though.

    These games we play with love... one day there won't be any more games I hope... or maybe that gives the angels something to watch on Heaven's TV stations///

  • AstraAngel,

    Why not ask him directly? Because he has a situation. Because he needs to solve his situation by himself. Because I don't know what his situation is doing to him. True, tarot forums couldn't help move things forward. In the end, if things are sliding down because we are not acting on them, the only consolation is you go down slowly until it is no more. Crazy of course.

  • Because he has a situation? You can't ask him what is holding him back? Because.... he has a situation? What difference should that make? Ask him everything. Ask him what the distance is from the earth to the moon and then slip in/// oh by the way what is holding you back?

    I dunno Tellstar..... I am just a dumb country boy from Georgia... people should just communicate with each other! Let the chips fall where they may! Better now than later. No more walking on eggshells.

    " if things are sliding down because we are not acting on them, the only consolation is you go down slowly until it is no more

    Depends on what you mean by "acting on them". Words are actions too... so are prayers... so are nice wishes his way... are a dozen red roses surprising him at his job.

    From you.


  • AstraAngel,

    The bottom line is really fear of rejection. I fear and fears it too. In my case it might be a combination of hurting my pride, fear of losing him, and hurting him if he turns away from his obligations to be with me. We both suffer. I know that.

    You've been wonderful to even listen to me. I keep wondering how cards reveal information, but your cards are probably at least 75% on the ball.

  • Hi Tellstar

    Fear shows where to place the emphasis. In other words, if you are "fearing rejection" then that is a sign of an area where you want to risk. Dive in. Take the chance. Even if you get rejected (which I doubt) it will still work out for YOU to GROW and develop into even more of the beautiful person you already are. Your lover needs you to be confident too, so experiencing some rejection in your path can only make you a better partner down the road. In other words, you can't lose, I would pick out the one thing that makes you the most nervous... and aim straight for that. Reach out, sing, try, experiment, create... right where the fear is. Make the fear something fun... imagine him loving you deeply and write a story about that. Imagine him rejecting you and write a story about that.

    Basically I am encouraging you to step INTO the fear, instead of running away from it. Does that make sense? Oh and you are also a Cappy like me!

    The goat does NOT like to take chances though... we like a sure thing, So that is probably a lot of what is going on with you too. I can relate. The goat likes to make sure that next step is dependable before committing, and can be touchy about life. So your cap nature (which is UP the mountain of achievement) may cause you to analyze a lot and that can cause some delay, and those fears are symptomatic of the mind trying to find the "sure thing" ... only, in love and relationships there are no guarantees. You just have to try and see what happens.

    Not sure if any of that helps... but I get the Cap nature with you.

  • AstraAngel,

    Been thinking a lot about your challenge. It is tough. I don't chase men. Never did and now I have to? I'm thinking.

    Thank you.

  • Tellstar

    I have something to help I think!

    Imagine.. you are six years old... on a playground at school and it is recess... and you have made friends with this one boy, and so you kinda hang out at recess... and you are trying to tell him about your new doll you got as a birthday present... and he is trying to show you a frog he has spotted under a bush...

    And you are both alive in the mystery of being alive together. And in that place, children never think too much about chasing.,, they are too busy laughing! 🙂

  • AstraAngel,

    That's so sweet. If we are not 1000s of miles away he would be here everyday. With distance in miles and distance in time a relationship is strained. That's what I mean by " until no more." I may just text " wuf wuf." He'll get it.

  • Yeah, the "until no more" I theorize is exactly what you want to happen in a close relationship.

    It is like, this dark night we have to pass through... where there is nothing to hold on to... except your feelings of love for someone... as you are descending into the "until no more" you are also simultaneously ascending into the "until yes more"... see? So that even though this life... the surface... the "1000s of miles apart"... doesn't look like anything can, will happen...

    Don't forget that you are in another place of faith now too! And baby.... thats where the real juice is. What an awesome gift too... for a new relationship that is nice and sweet.... a solid faith and trust in the universe to work our life out for the best.

    Because at the end of the day in a relationship it is our FAITH in above that saves the day. Prayers, holding hands, and looking skyward. THAT can save relationships... marriages... our love. THAT is a solid foundation and that will stand up to the tests.

    That is what many of us have experienced so far. We have had relationships built on sand... and the storms of life beat it to pieces... and yet, we trusted, in heaven didn't we?

    Well, it takes two to tango. TO have a close, intimate, se xy nice, sweet, connected, communicative, tender hearted, always looking into the eyes of your beloved... relationship... takes a bond that goes a heckuva lot deeper than most. We find that bond... then we find out what we are made of.

    Is it love? is it real? You get to find out.

  • I said "baby" I hope that's okay... we are all family here to me. You can call me baby too haha.

    Tellstar... you are a satellite... you are from space... and so am I.

    Are you aquarius? My cap sun is really close to Aquarian sign so I drift off so easily into never never land...

  • Most of all... a true love you can cry with that person and open up... without being afraid of what they will do, say, use it for... or just tell you to go see a doc...

    A real friend, a real lover... you can share your soul with that person and be yourself, and they understand. Deep down.

    That to me is love and I am sure you have that with your significant person...

  • AstraAngel,

    What you said is very sweet. Thank you. I feel he's coming. I hope.

  • And.. I have an aquarius moon.

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