Can someone interpret this spread & question for me

  • Hi,

    I did a Past, Present 7 Future Tarot spread... for the question "will vic and i reunite permanently in 2009"... I'm looking for an overall interpretation... the site give the meaning of each position and the definition of each card but I have a hard time putting it into plan english if you know what I mean...

    Below is the spread I got:

    First Portal: The Past

    This position gives insight into the background and past events which directly influence the situation in its current state.(card-The Devil -inverted - inverted meaning ]

    An exercise in self control. An act of selflessness. To avoid distraction and maintain one's sights on the path ahead.

    Second Portal: The Present

    This position describes the current statuss of the situation: what events are taking place now, or what influences are at work.(card-7 of Pentacles-Procrastination

    An avoidance of hard work. An inability to complete what was started. Future goals are threatened by a failure to address key issues at the current time. A heartless effort.

    Third Portal: The Future

    This position gives insight into the final outcome of the situation, and what (or who) will be involved at its resolution.(card-King of Cups-Fatherhood

    A teacher and a provider. A spiritual or professional mentor and symbol of strength. To lead by example rather than force. A role model.

    I look forward to interpretations

    Thank you


  • The Past: The small consensus on your past post seems to be "Stop wallowing in the murky depths of trying to hold on to things you can't control". Deliver yourself to patience (leave things alone right now) while focusing on selflessness (dragging someone or something back to you is selfish). Guide your thoughts toward release from expectations (things you think you want or need). It's distracting you from the peace you wish for yourself.

    The Present: Sometimes failure in addressing issues comes simply through ignorance (not being aware of something). It seems to me that you aren't seeing the forest for that big tree that's blocking you. You need to make the effort to pinpoint the key truths that brought you to this point. It becomes a heartless effort when you turn away from a truth (to force an outcome you think you want) because you are afraid of what's on the other side. The truth is sometimes hard to hear and hard to face.

    Listen to those who give their advice and really try to see things from an outsider's perspective. You seem serious about getting through this difficult time with your head held high, and people in this forum can help guide you in these endeavors.

  • JustKate,

    Thank you for your interpretation... I appreciate you taking the time to go through all of this with me. I do seek help from the people on this forum and I hope that I will find it here... I know that I must seem pretty pitiful from an outsiders point of view but knowing what you need to do and actually implementing the process is not easy when you are in pain and when you've been in pain for years... I hope that I do find a way to leave the pain behind and find peace.

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