Hi Astra...

  • Hi Astra,

    How are you? Haven't seen you on here for a while. Hope all is well. May I have an update reading on my relationship? Just wondering where this is going.. Anything u pick up... Thanks 🙂

  • Oh and I'm curious to know if we r gonna move in together soon?

  • Hi Aprilca

    I have been great. Hope your journey is going well too!

    Let's see about your relationship and the moving in question...

    You can see the cards in the pic...

    This looks really nice to me!

    You can see that you have the King pentacles above you, and he has this Queen of Pentacles above him. So right away I think you both think about each other - A LOT.

    Your heart seems to be about something changing in your path... (5W) and you also are "extending" a queen cups energy toward him. So that is very emotional and nice action or something you are taking with him. He is responding with the Page (princess) cups, so that is very reciprocal!

    His heart is at 3 cups so that is very nice planning and arranging vibrations as related to emotions and feelings. He has a 10 swords to his right, which is simply some thoughts about life are very established, or he is at some sort of cross roads in his thinking (about something). I do think it is you... and could relate to that move in question.

    Below you... High Priestess which is sorta a blank slate card... means you are very OPEN right now to him and to whatever the Universe has for the two of you.

    He has a 7 pentacles beneath so that is some material or physical pause, considering something, dreaming something that is physical for sure.

    You have the Wheel of Fortune behind you so that seems like the answer to his 10 swords concern, I would say that you have expressed to him in the past your desire to take a chance with him.

    It does look very affirming for a move in (King Wands). According to the feeling I get from that card.

    Looks nice to me!

  • Hi Astra,

    Thanks for the reading. It's nice to know things are headed to a good way.. I'm still having a little doubt.. Not abt ur reading, but him. After all the drama we went thru, I don't know if there is anything I should be aware of about him? He's quite reserved. So he doesn't express his feelings or inner thoughts often. And apparently I'm not smart enough to read him well 😕 I understand love should be simple.. But i sense it's still good to know ur partner better? Maybe you can shed some lights on it 🙂 is there anything I should know about him better? And how does he feel abt me at this stage?

    Thank you Astra.

  • Hi Aprilca

    Just sitting here looking at your questions abt him... and this "quite reserved" nature.... and wanting to understand him better.

    3 cards show up, all cups. The 3, 10 and 4.

    Wow. That is a lot of emotional focus. So you two must have a rather emotional history with each other, around each other?

    3 would say planning and dreams and all is well,

    10 could be super great or it could be emotional reactions in other directions.

    The 4 says you want to find quiet, stable, foundational, dependable, established and secure emotional foundations.

    So the focus is really on you keeping emotionally stable I think. No matter how we responds (or doesn't). Your path is to smile and keep your heart in a love "place", very tender and feeling and gentle, even though you may not be "hearing" what you might like to hear from him.

    There could be a multitude of reasons for his demeanor, reservedness, could be something(s) from the the past that left him defensive? He could be having trouble being himself with you because of some memories or whatever... I can't explore that, that would be something a licensed counselor, therapist could help the two of you with.

    In those cases where people like you and me are looking to Spirit for help, it is a sign we are on a different path. (He probably isn't on Tarot forums is he?) In this path, our answers are for us, not for the partners. Whatever this situation is with him is working some really good things in your life, even though may not always feel that way.

    You have cards yourself, right? You could be flipping those for yourself and really studying out their meanings, post that... and get a solid connection with the Tarot in the midst of this present relationship. Be sweet to him. You turn over a card one morning when you get up early, and it is the 6 of cups, and your first thought is "hmm... a flowing relationship... wow, I wonder?"

    And then a few minutes later, Jake comes stumbling into the kitchen for coffee, and you smile at him and say "Morning honey..." And he replies with a grunt. Or nothing.

    And you feel a little let down... gosh... i thought relationships were supposed to be nice, sweet, close, intimate, communicative, tender and affectionate, and COMMUNICATIVE.... you might be tempted to respond to him with something like, "Hey... how come you never open up to me? I just said morning to you and you act like I don't even exist..." ... you know where that goes, nowhere...

    Instead, you look down at that 6 of cups, and you remember "a flowing relationship", And you remember that anything can develop in life for the better, as we keep a nice, sweet, tenderhearted path... and try our best to stay in a nice love place no matter what happens or not with our partners. Partners can can come or go as needed to advance you in love. You keep a higher love belief going and you should eventually wind up with either one of 2 things.

    1. He comes around and is a positive enhancement to your path, and you two are really sharing


    2. You find someone new (eventually).

    For now, your path is all about keep emotionally stable in the midst of the ups and downs.

    Hope that helps? I dunno, I am just throwing stuff out for you to consider.

    I know what you mean though... situations like yours are not always pleasant... the closer you get to knowing what a relationship between a man and woman CAN be... the more it becomes painful to be immersed in something a little different than that!

    The cards yesterday looked nice between you though, like there is a good connection... its just the conversation or "opening up" part that ain't perfect maybe? You two should get some marriage counseling or something? Can't say as that worked for me you might fare better.

    blessings : )

  • How are you Astra? Thanks for the reading before. You were right - its been a very emotional journey for us.. Can't really speak for him but it's true for me. I'm undergoing a lot of transitions right now. Kinda confused and feeling uneasy. Do u mind pulling a few cards to see what I can expect for the rest of this month? Especially love wise. Thank you 🙂

  • Hi Aprilca

    You caught me up early... hey some of what you are feeling can also be related to the stars and planets. Yesterday was rough for me emotionally and I happened to look at my chart and Mars and Venus were like perfectly in conj in Sagittarius. It was weird. Still acitve but not as intense as yesterday. Anyway that is something for you to look at sometime...

    as for the rest of this month, well that's 9 days... so let's draw 9 cards and see what they look like. One for each day

    Today, Oct 22 2012 - 6 of Swords - some easing of the tension, a good day to live simply and avoid noisy situations. Your day today should bring some calm to you.

    Oct 23 - Strength - tomorrow you will feel stronger, instincts are accurate you can trust your first response to a situation.

    Oct 24 - Wheel of Fortune - something happens today that is a turnaround in something related to your path. There is growth in something you are working on, job maybe. Something will appear to be chaging today for the better.

    Oct 25 - 3 of Wands - this is the path that the Wheel card affects. Something about your path that is resolved.

    Oct 26 - Hanged Man - Not a lot happening today. Watch a good movie.

    Oct 27 - Knight of Cups - something happens in your emotional life, there is movement in a relationship, feelings, or your psychic awareness is being utilized a lot today.

    Oct 28 - 4 of Wands - apparently whatever emotional matter was off and running on the 28th has become a very successful one. Your path is seen to be made solid today and it is related to love/emotions and also your physical life.

    Oct 29 - Knight of Pentacles - More movement today and it is physical. So today could see you rather busy, moving things about, short trips, arranging things.

    Oct 30 - 7 of Pentacles - So a day to process what is taking place in your physical life, so there could be some time spent planning or deciding about some physical/home or financial situation. A pause.

    Oct 31 - (Halloween yay) - The Chariot! So this whole sequence that begins on the 27th is now really taking off.

    So in general, I am seeing that today and tomorrow you are relaxing more or trying to just take it easy today, Then tomorrow you get revitalized... something turns around for you in your sense of path in life...

    then the 26th not much... a lull...

    then bang! Beginning on the 27th you have something popping and it starts off in love or emotional life, and it is nice! judging by the 4 wands next day... then some physical developments... and by the 31st your path is taking wings, this emotional matter has translated into some physical movement and (decisions about that) and then the move.

    Hope that helps! I want to say that this Knight Cups on the 27th is related to an existing relationship, you'll have to let me know. The hanged man on the 26th could be "him" stuck... and then by the next day he is off and chasing again... just a thought!

  • Hi Astra. Thank u for the detailed day-to-day forecast 🙂 and I liked very much to see four of Wands!! Just curious - do u read yes or no question? Would like to know if this four wands could represent my bf's proposal on that day? He has hinted at getting married a lot.. Maybe it's just me over thinking lol

  • Aprilca

    You know, I get really nice cards to that question... I looked at it yesterday and it was very positive (10 cups and something else) and just now an Ace of Pentacles which is a new something for sure...

    And then a 3 cups just now... so yeah, I would say something nice developing for you! Proposal huh? Hmm.... 4 of cups... wow these all seem to say YES to that bf of yours declaring something. A proposal ... well why not!


  • Hi Astra, how's going? Hope everything Is well. I have a question if u don't mind - my bf and I have been quiet.. He txted me this afternoon from the middle of nowhere asking me about the name of the book I was reading.. We txted back n forth for a couple times and that's it... Im confused abt his behavior. Did he try to make peace with me by sending me a txt to see how i would respond? What's his intention? I don't think he really wanted to know the name of the book. Not his style 😕 appreciate ur input. Thanks.

  • Pls disregard my previous reading request 🙂 thank you Astra.

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